What You Use The Most, CSS Animations or JavaScript Animations?

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Animations are a popular sound design tool that does not impact the content directly. However, it is accessed for the visual transitions and cues from one UI element to another. The use of animation is exceptionally high in web design. It is used to polish the completed product to grab the customer’s attention.

In the modern era, you have access to tons of animations tools. In some cases, it makes you confused about what to choose. But, the rivalry always goes between the CSS and JavaScript animations. Many developers give preference to any of these animation tools. Are you thinking about what to choose between CSS and JavaScript animations? Well! Read the blog until the end. It lets you understand the strength and limitations of both tools.

CSS Animation – Things To Know

One of the most widely accessed animations is the CSS animation. It is the process of animating the elements or objects on a web page. It was performed with the help of JavaScript earlier. CSS animations bring pre-defined properties, which are much easier to apply and establish the end goals faster.

It allows the element to change from one style to another gradually. You can even change CSS properties as per your needs and as many times as you want. You should specify specific keyframes for the animation to access CSS animation.

Usually, keyframes hold the style the element will have at. In short, the CSS animation property is utilized to develop animations on the web page. It offers better performance than JavaScript because the browser takes enough control and optimizes the animation for the best performance.

The properties that come with the CSS animations are divided into three categories, namely:

  • Keyframes
  • Transition
  • Transformation

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Different Types Of CSS Animation

The element can rotate, shift, spin, stretch, and slant on the page with CSS animation. It can even bounce across the page and then interact with each other in many exciting ways. You will find thousands of types of CSS animations. But, the below mentioned are the most popular ones.


  • Text animation
  • Color animation
  • Rotate animation
  • Slide-in animation
  • Glow animation
  • Wave animation
  • Fade-in animation
  • Hover animation

Benefits Of Using CSS Animation

  • CSS animations render a bit more control and allow for the creation of several keyframes. As soon as the animation property applies, the animation will execute.


  • CSS animations have excellent browser support, which means CSS animations work in all kinds of modern browsers.


  • Existing CSS property value controls every state of the transition. The change in the growth is implicit.


  • CSS animations do not need a trigger and run on their own.


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Javascript Animation – Introduction 

JavaScript is used to create animation effects on the webpage as simple as moving elements on the page. The availability of huge tools and techniques helps you design something innovative and attractive. Creating animation with JavaScript is quite more complex than coding CSS animations. However, that complexity comes with colossal power.

JavaScript animations are usually written inline as part of the code. You can utilize them to obtain advanced effects such as rewind, bouncing, slowing down, or pausing. The progressive results are based on the idea that you can animate by moving the DOM element across the page depending on the pattern determined by the logical function or equation.

Plenty of frameworks are accessible to handle JavaScript animations, and some of them are Velocity, jQuery, GreenSock, and WebGL. Since these are all the best libraries, you have to focus on the best to reap the best result.

Benefits Of Using Javascript Animation

  • You are in complete control of the element’s or object’s styles at each step with JavaScript animations. It indicates you can pause, slow down, reverse, and stop the animations as needed.


  • It is a perfect option for building complex object-oriented applications. In addition, whenever you need control over your animation, you can use JavaScript without hesitation.

CSS vs. JavaScript Animation

  • Functionality

CSS and JavaScript are much similar in terms of functionality. Both have the capability to do impressive animations. However, it becomes a big question of what the animation is required to do. If you animate using CSS, then it refers to the declarative approach. On the other hand, JavaScript is imperative.

It indicates that you should specify particularly what has to happen in CSS. But, in JavaScript, you can define the animation programmatically. So, you have more control over the animation while accessing JavaScript.

  • Performance

Another important aspect differentiating CSS and performance is performance. CSS has good performance because it offloads animation logic onto the browser. It allows the browser to optimize memory consumption and DOM interaction. In addition, it accesses the GPU to enhance performance.

Conversely, JavaScript performance can range from faster to much slower when compared to CSS. Usually, the performance of the JavaScript animation depends on the library accessed by the developer. JavaScript is more potent unless it does not contain unnecessary elements.

  • Overhead

Overhead is another critical difference between JavaScript and CSS. CSS is the same in each development environment, and it is extremely simple to learn. On the other hand, JavaScript is the opposite.

Even though basic JavaScript has animation functionality, an additional library is used to perform the animations. Usually, developers familiar with a single library may not know much about another. So, it takes more time to complete the development. As a result, the overhead of the JavaScript animation becomes high.

Regardless of what animation tool you choose, it is better to seek professional assistance. It is especially true when you do not have enough experience and knowledge about animation tools.

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