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Yellow Libyan Desert Glass There is Beauty in The Variety

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Libyan Desert glass looks fantastic in its yellow color, and some crystals can also have brown tones. It belongs to the tektite group of impact glasses formed due to a meteor impact. The only tektite in golden yellow color also known as  ‘gold Tektite.’ It is found in the deserts of Egypt. The gemstone was officially discovered in 1932, though some say it was found 26 million years ago, and others consider it as old as 28 million years. It has been considered a valuable gem since ancient times.

Since no physical impact is found in terms of the meteor striking on Earth, so causes of its origin are still debated.

Qualities Of The Gemstone

Libyan desert glass  comes in mesmerizing shades of yellow, dark yellow, of golden yellow hue. The crystal embeds dark bands and brown colored swirls in its surface. The stones may sometimes have sand particles in its body. Nevertheless, these add to the beauty of the gemstone and tell a story of its natural formation. The crystal doesn’t look like metal gold but like the golden shine. The gem collectors consider this stone as a highly prized tektite.

The gemstone has the powerful energy of the Golden Ray, which is an intense spiritual vibrancy. It has many healing properties and is quite in demand. Rananjay Exports has some of the unique and latest designs in Libyan desert glass accessories.

Transcendent Energies of The Gemstone

The golden yellow gemstone is a powerful stone that helps in spiritual growth and can be used during meditation. The crystals are powerful manifestation tools and help strengthen your will. Wearing Libyan desert glass jewelry will give protection from psychic attacks and negative energies. It will help you stay grounded. When you concentrate on its energies during meditation, it will help you connect with the spiritual realms of the universe. Because of this reason, the gemstone is also considered in ritual tasks or ceremonies.

The gemstones carries the energy of the Sun and the stars and it acts as a protective amulet for travelers who travel in night.

Healing Benefits

The gemstone will help the wearer grow in their life. It will help in discovering talents and then working on them to achieve excellent results. It is such a powerful stone that can make dreams come true. Moreover, it also allows one analyze their past experiences in life.

Libyan Desert Glass is also known to help build a reconnect with ancient knowledge. Wearing them for a long time will let you experience their benefits. If you love to accessorize every day, you can go for Libyan desert glass rings or pendants. Wearing it will not only make you look beautiful but also make your behavior gentle and friendly. It will help you stay happy, vibrant and control your emotions. In addition, Libyan desert glass jewelry  balances mood swings and thought process.

The gem is also helpful in curing problems related to the stomach. It helps in the proper digestion of food and also helps relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

The Rising Popularity of Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry

The gemstone comes in a range of beautiful golden yellow colors that look stunning in jewelry. People opt the Libyan desert glass for enhancing the statement style. The translucent color of the stone goes well with almost all color outfits. Imagine the light shiny color of the gemstone with a black dress. Wear it with your winter outfits as its warm sunny color goes well with the warm colors of the woolens.

People worldwide are fascinated by the healing benefits of this Gemstone and want to add at least one jewelry item of this stone to their collection. The gemstone blesses the wearer with creativity. Libyan desert glass bracelets are worn to make more of its benefits. Libyan glass desert earrings are known for their unique look.


Ancient Egypt has evidence of the gemstone in the form of relics and artifacts. The gemstone has a strong connection with King Tutankhamen. Libyan desert glass pendant was found around the body of King Tut in his burial chamber.

Gemstone Care

The gemstone should be protected from exposure to chemicals. Also, when one wears gemstone jewelry on an everyday basis, they should protect the gem from perfume sprays. You should avoid any kind of detergent and liquid while jewelry cleaning.

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