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Why NFTs Became a Phenomenon on Social Media? – An Eye-opener


Since the early NFTs (which include CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks) was in existence, the craze for these blockchain-based digital tokens grew in stature. As the years passed, the NFT supporter community expanded across the world. The trading value is now estimated to be in billions of dollars. One main factor contributing to such explosive growth of NFTs is the usage of social media in various means by artists.

In this blog, we will see more about the impact of social media on NFTs by taking you into various methods that successful artists have effectively utilized.

Before Everything Else, What are NFTs?

A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital token existing as a blockchain entry. It can prove the ownership and authenticity of an item associated with it. The concept of NFTs was on the cards shortly after cryptocurrencies started getting prevalent as the community supporting them grew. In 2015, the first-ever NFT called Terra Nullius was created on the Ethereum blockchain, from where the phenomenon started. There are nearly 50 marketplace platforms across various blockchains where users can trade NFTs.

As the NFT community grows steadily, it is important to know how people have been in the know of a digital token using advanced technology. The first reason? Social media. No surprises here, are there any? Social media platforms have served non-fungible tokens just like they served for other events and technologies.

NFTs and Social Media – A Closer Look

  • Although various NFT creators have shared updates of their new releases like others, the official adoption of these virtual tokens by social media firms themselves has been a recent affair, and more are starting to get the hang of NFTs in their platforms.
  • The first to give a supporting hand to NFTs was Twitter, which added a feature where a user could add NFTs as their profile picture.
  • Meta (Formerly Facebook) has released an NFT feature similar to their profile avatar, but this time for the metaverse. The feature is currently available in select regions, with expansion being planned shortly. 
  • Meta also is planning to create a one-stop marketplace for NFTs. This is still a dream as a buyer needs to go through multiple platforms (the process is sometimes risky) before owning an NFT. So far, no social media platform has a dedicated NFT marketplace portal, and Meta is planning to capitalize on this and the growing recognition for NFTs across the world.
  • Currently, YouTube has been distributing NFTs to the creators on the platform. NFTs on YouTube can help creators get closer to their fans while opening the opportunity to capitalize using emerging technologies.
  • Starting in Japan, VTubers (or Virtual YouTubers) have been on the rise nowadays. They are typically digital avatars given voice-over by an artist who offers various entertainment content. Some of them even have featured in commercials and even promoted NFTs.

Some Points That Might be Useful If You are an NFT Creator

A reason that most NFT creators’ works do not create ripples in the community is that they do not put enough effort into marketing themselves and their works. They might have simply released the NFT on a marketplace and waited. While listing NFTs in a popular marketplace is a great promotional strategy. That would not bear any fruit without any supplementing efforts. Promoting your work gets as easy as using your social media handles regularly in a better way.e. We will see in the below points some proven social media tactics that can result in a wider reach.

  • Building excitement through posts, starting from a certain time before you release your NFTs. It is a great way to ensure engagement on your handle. You must also ensure that you give out regular updates all the way before releasing your NFT, although too must posting does not do any good.   
  • Between NFT releases, do not go silent on social media. Post about your general life so that your audience will find a personal touch, which in turn could reflect while promoting your next release. Posting only before releasing NFTs might make your profile look like that of a store, which does not bode well with your followers.
  • Even if you are posting both on the personal life and NFT releases, ensure that you post between 5 to 7 posts per week, as people might forget your handle if your posts appear sporadically.
  • If you want to be more known as a creator, you must engage yourself in other ways apart from posting regularly. You can reply to messages, reply to comments on your posts, like and support fellow creators’ posts. These can serve you a fortune as the support given is support acquired in the world of creators. Also, be interactive with your followers by being on live or through stories.
  • Overcome your shyness before the camera and shoot videos of yourself often. Releasing videos can bring more engagement on your handle. Also, you can let your followers know about your working process, your workstation, and some insights into your creative life.
  • If you are posting about releasing an NFT, ensure that you mention the releasing date, the link to the marketplace, the title of your work, and tag any collaborators you had worked with for the NFT. NFT enthusiasts would greatly appreciate such information.
  • After releasing your NFT, and after someone buys your NFT item, never forget to be thankful and post. It can create a special bonding between you and the buyer. 
  • Connect with collectors who have your works and have some personal interaction. As it would not look good if you contact them only before a release.
  • If you feel the reach you have is simply not enough, create a humble post to reach out. As most creators would love to lift up other creators in the journey. And this serves as an NFT social media marketing tactic for both of you.

What Should I Do Now?

After reading this blog, if you still have this question running on your head, a simple answer would be to follow the above NFT social media marketing strategies. Still, if you need professional assistance a wise option would be to talk to a marketing expert. They would be able to assist you all the way through your social media. And increasing followers and garnering attention in the end. 


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