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Who Has the Better Deals: Michaels or Hobby Lobby?

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If you’ve been doing this for a while, Hobby Lobby Furniture and Michaels are two of the main arts and crafts stores in the United States. Both locations sell art and craft supplies, custom frames, fake flowers for weddings, home decorations, and seasonal décor. They also provide a selection of artisan classes and promotional packages.

Given how similar Hobby Lobby Furniture and Michaels are, you may wonder which is the better option.

This is a difficult question that requires considerable contemplation. In this head-to-head comparison, Hobby Lobby Furniture and Michaels compete to find which store is the best fit for your needs.

Textiles, furniture, and technology are some of the products available. I’m stunned!

When deciding between Hobby Lobby Fabric and Michaels, consider the type of project you want to start. Even while both businesses provide many of the same materials, their fabric, furniture, and high-tech equipment offerings differ.

Winner: Hobby Lobby For Fabrics And Sewing

Customers can purchase fabric by the yard from Hobby Lobby Furniture’s large in-store fabric assortment. Although Michaels sells fabric, the majority of their variety and supply is available online.

In the case of sewing aficionados, choosing your fabric in person is critical to realising your vision. Its Fabric in-store fabric department allows customers to see the genuine colour and gloss of the fabric up close.

The photographs supplied may also help clients gain a sense of one of the most important characteristics of fabric: texture. This implies that if you want to sew, Hobby Lobby Furniture is the greatest place to go. Furthermore, the staff at Hobby Lobby is kind and helpful, offering ideas for creative projects and other resources.

In The Category Of Furniture And Home Decor, Hobby Lobby Won.

Pottery Barn and Ikea furniture may be found at Hobby Lobby Furniture, making it easier to accomplish home remodelling projects. Hobby Lobby carries the following items:

  • Racks for displaying items
  • Benches
  • partitions that serve as dividers
  • Chairs for decoration
  • Furthermore, Hobby Lobby Furniture frequently sells for less than $100, making it a low-cost option.

Hobby Lobby Coupon provides a much wider assortment of furniture than Michaels. Furniture for a home office is covered, as are more expensive items such as:

  • Drawing tables and chairs
  • Workstations
  • Finally, there are tables.

In a positive aspect, Michaels offers curbside pickup, making it simple to transport your new furniture home.

In The Category Of High-Tech Crafts, Michaels Was The Winner.

Michaels offers the technologies that can help you improve your work at the highest level as an artist. Michaels features more high-tech items than Hobby Lobby Furniture, such as:

  • Printers for photos
  • 3-D printing machines
  • Instant exposure photographic gadgets
  • Machines that sever things
  • Sewing equipment

When It Comes To Cost And Quality, It’s A Tie.

When picking between Hobby Lobby Furniture and Michaels, price is an important factor to consider. We analysed the pricing of similar commodities in different regions as part of our investigation. The following is what we discovered:

A tube of Liquitex Brand Basic Acrylic Paint costs $4.99 at Hobby Lobby Furniture (4 oz). Michaels charges $5.49 for the same tube of paint, a $0.50 markup.

This oven-bake clay from the Sculpey III brand costs $2.49 at Hobby Lobby (although it was on sale for $1.75 at the time of writing). Michaels charges $2.59 for this clay.

Generally Speaking, Hobby Lobby Offers Cheaper Costs On Comparable Items.

While Michaels’ prices are normally higher, the store also provides a larger assortment of high-end items than other craft stores. Even though Fabric has lower costs, you may be missing out on higher-quality products.

When it comes to discounts, don’t disregard them too quickly! – Michaels has been declared the winner!

Even if Hobby Lobby Fabric prices are cheaper, Michaels can compete by offering discounts. One of these techniques is to offer amazing prices, distribute Michael’s coupon book, and have a wide range of clearance merchandise. Here are a few examples:

  • If you are 55 or older, you will receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.
  • Military personnel are eligible for a 15% discount on all purchases.
  • If you are a teacher, you may be eligible for a 15% discount on your entire order.
  • If you qualify for any of these incentives, Michaels may be a better value.


In addition to these discounts, Michaels offers a price-matching policy. To put it another way, Michaels will match any lower price you find for the same item anyplace.

Its Fabric will also match any competitor’s pricing. It is unclear why Michaels’ price-matching policy is referenced. Michaels, unlike Hobby Lobby, commits to beat the matching price by 10%.

Making Crafting Easier – Michaels Wins The Prize For Best Convenience.

If you prefer to buy for creative products online, Michaels is a better option than Hobby Lobby Fabric. Online orders can be picked up in-store, and some items can even be delivered the same day. It does not have any of these options.

Michaels also offers free Zoom courses for adults, teens, and kids. Before attending a class, the only thing you need to do is register online.

There’s no need to fear if you don’t get a spot. Michaels’ Zoom classes are all viewable on the company’s website. You can watch a lesson at your leisure using this way.

All the courses available include:

  • Jewelry-making
  • Knitting is used to create a costume outfit.
  • Arts and crafts classes for small companies
  • While Hobby Lobby does not offer real-time online lessons, they do have instructive films on their website.
  • You are the winner! The finest solution for all of your crafting needs!

How Can You Know Which One Is The Best Option?

If you want to buy fabric, sew, or decorate your home, Its Fabric is the place to go. It is also a less expensive option than other vendors.

Michaels is the greatest option for a wide variety of high-quality resources or to save time by purchasing and studying online. If you can afford the slightly higher prices, you’ll have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Rebate Key may be able to help you save even more money if you shop at Michaels or Hobby Lobby Fabric by providing cashback rebate coupons and promo codes. Take a peek at these resources before starting your next project.