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Working From Home? Best Time To Recover From A Hair Transplant:

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.Covid-19 has bought several changes in our lives, and most people are working from home. And it gives birth to the unique opportunity to get Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant is the procedure performed by experienced doctors that helps in getting your hairline back. However, after the surgery, your scalp takes approximately one week of recovery time, which might put a pause in your day to day activities, especially for people who are a little awkward about their post-transplant look. Since you are already working from home and no longer have to step outside your home, you can easily follow all the safety instructions while continuing with your office work.

What is Hair Transplant?

Worldwide, almost 67% of men and women complain about hair loss, and to address this problem, they often try as many things as possible. So Hair transplant is another restoration method that offers trustworthy results.

The three most popular types of hair transplants are FUT, FUE, and DHI technique.

  • In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), a thin strip of the scalp is surgically removed from the back of the scalp, the hair follicles are surgically taken out and divided into individual units, and then the donor area is stitched together.
  • In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the  follicles are removed from the donor area, making a circular cut, and then implanted to the treated area, just like the FUT technique.
  • Lastly, in DHI (Direct Hair Implantation),  follicles are removed from the donor area and implanted to the treated area with precise and advanced tools. It is the latest technique, where surgeons get the most control over depth, angle and direction in implantation to offer natural results, fast recovery, no stitches, no scars, and no pain.

Hair Transplant is surgery perform with  dermatological surgeons in safety environment under local anaesthesia to help people get fuller head.

The cost of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts transplanted in the procedure, surgical techniques to be chosen, and the hair loss condition. While working from home, you can book a free consultation with DHI India and get your scalp examined. It will help you get an idea about the cost.

What is Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline?

Patients can notice immediate changes in their scalp after getting a hair transplant. However, to notice 100% results, they have to wait for several months. Here we have mentioned the recovery stages in detail.

  • Immediately after the Procedure: After getting the hair loss treatment, you will notice a sharp shape of the new hairline, but it will be not as aesthetical and natural as the current growth. It is because implanted follicles have scabbing around them. Even in the first week, there can be some side effects, like tenderness and inflammation. However, this heals quickly while leaving no signs of surgery.
  • Post Second weeks to firth month: During the second and third week of getting a hair transplant.  You may notice that implanted hair are falling off.  And each hair grows approximately one centimetre each month; it may take four to five months post-surgery to get the final appearance. This is absolutely natural.
  • Long Term Results: After a year or two, you will notice full results, and you can trim or style your transplanted hair naturally.

Do people prefer hair transplants during Work from Home?

Yes, at DHI India, we have been as busy as we get in the holiday seasons. As people are working from home for the first time, they are looking at this time as perfect to finally get the hair loss treatment, which they were planning for months.

The DHI techniques like FUE are so minimal that people can easily pursue their daily activities from the next day . While following the recovery guidelines, like not covering the head for a few weeks, sleeping in an elevated position, taking medications, and more. You can also choose the DHI hair transplant in Bangalore while working from home and surprise your coworkers when you return to the office.

Get your Dream Hair with DHI India:

DHI India offers precise loss treatment since 1970. In the current scenario, we are making sure to follow Covid-19 safety protocols, including multiple temperature checks in a day. Washing hands, wearing masks and gloves, and entire clinic sanitization. Additionally, to maintain we do hygiene and safety, UV sterilization  daily at all clinics. This helps us maintain the safety of our staff, visitors, and patients.

DHI has the best  transplant clinics in India, where the candidate results and hygiene speaks for themselves.

What to expect when selecting DHI hair transplant?

  • 100% Safe- In every DHI Hair transplant procedure, strict protocols we follow at every step. It helps DHI surgeons to offer 100% results.
  • 90% above graft survival rate- DHI India guarantees above 90% graft survival rate, which is higher than the industry’s average.
  • Natural Results: With the help of precise and patent tools. DHI specialists get complete control of the depth and the angle of the placement of the graft. Which gives every patient 100% natural results.
  • Certified Doctors: The entire hair loss treatment will performed under trained and certified doctors
  • Everlasting Results: To guarantee growth for a lifetime, only healthy  follicles are choose and implanted in the procedure.


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