When to See a Radiologist and How to Pick a Good One

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A radiologist is a doctor who, with the help of medical imaging or scans, diagnoses illnesses and injuries accurately. In India and elsewhere, becoming a well-trained radiologist can take years of on-the-job training under an experienced radiologist.

If you’ve been asked by your doctor to consult a radiologist, you can look up “the best radiologist near me” on the internet to get information about imaging centers near you. The key to curing any illness is a prompt and accurate diagnosis. A diagnosis is required for your doctor to begin the treatment as soon as possible.

When to see a radiologist?

You need to see a radiologist when you are dealing with a complex disease, the cause of which is unknown to the doctor. For example, if you suffer from an ear infection or chronic sinusitis, your ENT might order an imaging procedure. The most commonly performed radiological procedures are X-ray, CT (Computed Tomography), mammography ultrasound, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Some procedures are performed to screen for disease in people that might be rather healthy. Mammograms can help detect breast cancer early. And a prompt diagnosis can increase the chances of successful treatment.

A visit to an imaging center for annual mammograms can help keep breast cancer at bay. If you are thinking “where do I find a good imaging center near me”, then you can just ask your doctor to refer you to a reputed one to avoid any hassle.

In any case, if your doctor asks for an imaging exam, you must consult a radiologist the same day for a quick diagnosis. Some procedures like breast and thyroid biopsies, image-guided pain therapy, and other interventional radiology procedures require an interventional radiologist to be present.

If you’ve been recommend a biopsy – a medical test where a surgeon or an intervention radiologist removes tissue from any part of your body to examine it, you must discuss any allergies you might have or any medications you’re on, beforehand.

How to pick a good radiologist near me?

Choosing a radiologist is an important decision that, if not taken carefully, could cost you your time, money, and even health. You cannot simply rely on a “reputed imaging center near me” search to guide you. That could be the first step, but you must crosscheck their credentials. Here are some guidelines to help you in your search for a great imaging center:


This is an important one. You need to avoid an imaging center that uses obsolete machines. Call the facility to inquire about their equipment and infrastructure. A facility with outdated technology might provide cheaper examinations but that can put your health at risk. The quality of the equipment will decide the accuracy of the diagnosis.


Check if the center may accredite by authorities in India. Furthermore, the radiologists and technologists must be performing procedures in accordance with their diploma/degree. You must go to a radiologist that has years of experience under their belt. Additionally, a trustworthy facility would be more than willing to provide you with any details that you ask for.


Imaging examinations can be expensive and there’s no sugar-coating the obvious. For most Indians, the cost is usually the determining factor in their decision. Find a center that offers high-quality imaging exams at affordable prices. Make sure to enquire about a breakdown of all costs before signing up for any procedure. You don’t need to break the bank for a simple diagnosis.

Communication skills

Imaging procedures can be scary, so look for a facility that employs friendly and cordial staff. Additionally, doctors must know how to relay complex information to their patients in simple words without scaring them away. Do not forget to consider the staff’s qualifications before entrusting your health to them.


Ultra-high levels of radiation are known to cause cancer later in life, therefore, you need to ensure that the machines may use in the facility do not emit high radiation.


Consult an imaging center today if you’ve may order an imaging exam by your doctor. Do not delay it. To find a reliable facility, keep the above-listed guidelines in mind before making the final decision. Alternatively, you can also ask your doctor or family members to recommend a radiologist they have had a positive experience with.

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