Why Are Buying Paintings Expensive, How To Select Them?

Why Are Buying Paintings Expensive, How To Select Them?

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There is a consensus among art connoisseurs that it can be physically and emotionally uplifting. So, when you are buying an oil painting, a lot depends on your intent. The painting might end up adorning the wall in your home or you might be adding them to your collection, to sell them at a later date. When it comes to buying paintings, there is always some sort of visual appeal, which makes them endearing to almost everyone. You can attribute it to their uniqueness and design, or the assimilation of colors that dazzles your senses. If you consider the overall textures and the richness of the art, it does uplift your whole mood.

How To Select Painting?

If you are buying paintings for the first time, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration. A lot comes down to your need and preference. To start with, if you are buying it for your house, make a conscious effort to understand the overall dimension of your home. It helps if you do make it a point to take the proper measurement of the walls so that you can install the artwork the way you want it.

For example, Manu Parekh paintings end up drawing a lot of attention. This is more so on account of the artist’s reputation. Besides, Mau Parekh’s art stands out on account of its bold use of brushwork, intuitive color, and prominent lines. If you look at his body of work, many of them convey an aura of positivity.

Keeping the larger picture in mind, the painting should also compliment the interiors. Other than these, a lot depends on your taste and sensibilities. While there are plenty of options, it helps if you can narrow down your choices.

In many ways, buying art is a way of showing appreciation to the artist. More importantly, it does give you a sense of satisfaction and in some cases, art can also help in filling up the spiritual and emotional void. Other than these, there are many who find the task of purchasing art physically and mentally exhilarating.

Why Are Paintings Expensive?

Have you ever visited any Delhi-based art galleries? If yes, it means you have a good understanding of the prices. Most galleries are home to some famous pieces by modern-day maestros. Since the majority of them are oil paintings, they tend to be priced on the higher side.

Moreover, the process of carving something on a blank canvas using oil paint is quite challenging. Besides, a single painting gets multiple layers of coatings, as the artist has to follow the thin to thick rule. With each layer having a higher level of coating, it does prevent cracking and peeling in the final artwork. Once the whole thing is done, the artist must put the painting to dry for 3- 4 days. After the painting has suitably dried, a coating of varnish is added as protection. Considering the amount of time and effort put up by the artist, this is what makes the painting costly.

Now that you realize the amount of effort that goes into the making of this fine piece of art, it certainly appears to be worth all the money.

Should You Buy Art In The First Place?

As far as buying art is concerned, it is a whole new experience. For many, it is not aesthetically pleasing but also helps to inspire creativity and provides you with an opportunity to give your live a more meaningful existence. Art is also a healer, especially during times of conflict and stress.

As stated above in this post, many buy art to accommodate their artistic and emotional response. Besides, you don’t need any valid reason to buy art. Step into any of the art galleries and you will be surprised by some of the pieces displayed. As a collector, purchasing art is more like a visual expression of what you find meaningful.

Other than these, when you buy art, it is one of the most effective ways to invest your money. When you possess a truly exceptional piece, like Anjali Ela Menon’s artwork, it does have the potential to significantly increase its market value. So, if you do make it a point to build a collection of the popular arts by some of the great Indian artists, it will go a long way to yield a huge financial return.

Need Of Paintings

Paintings have a way of inspiring and creating a new vigor and all these unique qualities do open up a whole new world of opportunity. It is believed that art does have the potential to uplift and motivate you with a whole new sense of vigor and zeal. If someone says that art can be inspiring, the statement does make sense. After all, you are not buying art for the sake of art. On the contrary, it is more about filling up the void spaces and creating something out of the ordinary. Art is liberating and can heal your soul.

So, if you are indeed given the opportunity to buy art in the first place, then you must go ahead and grab the chance. When it comes to art, there is nothing fancy about it. In fact, art is more about having the freedom to appreciate the fine work that fills your heart with warm emotions.

For instance, you must have visited plenty of art galleries in Delhi. In a way, this means you have a fair idea of what to expect. Most galleries have different sections of paintings, thus allowing you to choose and pick paintings, based on your need and preference. By and large, all artworks and exclusive and come with a distinct appeal. Perhaps, this is one reason why oil paintings are expensive and offered at a higher price.

The Bottom Line

With the rise of the middle- class and the subsequent increase in income levels, many are now considering investing in art. While many are considering purchasing paintings to enrich the look and feel of their home. Either way, it is indeed a good time to be an artist. While it helps to have a good eye to catch the details, painting is more about expressions. The paintings are also a representation of the society we are part and they do tend to give a testimony of our day-to-day life.

Before making your purchase, make sure to learn everything about the art and artist. Always try and speak to the experts. When you buy art, the pricing does matter. But it doesn’t mean that every painting is made available at a higher price. A lot depends on the art and the artist. The best you can do is take out time and research. More or less, it makes practical sense to buy online from a reputed and trusted platform. If you buy online, it means, you will get an opportunity to save precious time and money. Besides, you will have the advantage of choosing from a wide range of options. In a way, it is your taste that matters, not the type of art. Now after this discussion we hope that you will understand that certain causes make painting expensive. Keep it up and enjoy shopping for painting online.

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