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What you need to do to recover stolen deliveries


How many people follow the traditional shopping method? Mostly everyone is choosing online shopping, which is convenient for them. The pandemic gives gear to online shopping because it is completely safe for people since there is no personal contact with unknown people. Everything is available online, from expensive cosmetics, fashion products to kitchen items daily, and millions of packages are delivered to various locations daily. But not all the packages reach their owner correctly, and there is a chance for the package to be stolen. There are a few steps to recover your stolen deliveries, and here are the steps for it.

Few steps to recover or refund the missing package

  • Ensure the packages are delivered 

Every day, nearly 1000s of orders are delivered by the delivery companies and sometimes, in very low percent there is a chance for any small errors with the deliveries. For many people, the packages mean more value, including the highly important document or equipment, etc. Once you set an order, you will receive a confirmation mail along with a tracking number.

  • Verify your neighbors 

You cannot assure that you will always stay inside your home because there may be the need to leave the house for various purposes. If your packages may be delivered to your address, but you are not in your home, then the delivery drivers may hand over your package or order to your neighbor, which is considered as the safest option. Sometimes, the package stolen happens because of delivering the order to the wrong address. Therefore, when you feel your package is missing, you can verify it with your neighbors. Either there is a chance of keeping your package safe, or they will know about where it is.

  • Inquire your neighborhood watch 

There will be some local neighborhood watch for certain communities, and they will be responsible and helpful for several things. This refers to a group of neighbors working together in a cooperative manner to ensure their neighbors’ safety. When you suspect a package stolen, you can contact and inquire about your delivery to neighborhood watch. 

  • Contact the sender 

You can attain various options with your retailers for packages stolen, either recovery or refund for your order. In this situation, some retailers will do their best to rectify the situation, but others will simply replace your order or refund you immediately. Contact the retailer and verify the address and other details if it was sent by a friend or family member.

  • File a Theft report 

Unless you find the answer to your package theft after using the steps above or the points, then your next step is filing a Theft report. You can file the Theft report by providing the exact details of your order to go further with the package stolen. The popular delivery companies will give their official page, and you can see the theft report option.  

Ways to prevent package theft 

  • Ship to another location

If you are not sure about staying inside your home during the daytime, you can provide another location for shipping your order instead of your home. Either you can provide your office address or provide any neighbor’s address if they stay at home throughout the day. You will be able to prevent theft of your package this way.

  • Leave a note to the delivery drivers 

If you order your package online and you cannot leave delivery instructions, you can leave an instruction note to your delivery drivers on your door. When you are absent to receive your package, the driver will read the instructions and work accordingly.

  • Work with your neighbors 

If you have 100% trust in your neighbor and maintain a good relationship with them, you can seek help from them. Ask them whether they will accept your deliveries when you cannot claim them. Working with a neighbor will support you during a police investigation for the package stolen.

  • Attain a video doorbell 

One of the effective tools for monitoring your front door and yard is Video doorbell cameras. Through this arrangement, the face and number grab become easy for you in front of your door.

Final thoughts: 

There is a network connection between the online business and the delivering partner called Doorman.

There are hassle-free doorman services, and the delivery system they maintained being excellent and appreciable. The delivery schedules are easier to the customer’s timing as their availability at home. There are no chances of losing the package.  The largest network through the country’s location seems accessible to everyone.

There has been a locker facility also provided to the customers who booked the orders online. The company will arrange a locker facility in the interest of the wishes of a parcel owner. This facility will create an advanced facility for the owners of any parcel. 

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