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Loopy Cases could be the least appealing Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus out available. But the iPhone’s rubber band loop is one of the iPhone’s greatest accessories. Not only does the band provide protection, but it also adds utility to the case. Check out  if you’re more concerned with the functionality of your  Cases IPhone 7 Plus than its aesthetics. More in our review of the and Loopy Max case!


  • Positive aspects include the fact that it greatly enhances the iPhone’s performance.
  • Reduces the risk of your iPhone slipping out of your hands.
  • Allows you to accomplish other things with your free hands.


  • Qi-Charging is not supported.

At the Mobile Reviews, But hey! We perform real-world testing and evaluations. It takes us days or even weeks to put the items through their paces. Loopy case reviews aren’t just written by one person; they’re written by many. The Loopy case is a hit with everyone in our household!


However, don’t expect our review of the Loopy case to be all fluff; we have some gripes with the Loopy case. The additional functionality of the Loopy case surpasses our complaints about the Loopy case, in our opinion.


If you appreciate our reviews, please consider purchasing the items available via the many affiliate links provided throughout this post.



There are two variations of the Loopy Cases. Loopy Cases and Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus are two variations on the Loopy theme. While the first iterations of Loopy’s covers were exceptionally light and thin, they didn’t provide much protection for your smartphone on their own.

By themselves, the Loopy Cases and Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus resemble a beefier version of the Rhino shield Play protect. The Loopy Cases are almost identical in size to the Otterbox Symmetry, however, they handle 1000x better because of the Loop.


In reality, the Loopy Cases is more than simply a rubber band. Whereas the original loop’s ends were matte, the new loops’ are glossy. Over time, the loop will not grow or shrink as a result of this new design. Loopy comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, making it simple to switch up the loops. It’s a lot of fun to utilize the ones that glow in the dark.


Your gadget will be well-protected against drops if you use either the ordinary Loopy Cases or the Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus when you get it by using Loopy Cases Discount Code. However, for the typical individual, unintentional drops are quite rare. The only way your iPhone may be harmed after your hand is in the loop is if you fall on it. And if that’s the case, you’ve got greater issues to deal with than your iPhone.


In retrospect, we’re delighted Loopy opted to beef up the security in their most recent situations. Between the times you pick up your iPhone and the time you start using it, this new bulk will keep it safe.


That said, the loop doesn’t arise out of typical use. Great work by the updated loop in not coming out. Here is a link for you to see all the things we performed to examine our case review of the Loopy Cases and Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus.

Noticeable Variation

There is a noticeable variation in the borders between the Loopy Cases and Cases IPhone 7 Plus models. The Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus edges are a little thicker than those of the standard Loopy Cases, providing a little more drop protection. Hexagonal patterns are also seen on the Loopy Cases IPhone 7 Plus thicker edges, which further enhances its durability.


Even with a thicker screen protector, the case’s raised corners will safeguard your iPhone’s screen from touching a flat surface.

It’s because of the loop that we prefer to place our phones on the ground. Apparently, our minds believe that the odd scratch on the iPhone is worth the convenience of being able to pick it up with one hand.



The Loopy Cases is a great choice if you’re more concerned with utility than looks. The case’s shortcomings will be overlooked since you like it so much.


Honestly, the loop enhances the use of our iPhone. It aids us in getting the most out of our iPhones. It is difficult to move an iPhone from a flat surface with most iPhone covers. There is a chance that your gadget may fall out of your hands or that it will take many attempts before you establish a firm grip.


With the Loopy Cases, you never have an issue like that. Your iPhone will be protected as soon as your finger is in the loop. When it comes to a hands-free iPhone accessory, the is the only one that doesn’t need you to actually drop your phone.

Some of you may be concerned that the case’s loop could get trapped in your pockets.


However, we don’t see it as a negative. Our research showed that if we wanted to keep our iPhones close at hand but out of the way, we should only put them in a case until we could feel the loop. The iPhone is kept in our pocket by the rubber loop, yet it is not completely lost. It’s easy to put the case all the way into the pocket if we need to secure the iPhone completely. Even though they are little, these features have a big impact on how you use your phone daily.

Makes It Simpler

The Loopy Cases make it simpler and safer to take photographs and movies. To produce better videos, you need to be able to add some stress to the Loop. Taking selfies, on the other hand, is a breeze thanks to the case’s protection against accidental drops. There’s nothing else to focus on except the photo you’re capturing.


Working with tiny children has shown us just how user-friendly our products really are. When it comes to taking pictures and movies while on the road, having our iPhones in our pockets has been a godsend. It’s difficult to put into words, but being able to hold onto our phone while simultaneously moving our child is a huge time saver.


Concerns Of A Minor Nature

As a starting point, the case’s buttons are a little more difficult to press than those on a typical phone case. The new Loopy Cases have a distinct look to their favorite case buttons. Even though the buttons are more difficult to press, the case’s overall utility outweighs this minor inconvenience.


Using a Qi-charger with the case often does not work. Too much space is lost in the looping process. However, this isn’t a problem for us since the iPhone’s Qi-charging isn’t very good.


If the loop is too thick, certain automobile mounts may not be able to fit. We’ve been using an iOttie vehicle attachment with our Cases and Cases IPhone 7 Plus for non-Qi charging.

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