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Reasons Why You Should Buy A 3D Printer For any purpose


3D printing has come into a massive way in recent years. 3D printer are extremely affordable and offer significant advantage. Over conventional printer, and are becoming popular for professional, personal, and educational purposes. With 3D printers you can create three-dimensional models of almost anything from metal to plastics, or even food items.

With all the advantages 3D printers provide and the incredible benefits. They bring, there’s never an ideal time to purchase one. Let’s look at the top benefits of why you should get the 3D printer. You need to use in your office, home or workshop.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the method of creating 3-dimensional object using computer-aided-design (CAD). Where every 3D part is built by adding layer-by-layer of material. Material such as composite, plastic and biomaterial are layer in order to create a range of object that vary in shape, dimension, size and color.

A growing number of companies across all industries are opting for 3D printers because of the huge advantages they offer over traditional manufacturing techniques of subtractive manufacturing as well as injection molding. Also visit printer repair Dubai. The best 3D printers are the top option for education, business as well as home users from all over New Zealand.

Advantages of 3D Printing

Follow us as we breakdown the most important benefits that come with 3D printing:

  • Speed

One of the biggest advantages of printing with 3D printers are Rapid Prototyping, or the capability to create, build and test the part within a short period of time. Prior to this, it would take about a year or more to create a product from beginning to end. Utilizing 3D printing technology users can create a product, print it at home using a 3D printer, and then test it in only two days. 3D printers allow you to make almost any custom part or product without the requirement to have warehouses.

Thanks to 3D printing, you are able to print items in just a few hours, based on the structure and design. The time needed to print is smaller than traditional processes. Not just manufacturing processes but also the design process is fast thank to the production using STL as well as CAD document that are prepare to print.

  • Cost

Since it is a single step manufacturing procedure, 3D printing saves time and thus the costs associated with using different machines to manufacture. 3D printers can be installed and then left in operation without having to be manned at all times, making it easier to save money on labor. There is less waste materials as the printers are only using the amount of materials needed to manufacture the part.

  • Flexibility

3D Printers can print virtually everything that is within its built-in volume. They are able to print more complex patterns than the traditional processes that have design limitations.

  • Print on Demand

Contrary to conventional manufacturing processes 3D Printing does not need large amounts of space to store stocks. This help reduce space need and the cost of printing as it is only done when it is require. 3D Design file can be save in a virtual library. Any issue related to printer visit printer repair Dubai. This mean they can be accessed and print at any time. Design change can be done at affordable cost by editing certain document only.

  • Competitive Advantage

Due to the speed and cost-effectiveness associate with 3D printing, the lifespan are reduce. Businesses can produce superior product in a short amount of time. In addition being able to be demonstrate physically before investor and customer, which reduce the chance of confusion. Company can create their own prototype of their product using 3D printing and receive feedback from prospective customers in a manner that is not possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. The product can be customize and altered until the last minute prior to a presentation. This is why 3D printing provides useful insight into whether or not an item has the capacity to succeed in the market.

  • Minimizing Waste

Traditional manufacturing processes the raw material is recycle and wasted leading to high cost and wasted materials. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is the production of only parts that require the material needed to make the actual part, with minimal or no waste.

  • Reduce Errors

3D Printing creates a product in just one step, without the need for interaction with operators during the entire process. Simply select the design you want to print and send it over to your printer. This means that there is no dependence on manufacturing processes used with traditional processes, and also reduces the risk of mistakes in the finished product.

  • Environment Friendly

3D printing technology is eco-friendly since it reduces the amount of waste material. The use of light 3D printed components helps improve efficiency of fuel, which adds to the overall environmental advantages.

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