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Why Do Your Brand Symbol Needs Logo Animation Services?

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If you follow the recent statistic, you will probably know graphic design has taken over the marketing game with its contributions. Graphics design has become an integral part of every business, giving a pictorial view through attractive visuals, appealing designs, and infographics to show how companies work. There are various ways for businesses to brand their products and services, but the thing is to make your brand well-known to people. What makes a business recognized is the symbol called logo design. Logos serve as brand faces that hold mission, vision, goals, and prospects to the audience. Usually, logos are static designs, but the latest graphic design trends have introduced logo animation services to make brand symbols move.

There is no surprise that humans fascinate by moving things. Whether it is a video, moving design, or any moving object, our eyes gravitate to it. Moving things like sea waves, computer screens, animated videos, waterfall, and blazing fires are what quickly grabs our attention and bring our focus. Similarly, a kind of thing is done with logo designs. Logos with animation sounds like something out-of-the-box with eye-catching features.

To understand how animations are important for logos and impact brand reputation, we have listed everything you need to know about.

What Is Logo Animation?

Why do we like watching videos? Or What does a video provide us?

Well, the answer is the attraction videos give with their seamless moving things. This is the main reason that makes videos love. Moreover, the human brain is wired to things that move, especially.

What would happen if logo designs start moving? The result will be nothing but impressive. Usually, we hear the word animation with videos. But as things are getting advanced and digitalization has made its place in the business world, logo animation has created a buzz.

Animation in logo designs is simple, taking logos and adding motion graphics to them. A logo design comprises texts, colors, geometric or arbitrary shapes, icons, symbols, illusions, patterns, and images. All these elements together give a tiny yet meaningful image. Remember, logos are brand identities that represent business and showcase its values, personality, products, and services. It sounds like logos are the most valuable assets for businesses.

How To Create Animated Logo Designs In 3 Minutes?

Gone are the days when businesses created and used static logo designs as their branding symbols. The traditional geometric style, iconic, and retro rubber style logos have grown into animated designs. What made this happen is the rapid evolution of graphic design trends. Modern-day graphics include motion graphics animation, building a true sense of creativity and movement. This is what makes everyone incorporate animation in videos, logos, websites, and even images. However, this seamless integration into static content brings dynamism, bringing innovation in marketing and making it successful.

You might think that integrating animation into logos has rocket science. No, not all. Instead, it is the simplest thing you can do in no time. Let’s see how you can animated logo designs in just 3 minutes. Incredible, isn’t it?

  1. Create A New Logo Project

If you are making a logo from scratch, you have to conduct market research and know the latest trends to develop a unique idea. This may take more time to design a logo because it is not a thing that you create in a rush. Instead, you need to be patient as logos either make or break your brand’s reputation in the market.

On the other hand, if you already have a logo and just want to animate it. Then, you just need to create a new logo project. Do changes that you want to make in your company logo design, whether you are using an online logo maker or paid software.

  1. Add Your Logo Elements

By now, you have to create your logo design by adding different elements. There are a number of design elements you can choose or import. It depends on the logotype you are working on, like wordmark, lettermark, combination mark, emblem, mascot, or exporting a premium mascot logo design.

Here the first thing you need to do is create a background.

  • Hit photo or add video clips.
  • Click on the color palette to choose the right one
  • Adjust the parameters
  1. Choose The Right Animation Template

After completing the logo design, it’s time to make your logo dance. This is where you will choose to make your brand symbol more attractive. Let’s dive in!

  • Click on the logo and scroll down the menu.
  • Hit motion and choose your desired animation effect
  • If you want to add custom logo animation, you can import your own animation effects
  • Add the selected effect and give your logo an extra-ordinary creative touch
  1. Here You Go!

Once you are satisfied with the designed logo, save this masterpiece and rule people’s hearts with creativity.

Some Creative Logo Animation Ideas

Logo designing is an art where logo designers express their skills with their design expertise and creative thinking. Creating logos means giving shape to your business values, goals, thoughts, personality, and concerns. It means that a whole business scenario is displayed in a small image; it sounds good!

Since logos are responsible for showing a positive impression, it is mandatory to make every possible effort that help you meet this goal. Here are a few animated logo design ideas you must know:

  • Give your logo a 360-degree move with rotation
  • Show quicker transitions with morphing
  • Hiding and revealing things give a wow effect
  • Expanding and shrinking your design creates curiosity
  • Give a human-oriented feel with hand-drawn designs
  • Create a great visual experience with 3D animated effects


Logo animation is a systematic branding strategy that creates a strong first impression with its attractive, unique, and creative design. The logo design strategy comes up with the idea of dancing or waving symbols conveying the brand message more entertainingly. Logos are essential for all businesses, whether small or large, but it depends on which logo a company chooses. Be it a simple wordmark, geometric shape, gradient, mascot, or animated logo; the goal is to last a strong impression. This is where businesses have the freedom to add whatever they entertain or engage users in this era of short attention spans.

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