Why CLAT Online Coaching is best to ace CLAT 2022 Exam?


Becoming a lawyer in itself gives a sense of pride and power. It is a highly reputed profession. To enter this profession, one needs to get proper education that helps to build knowledge of law and order. One must get into a good law college so that they can learn to the best of their potential, to formally begin becoming a lawyer. To get into a good law college, a candidate needs to sit for the CLAT exam. The Consortium of National Law Universities organises CLAT (Common Law Entrance Test).

The Consortium of NLUs conducts CLAT at a national level once every year. However, for 2022, it will conduct CLAT twice. CLAT 2022 will be conducted on 19 June 2022 and CLAT 2023 will be conducted on 18 December 2022. Since it is a common test for admission to 22 National Law universities, candidates need to score well. It is not necessary to opt for offline coaching to prepare for the exam. Candidates can indulge in CLAT Online Coaching.

Reasons to opt for CLAT Online Coaching

After the global pandemic, the perks of online preparation for entrance exams become more relevant and known to the candidates. The online mode of preparation has its perks. 

  1. Going for offline classes demands additional time for travelling. Travelling will not be a concern while preparing online for CLAT. Candidates can use the saved time to solve mocks or prepare extra for the exam.
  2. Candidates can access the study material at their convenience. Coaching centres like Hitbullseye have made all their study material available online for CLAT online preparations. With easy online access to all the study material, the candidates also can pace their learning
  3. Since all the material is available online, the concepts can be revisited as many times as possible. This would help candidates better understand the concepts that they do not feel much confident about.
  4. CLAT online preparation is more cost-effective as compared to offline classes. Due to minimised logistics needs like proper infrastructure for conduction of online classes, the cost of online courses is lower than the offline ones.
  5. Platforms like Hitbullseye provide platforms for candidates to raise their queries, and these queries can be answered either by the experts or by their fellow aspirants. Therefore online mode provides a more conducive environment for effective peer interaction.
  6. Since an online backup of all the classes and material is developed, candidates can have easy access to the content they have missed due to any reasons. The educator’s physical energy to repeat the whole concept for one or two candidates is saved. The educator can invest that time to further develop better resources for the candidates.


CLAT is one of the most difficult and prestigious entrance tests. Therefore more than the content knowledge, it assesses the candidate’s aptitude for Legal studies and their general knowledge and quantitative and logical reasoning abilities. 

To understand CLAT Syllabus, the following blueprint can be referred to:


Comprehension Passages, Grammar, Word Meanings, incorrect/correct sentences.


Algebra, Profit and loss, time and work, average, speed and distance, permutation-combination and Venn Diagram, statistical estimation, Mensuration.

General Knowledge 

Static general knowledge including History, Polity, Geography, Environment, etc.

Current affairs 

national and international importance, sports, new appointments, awards, honours, etc.

Logical Reasoning

Logical and Analytical reasoning skills

Legal Aptitude

Study of law, Research aptitude, Problem-solving ability, Questions based on hypothetical situations, and Important court decisions.

Pro-tips for CLAT 2022 Online Preparation

Being systematic and having a plan before starting with the preparation, one must be thorough with the CLAT 2022 syllabus. Since candidates have more autonomy to develop their study plan in the online mode, the focus should be on making the best use of the flexibility in terms of learning. The following steps/tips can help a candidate crack the CLAT entrance exam and get into their desired Law college;

  • Start Early – Starting in time or a little early will allow candidates to practice questions and mocks. With more time at hand, candidates can cover concepts more thoroughly.
  • Make a study plan – Online mode allows candidates to take classes at their convenience and study at their own pace, so keeping these aspects in mind, candidates can lay out an effective and efficient study plan.
  • Know the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly – Having a fair idea of how the exam will be will help candidates make more effective strategies to ace CLAT 2022. Looking at previous years’ question papers will surely help.
  • Revise Time and again – Since there is a lot of factual information in the legal aptitude section of the exam, revisiting these facts again and again will help in retention. Revision has to be regular and well planned.
  • Take Mocks – The candidates must take mock exams at regular intervals. It helps to identify areas of weakness and strengths. It also gives a fair idea of the exam pattern.
  • Time Management – Managing your time properly during preparation and exam is very much needed. The candidates have to be quick and accurate while responding to the inquiries in the exam.

These tips can help a candidate perform fairly well in CLAT 2022.