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What You Should Know About Kerlink Helium Outdoor Routers


The new Kerlink Helium range of wireless routers offers indoor and outdoor coverage with a single device. The iFemtocell gateway, which is use for both indoor and outdoor public network extensions, comes with integrated Kerlink Helium compatible miners. The iFEMTOcell also integrates with other products from Kerlink to provide a comprehensive wireless network. In addition to the wireless router, the iFemtocell is compatible with Kerlink’s WirNet(tm) product line.

The new iStation HNT is a rugged, outdoor LORAWAN gateway. Its temperature range is -40degC to 60degC and is design to support up to 1,000 LoRaWAN-connected sensors. It is capable of transferring data from one to 1000 sensors over a 4G cellular network, including a secure encrypted channel. The iStation HNT features Helium’s LongFi technology, which combines the LoRaWAN wireless protocol with the company’s blockchain. Any LoRaWAN-connected sensor can communicate over the Helium network. The iStation HNT is supplied with a POE power supply and is suitable for Kerlink helium outdoor use.

Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT

The Kerlink Wirnet iStation HNT is an outdoor LoRaWAN gateway that operates in temperatures ranging from -40degC to +60degC. It supports data transfer from one to 1000 LoRaWAN-connected sensors via a 4G cellular network. The Helium Wirnet iStation HNT uses LongFi technology, which incorporates the LoRaWAN wireless protocol with Helium’s blockchain. Any LoRaWAN-compatible sensor can send and receive data over the Helium network. In addition to the outdoor application, the HNT is equip with POE power supply, which is convenient for remote locations.

This iStation 868 outdoor LORAWAN gateway provides a reliable and secure wireless network connection to many different devices. It supports two separate 4G world modules, which connect to the iStation via a high-speed RJ-45 cable. Moreover, it is IP67-certified for outdoor use and offers an integrate carrier-grade CASing. Its internal antennas and 48VDC power supply ensure that it is both secure and convenient for installation.

Work in Extreme Temperatures

The WIRNET iStation HNT is an outdoor LORAWAN gateway. It is design to work in extreme temperatures of -40degC to +60degC and it can transfer data from up to 1000 LoRaWAN-connected sensors via a 4G cellular network. The Helium Wirnet iStation HNT also includes the LongFi technology by Helium. This enables any LoRaWAN sensor to transmit data over the iStation.

The WIRNET ISTATION 868 is an outdoor LORAWAN gateway. Its external antenna is 27 DBM, and the internal antenna is IP67-certified for outdoor use. The WIRNET iSTATION is a carrier-grade IP67-certified WiFi gateway with integrated GPS. Its iStation supports both WiFi and LTE and is ideal for outdoor use. However, the Kerlink helium TX POWER is a carrier-grade Ethernet interface with a maximum of 120G power.

The Wirnet iStation is a low-cost outdoor LoRaWAN gateway dedicate to public operators and private businesses. The iStation is an industrial-grade gateway for industrial and commercial use. Featuring a PoE power supply, the iStation is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. In contrast to the iStation, the WIRNET iStation is an affordable, high-performance LoRaWAN outdoor wireless gateway. It is an ideal choice for businesses and smart cities.

Frequency Range is Limited to LoRaWAN

This model is an IP67-certified, outdoor LORAWAN gateway with an RJ-45 backhaul connection. Its TX frequency range is limited to LoRaWAN, so it is ideal for industrial and public operators. In addition, it uses the LoRaWAN standard to provide wireless connectivity. Its dual-band architecture offers maximum flexibility for commercial use, while its IP67-certified casing provides IP67-rated outdoor connectivity.

The WIRNET ISTATION is a LORAWAN gateway with IP67-certified weatherproofing for outdoor use. Its external antennas and IP67-certified IP67-rated weatherproofing are among the features of this wireless network. Its scalability makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is also use on buildings, parking garages, and construction sites. The WIRNET ISTATION is compatible with both LoRaWAN and HELIUM networks.

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The WIRNET ISTATION is an outdoor LORAWAN gateway with a POE power supply and is compatible with HELIUM’s HELIUM network. Its iStation HNT is design to work in temperatures ranging from -40degC to +60°C. The iStation is capable of transferring data from up to 1000 LoRaWAN-connected sensors using a 4G cellular connection. It also supports the LongFi technology from Helium. It also comes with a POE power supply

Network for billions

The kerlink helium wireless gateway is compatible with the HIP19 Helium Miner. The Helium network is based on the Lora protocol. It is also use to connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network. The iFeS gateway will integrate a HIP19 Helium Miner.

The iFemtoCell gateway is a Lora WAN(r) gateway that connects to an IoT device. When connected to the network, the iFemtoCell gateway earns HNT from the devices that are connect. This LoRaWAN network uses the Helium miner to validate their peers’ Lora WAN gateways. The iFemtoCell network is compatible with other devices, including ioT and home automation systems.

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