Why Tiktok Is More Trending Nowadays?


On 23 January 2018, the TikTok App has ranked no 1 in Thailand. But now TikTok spread all over the world. It is fantastic application software. You know that this is the era of social media many social media apps are uses. But it is hilarious which entertain many peoples. This app reached over 70 million downloads in 2016. Zhang Yaming, the 38-year-old man, is a software engineer who invented the TikTok application. So, it has a worldwide use application software. 

Which countries has TikTok banned?

  • Many countries where TikTok has banned.
  • India 
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh 
  • United States

It is a popular application and platform. But it did not well in a lot of countries. It is an application in which we make a short video and see it all over the world. It has an immense effect on the universe. However, you know that Everything has positive and negative effects, but it depends on you—that how it will be helpful for you and others. 

Tik-Tok in Pakistan:

The recent list of countries Pakistan is also included in banned of TikTok. But it is an application who engage many peoples with other Peoples. Many contents destroy our culture and living style who tells us Quran and Sunnah. When we go opposite of Quran and Sunnah Everything will be destroyed. 

Queen of the TikTok:

Charli’ D Amelio is an American social media personality, and the most followed TikTok female in the world. She is called the Queen of the TikTok world. She is such a fantastic personality, and her content is very fabulous. And she is a star, but it also has many drawbacks.

How to make the video?

To make the TikTok video, firstly, you select the song. Peoples are making many videos in songs, Dialogues, Dubbing, many funny acts, pranks, informative videos, and many vulgar videos that spread negativity in society. Our society is not offensive, but we make it worse after making many videos, doing many tasks. When you select the song, dialogues, dubbing, you start a video with or without a timer. When you make a complete video, you see it and put many hilarious and unique effects, making your video amazing and beautiful. Many peoples bring many new contents which are helpful for many other Peoples. Some people make many nasty videos that have a terrible impact on themselves and others. You can enjoy a piece of music and dancing.

Some Pakistani Tiktokers Celebrities:

Everyone make a video on it. But now we discuss some Pakistani personalities:

  • Jannat Mirza
  • Zulqarnain 
  • ReejaJilani 
  • Pinky Francis
  • AlisbaAnjum 
  • Romita khan 
  • Ali Fayaz 
  • Ali khan Hyderabadi 
  • Zara Ali 
  • Dolly Fashion 
  • Asad Ali Official 
  • Harisbabuofficial 

ZulqarnainSikander was the TikTok king of Pakistan in 2020. 

First of all, content is matters. When you take good content and informative content, many people support you. When we see you have no better content, no one likes or follows you. The main thing is that your followers can become rich and famous among people. Many people make many cheap things that are very bad impression who see the videos. We see that people cannot survive without social media. 

Benefits of Tik-Tok application:

  • You enjoy a lot of music 
  • You enjoy a dancing 
  • When you feel free or want to entertain yourselves, you watch it. 
  • When you feel depressed, you also protect it. 
  • You can create many things 
  • You enjoy a lot 

When we see the benefits of one thing, it also contains some disadvantages.

  • Time wastage Harassment tools
  • Email scammers
  • Offensive contents
  • Hate speeches
  • Bad contents
  • Fake boys and girls account.


In the last, we can say that it is advantageous may or may not be. But you can enjoy many things that make a strong person in our society and build your confidence level.

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