What Kind of Gemstone Silver Jewelry Do You Prefer?


The trending silver jewelry has made statements for many years. However, adding gemstone into that metal will actually enrich the beauty of the jewelry piece. Out of 100s of varieties of gems, let us discuss the top-notch ones in this blog, which you can add to your stock for increasing your sale.

Birthstone Jewelry

Always add the birthstone jewelry to your collection. People prefer them the most for gifting it to the ones who celebrate their birthday in the following month. For example, the Aquamarine march birthstone would be in demand for this month. On the other hand, the blue water stone belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones and is one of the most burdensome stones.


Moonstone is the stone with an elegant sheen and is admired by the beholders at first glance. It is said that Moonstones are the moonbeams that have the energy of the Goddess Diana, which protect the wearer from all the difficult situations of life. Moreover, every person stops and stares at moonstone jewelry, which has beautiful magnificence. The ones born in the month of June should wear this, as it is their birthstone. Furthermore, this crystal can be recharged by keeping them under the moon on the full moon day.


Moldavite is the tektite and is used for making jewelry items. It comes from the Czech Republic due to the impact of the meteoroid and comets that took place around 14.8 million years ago. You can find the rough surface over the stone, as these crystals are deeply buried in the earth. They are green color glass gemstones with reddish-brown inclusions. Therefore, wearing the Moldavite jewelry will remove all the unwanted baggage from life and improve memory.


Have you heard about the Larimar jewelry before? You must have, and if not then also, it is not a problem. But I would strongly recommend you add these crystals to your collection, as every customer will love them by witnessing them at once. They are the blue color stone, with white bubble-like inclusion on the surface worn to bring serenity in life. These crystals allow the wearer to have a sound sleep without facing the problems of lucid dreaming.


From Queen Victoria to many other famous legends, opals are the most stunning and beautiful jewelry crystals. From crowns to jewelry pieces, they have made their places in the hearts of the beholder. Keeping away the negative vibes and to keep oneself protected from the evil eyes, the Opal jewelry is worn. Moreover, the ones born in the month of October must wear these gemstones, as it is their birthstone and would prove to be lucky for them.


The last but not the least gemstone jewelry I am recommending to you is Turquoise jewelry. Of course, you would have heard about the turquoise, as it is one of the famous gemstones worn for bringing success, wealth, and heath. Moreover, this gem protects the wearer from all the difficult situations of life. The blue-greenish stone comes from Iran, Tibet, Chile, Southwest USA, and India.

Where To Buy These Stones From?

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