Why Switch To Cloud-Based Call Center Solution With Aavaz FreePBX?

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Today’s businesses implementation of cloud-based call center solutions with Aavaz FreePBX is growing rapidly. The pandemic’s emergence only emphasizes the importance of cloud-based call center software in India and worldwide.

With ever-changing market trends and rising consumer demands, your company must transition to a VoIP call center solution. Call center VoIP solution will efficiently optimize your IT infrastructure and assure uninterrupted client service while saving you money on hardware setup costs.

VoIP call center solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand their operations while spending as little as possible on call center technology infrastructure.

VoIP call center solutions are a network-based service in which a provider owns and manages call center technology for enterprises remotely. Cloud-based platforms provide tools and features that allow your company to develop seamless customer interactions by improving customer contact and increasing customer satisfaction.

Want to establish lucrative customer engagement by lowering operating costs and simplifying technology to serve your customers? You must include VoIP call center solutions in your organizational strategy. 

The leading cloud-based call center solution manufacturer in India? Aavaz FreePBX. Aavaz FreePBX is a one-stop-shop for all your telephony needs. More on this later.

First, allow us to share 6 key benefits of implementing VoIP call center solutions with the leading solution provider, Aavaz FreePBX.

Cloud Call Center Suite is Adaptable & Scalable

Cloud-based call center solutions are scalable and adaptable

Aavaz’s VoIP call center solutions provide enterprises of all sizes with flexibility and scalability. They allow you to adapt to your company’s changing needs in the most cost-efficient way. 

For example, you might want to hire seasonal agents during peak season, which may necessitate the acquisition of additional licenses. 

However, once the season is through, you may want to reconsider decreasing the agent licenses. This is easily achievable with a single click from cloud call center software in India

Deployment Time: Easy & Fast

Fast and easy deployment 

Your agents only need a high-speed internet connection and a laptop to get started with VoIP call center solutions. 

On the other hand, on-premise call centers necessitate substantial infrastructure, equipment, and the leasing/purchasing of land on which to house your servers. 

Select the proper and dependable call center vendor like Aavaz. You will be able to select the most appropriate deployment option, like cloud-based or hybrid, based on your unique business goals and demands.

Business Continuity

Assured Business continuity 

The Covid pandemic has altered the way we used to live and work. Businesses that were previously hesitant to work from home are now operating remotely as a result of the outbreak. 

VoIP call center solution vendors like Aavaz make this switch easy and efficient. With VoIP call center solutions on your side, you will maintain business continuity in the face of extreme weather and natural calamities with no to minimal downtime. 

Aavaz’s VoIP call center solutions are especially beneficial for start-ups and SMBs that lack the necessary resources and knowledge to handle everything on-site while still providing a good client experience.

Integrative Approach

Call centers and businesses rely on a variety of software tools. So, it is including CRM, helpdesk tickets, and call script generators. 

Thus, With Aavaz’s cloud-based call center software India, you receive one-click integration as well as access to dozens of premier business tools. Thus, VoIP call center solutions reduce data redundancy while increasing productivity and efficiency. 

A comprehensive integration call center VoIP solution allows you to effortlessly access numerous systems from a single location. So, it is increasing the power of your data-driven decision-making.

High Productivity & Low Operational Cost 

VoIP call center solutions allow agents to operate from a single integrated dashboard, making more informed decisions and reducing turnover. Aside from boosting production, one of the most important goals of any company is to lower operational expenses and increase return on investment. 

Cloud computing fulfills all of these objectives by dramatically reducing your expenditure on hardware and other infrastructural requirements. The benefit of a subscription model with cloud-based call center solutions is that you only pay for what you use.

Data Accessibility in Real-Time Basis

When your agents work from remote places, one of the most difficult challenges is tracking their performance. This is easily solved with Aavaz’s’ VoIP call center solutions. 

By barging or whispering on a live conversation, advanced call center software solutions allow you to monitor the quality of customer interactions. This allows you to help agents in improving their tasks and evaluating 

their performance. 

Supervisors can also monitor real-time call center metrics like the number of agents available, call volume, consumers in the queue, and more via live dashboards. Thus, Along with a live dashboard, supervisors have access to contact center data and all the information they need to make sound decisions with virtual agents.


What matters most for businesses is selecting the best cloud call center solution provider. So, It helps them reach their business objectives. 

Aavaz FreePBX will not only help you survive but thrive. Thus, Aavaz FreePBX’s VoIP call center solutions are especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Low costs, increased efficiency, and ease of use; what is not to love about Aavaz’s customized call center VoIP solutions! So, Get call center software in India tailored to your specific business needs, for now, and for the future. 

Whatever your business needs are, there is an Aaavaz with Aavaz FreePBX. Contact the leading one-stop solution provider, Aavaz FreePBX.

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