Wreath Of Dried Flowers And Other Flower Creations


Wreath of dried flowers and other flower creations. Flowers are all around us, and we don’t just talk about nature. For hundreds of years, they have been transformed into a symbol of love, affection, and gratitude and accompany us in the most memorable moments in our memoirs. So, whatever the particular moment, giving an aroma is a timeless gesture to show feelings towards the person celebrating. However, after a festive event, we often find ourselves surrounded by thousands of flowering plants that we no longer remember where to store or how to keep longer. And there you have it, a brilliant idea: transform them into a decorative creation that will hold up over time simply with the help of an easy drying technique. This time of year is a handy tip when we love to indulge in creative and fun activities. But did we get your attention? So don’t wait any longer to take a look at our great suggestions and tips on how to achieve – a wreath of dried flowers or other flowery creations – quickly and on a budget.

How to dry flowers?

Drying flowers is an excellent solution to keep them longer and enjoy a fresh, natural, and welcoming decoration all year round. There are different methods to try for this. The best-known technique is to let the flowers air dry. However, this one takes more time, so if you are betting on a faster result, you will have to go for other methods. We are talking about drying with a desiccator (with or without a microwave) or a head strain. To give you help in this manner, we explain the two most common methods and cool drawings below.

Method 1 / Dry the wildflowers in the free space

To use this drying method, you will require:

  • String and scissors
  • Stick or hanger
  • Flowers

How to proceed?

  1. Start by choosing your flowers, favoring those not fully open because they can lose their petals during drying.
  2. Transfer any foliage from the stalks. If you want to relish a few greenery in your results in the other direction, you can, of course, give a few leaves on the piece.
  3. Group the flowers by species and make clods (5-6 flowers per clod for the most miniature flowers).
  4. Tie the ends of each group of flowers with string.
  5. Then, tie the clods upside down around a wooden stick or hang them on a hanger. In case you find that the stems are too long, you can cut them off a bit.
  6. Finally, hang the sticks in a dimly lit place (to keep the flower color as direct light causes the petals to fade).
  7. Wait 3-4 weeks until the flower petals are dehydrated and crisp.

Formula 2 / Dry the petals in the microwave

Materials needed:

  • Flowers
  • Desiccator (like silica gel)
  • Water
  • Microwave-safe container

The steps to follow:

  1. Start by removing all the leaves from the stem.
  2. Fill the container with a thin layer of desiccator (moisture-absorbent substance). Silica gel is one of the most popular.
  3. Now, lay your flower on this layer.
  4. Cover with an additional layer of silica gel so that your flower is completely buried under the desiccator. If your flowers are small, you can arrange several in the same container. Just make sure they are all covered with the substance used.
  5. In the microwave, place the container filled with desiccator and flowers and a cup filled with water.
  6. Heat in the microwave in 30-second intervals, checking the condition of the petals each time. Usually, it needs about 2-3 times for the flowers to dry.
  7. Once the flowers are dry, bury them again in the silica gel and let them sit for 24 hours.

Enhance the tables in your home with an original composition of dried flowers

Well, the flowers have already been dried and now what can we do with them? The most straightforward and most widespread idea is to make a pretty flower arrangement. Organize the different species in a bouquet, then choose an original container whose design will largely determine the final result. Here is a brief overview of the containers to use depending on the effect and style you want:

  • personalized glass bottles with rope, pompoms, lace, macrame for a bohemian chic decor
  • Baskets in vegetable fiber for a serene, exotic atmosphere and Balinese style
  • Glass containers placed on a wooden slice to add a natural feel to the heart
  • White painted jars for a vintage or shabby chic look

Bouquet of dried flowers above the fireplace

If you are watching for ideas to enhance the space above your fireplace to suit the new season, then look no further! Because we have a very excellent suggestion for you. And yes, as you can guess, it is a simple decoration based on dried flowers or herbs. Moreover, pampas grass is currently prevalent, so if you are curious about how to invite it into your home, do not hesitate to look at our article dedicated to decorating with pampas grass. As for the transformation of the space above the fireplace, here is what we offer you. Start by collecting and drying your favorite plants. Then, for an authentic, natural look that pairs beautifully with a rustic or vintage style, play with earthy color species like eucalyptus, cotton flower branches, and wheat stalks.

DIY bouquet of dried flowers wedding

Are you a fan of the bohemian style and want to make your wild-spirited bridal bouquet? So, only you need to collect your favorite flowers or herbs, then dry them using one of the above-mentioned methods. To make an authentic composition, we advise you to orient yourself towards species such as hare tail, Ammobium alatum, Craspedia, pampas grass, kitten, etc. In addition to the dried flowers, you will need to provide a floral thread and a ribbon to hold them in place.

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