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Which Color Of Braces Is The Most Attractive?

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While blue braces are becoming increasingly popular, they aren’t the only color option on the market. In fact, if you ask 10 orthodontists what color of braces they recommend, you’ll get 10 different answers! One doctor might say that clear braces work best because they blend in with your teeth and are more comfortable to wear, while another might argue that metal-colored light blue braces look better with any skin tone and make your teeth appear whiter. However, one thing is certain—if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re not going to go wrong with red braces!


There’s a reason Cinderella sported light blue braces. While your dentist might be too traditional to suggest them, even a casual glance around will tell you that blue teeth-which are usually caused by an overabundance of fluoride in toothpaste-are way less cool than yellow teeth. If your teeth are naturally more yellow or if you tend to consume lots of staining beverages like coffee and red wine, opt for blue metal brackets because they won’t further discolor your smile.

Another great advantage to having blue clasps on your metal frames is that they give off a certain youthful vibe; have you ever noticed how all actors in their 20s wear them in romantic comedies? That’s no coincidence. And while we’re on the subject of Hollywood, blue also happens to be one of Angelina Jolie’s favorite colors. So there you go: blue braces can make you look young and beautiful! Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different skin tones and eye colors; so while blue may look good against fair skin, it may not look as flattering against darker complexions.

Light blue

With a shade so light it’s almost off-white, light blue braces are ideal for anyone with warm undertones or an olive complexion. Those with pale skin will be able to easily offset their look by choosing light blue over something darker. Light blue and skin tones are often neutral on top, so when it comes to highlights and contrast, white teeth can play up that vibrancy in a way darker tints can’t. This style works especially well if you have clear skin as opposed to acne prone or plagued by blackheads; many patients choose a lighter color like light blue because they can reflect natural skin tone while still making your teeth appear brighter. Finally, keep in mind that light blue looks best with crisp edges.


Braces aren’t just about straightening teeth anymore. Some orthodontists are now offering colored metal, ceramic and plastic options that can match your skin tone and help brighten your smile. The appeal comes from matching tooth colors or having a brace that no one else has.

However, light blue braces are often considered more aesthetically pleasing than blue or clear braces because they don’t stand out like other colors might. Blue braces colors can look too much like jewelry in comparison to natural-looking clear/white ones. Yellow/gold colors do stand out but go great with tanned skin tones. If you’re considering changing your teeth color with metal, ceramic or plastic options, ask which colors are right for you before you begin treatment.


First, a disclaimer: Braces might seem like a superficial thing to discuss, but in a world that prizes beauty and puts appearance above almost everything else, we thought it worthwhile to address some of your concerns about how your teeth will look with braces. Bracing yourself for criticism from others is one thing (and we’re not going to say there won’t be any), but brace yourself for judgment from friends and family who want you to take better care of your teeth than you currently do. It’s natural for people to be concerned about their appearance and if you’re wearing yellow-colored brackets, they may think you’ve let go of those concerns.


If you’re considering white braces, know that they are nearly impossible to hide. Think about your day-to-day activities and how many times you smile per day. You might find yourself smiling even more when wearing white braces because of their color contrast against your teeth. They also stick out a little less than colored brackets but still give that professional appeal. One benefit to consider with white is that they look great against tanned skin as well!


The cool tone that pink has makes for an attractive-looking set of teeth. And as research suggests, it’s also a better choice if you want your smile to be noticed by others. Green: According to research, green isn’t a particularly popular color. However, it could work if you like doing things differently and are looking for something different from what everyone else has. Black: Like green, black isn’t a super common choice either; however, it could be just what you need if you want your smile to stand out while also wanting people to notice how great it looks rather than how unique it is.

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