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Why Foregoing Looking for Buying Property in Istanbul

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Customers looking to Buying Property in Istanbul are doing more than that. They are investing in major real estate markets in Turkey. It is the center of ever-changing home buying and making money. The property market was not disappointed. Are you the first foreign buyer looking for a villa? A smart investor or someone who wants to live and work here all year round.

There are lots of cheap luxury condominiums and villas out there. If you want to build a new home, plan a rural home, or build a home for sale. Buying Property in Istanbul offers many opportunities to find what you want at the price you want to pay. Suburban living room skyline and waterfront courtyards because they are attractive to foreign investors in Turkey. Therefore, it is the most popular place to sell a home in Turkey. But what makes this property market special? And what additional benefits can customers expect?

Why do you need to Buying Property in Istanbul?

1: Cheap property prices

Did you know that foreign buyers traded 40,000 Turkish homes in 2018? A reasonable exchange rate that allows foreigners to earn more money than ever before. This was the main reason why they chose Turkey. Combine with markets where the price per square meter is already cheaper in countries like Spain and France. Talent is the biggest driver of home sales abroad

2: Low cost and easy purchase process

Buying Property in Istanbul is cheaper than in other countries. Property certificate tax is only 3% of the value of the property. In addition, service fees such as translators, lawyers, and agents are reasonable. Combine this with a simple purchase process. This can only be done in a week if all the funds are organized. And it is clear why Turkey has an advanced real estate market.

3: Capital growth

With a new project, Istanbul is transforming the home market. As a result, fair supply keeps prices low. However, investors are looking at the possibility of long-term capital growth. Especially on the European side. Istanbul is also a popular destination for Turkish and foreign buyers. Therefore, strong liquidity and visitors all over the world assure them that if they want to sell, they welcome visitors from all over the world.

4: Easy buying process

Buying Property in Istanbul was a difficult process ten years ago, but the Turkish government has simplified the process. The process of signing the certificate from the selection of the house can be completed in one week. Remember to choose a good realtor in Turkey to follow every step of the way.

5: The cost of living is cheap

Undoubtedly, the average cost of living in Turkey is half that of the United States and the United Kingdom. This clearly explains why most foreign property buyers choose to live in Turkey all year round. Over the past decade, infrastructure has improved with the opening of major roads. One of the biggest hurdles in the shopping mall, airport and food industry is the incredibly low annual cost of real estate. Especially electricity, water, internet, satellite TV and internet

Like in other parts of the world, living in a big city is expensive. The country with the highest cost of living in Turkey is Istanbul. Center for the Economy of Finance, Business and Tourism, Still, it is a cheaper and easier city than other countries. Given the quality of life, Turkey can be a surprisingly cheap country.

6: Citizenship through real estate investment

In 2018, Turkey reduced the minimum citizenship investment program from 1 million to 200 200,000. It attracts a lot of investors. Most people Buying Property in Istanbul. And as long as they keep their property for three years. They have the right to life and work.

Where Can Buying Property in Istanbul?

Some regions, such as Trabia, Taksim, Beugle, Kadikoy, Nesantasi, Chahangir and Besiktas, are world famous for their luxurious homes that illuminate the best life in Turkey. The Bosphorus Villa, also known as the Yali House, is one of the most expensive markets in Turkey. And if you look at nostalgic architecture and elegant design, you can see why.

But you can find luxury real estate in Istanbul. With a large penthouse and beautiful 6 bedroom villa, it attracts visitors from all over the world. The villa is located close to the beautiful Bosphorus Strait with its breathtaking views. Not only do you buy bricks and mortar, but also a new way of life among the elite communities in Turkey’s most famous city. This is one of the reasons why consumers prefer luxury homes.

Buy your first home in Istanbul, Turkey

Buying your first property and home in Turkey can be a stressful time for foreigners. Indicates that homeowners and homeowners are concerned. Provides insights on trusted real estate experts.

Here are five key pointers in moving forward:

  • Find a suitable home (41%) Hidden costs such as stamp duty and property tax (37%) Language issues (37%) Take legal action (37%) Pipes (26%)
  • Talent is very important to surprise the owner.
  • Rising home prices, local property values, finding a home that meets your needs.
  • Discount option for Turkish mortgage customers with the option to pay a fair price.
  • These are all questions that new home buyers are asking, along with the costs that may be related to buying a property in Turkey.
  • General Expenses, Furniture Expenses Property Tax Rental Income Electricity and Water Expenses

These are all questions that can be helped and learned by using a professional real estate investment in Turkey. They will make sure when you take ownership in the turkey process. You should use a reliable local real estate agent in Turkey. We can provide full service from start to finish.

Owning a home in Turkey is a dream come true for many – your home is your biggest asset. Therefore, seek independent advice and do some research on your topic before signing the dotted line.

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