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Which are the Best Schools in Baner Pune for 2022-23?



Pune has established itself as India’s brightest city during the last ten years. People also refer to it as “Oxford of the East,” which has a long history as the educational capital of India. Schools in Baner, Pune, have long been considered as one of the most popular options for your child’s education in this respect.

Because education significantly impacts a child’s future, finding a school that matches their interests is critical. Consequently, we’ve included some vital information regarding the best CBSE school in Pune, which will provide good education and help your child enhance their entire performance.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

GIIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune, having received numerous awards for its teaching methodologies, faculty, campus, and outside classroom activities. It has the best infrastructure in terms of education, global exposure, sports excellence, and the comprehensive development of children. The school has also introduced a variety of scholarships, such as the Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Scholarship, placements, and other programs suited to each student’s learning skills.

The academics combine the GIIS learning philosophy with a flexible 21st century focused curriculum. The GIIS faculty aids students in navigating fast-paced and modern learning and working environments. However, the school’s best feature is that students may exercise autonomy by utilising the training programs they have learned there.

The school’s instructors and staff members believe in methodological teaching, allowing students to study at their own pace. Moreover, because the learning standard is universal, learners can compete with their peers globally.

Sahyadri School

Sahyadri School in Pune, known for its academic and extracurricular activities, is ranked second in the category. It contains a library, transportation, computer lab, science lab, and other amenities. The school’s goal is to provide students with good technical skills to understand the current world. Academic and extracurricular activities allow children to study without suspicion while engaging in unique engagement and assisting them in social development.

A long-established leader in progressive education, Sahyadri School has always aimed at preparing young boys and girls for life. Sahyadri’s emphasis has always been on helping children not only to learn through direct experience, but also to be able to ask intelligent questions by which they can evaluate their own development as well as the experience of others. The school’s approach emphasizes freedom and responsibility, free from artificial authority and dogma.

Vincent’s High School

The school has world-class facilities, such as playgrounds, an auditorium, and a library, which help students learn more effectively. It gives students the chance to learn in a high-quality environment conducive to their spiritual and intellectual development. They become free learners who are responsible, autonomous, confident and educated due to their education. It provides scholarships to children from pre-kindergarten to high school to help them improve their grades.

St.Vincent’s High School, Camp, Pune was established in 1867. From the confines of a rented bungalow 150 years ago to the magnificent edifice that stands tall today, the school has pioneered quality education in Pune.

The school boasts of world-class infrastructure including a 4-and-a-half acre playground with the stadium, 4 auditoriums that seat over 1500, two libraries that boast a collection of over 30000 books, 50 IT-enabled learning rooms, a swimming pool, and an enviable sports heritage.

Vincent’s High School’s mission is to develop the whole child through a culture that encourages confidence in academic ability. Appreciation for fine arts, enjoyment of physical skills, and knowledge of Christ’s love.

Anne’s High School

The English-medium convent high school aspires to help young women grow into more thoughtful, balanced, and compassionate citizens. The school, affiliated with the Maharashtra state board, is dedicated to channeling a kind of education that educates and benefits young and disadvantaged people. Furthermore, the school’s experienced and qualified instructors play an essential part in a child’s future development. They feature a smart class, auditorium, outdoor sports facility, and other amenities; thus, the school is a good option for parents looking for a good education for their children.

Army Public school

This school prevails for its academic achievements, athletics, and co-curricular activities. It is associated with the CBSE board, founded under the aegis of the Army Welfare Education Society. The school has two campuses, one for juniors and seniors, both campuses have high-tech societies, which are crucial for students’ complete development. The school aims to educate pupils with consideration, knowledge, talent, and confidence. Furthermore, the school adheres to severe discipline and believes in instilling in children a feeling of patriotism.


The schools mentioned above are Pune’s best schools, dedicated to providing kids with the best education possible. As a result, prospective parents or guardians may visit the particular school’s website to discover more about the school or even schedule a campus tour. You may also schedule a meeting with the administration counsellor by phoning them online or in person.

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