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Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes

Custom pillow boxes with the shape of traditional pillows are used in the packaging of various small and lightweight products, including, hair extensions, jewelry, candies, and much more. These custom pillow boxes are also used for gifting. If there is any special occasion coming pillow box with a window is best to impress your love once. These boxes have numerous other amazing benefits, that is why vendors and customers both love to have them. Some of its amazing benefits are listed below:

  • These are lightweight but highly secure
  • Printed pillow boxes are an easy way to attract the customers
  • Can be customized in any size
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Reusable 

Moreover, these boxes fulfill all marketing and product needs which is why various brands prefer to use these boxes. 

How you can design Eye-catching Pillow Boxes?

Pillow boxes are not used just for a single product. Various cosmetic, clothes, and jewelry brands use these boxes. Hence, they design them according to their need but there are various factors that need concentration to get ideal boxes. We will help you to design the captivated and durable custom pillow boxes. Just read this till the end it will be worth it for you.

Choose the Durable Material:

These boxes are used for light and small products that need extra protection for example if you are using them for edible, jewelry, or hair extension packaging then these boxes must be reliable and durable that can keep your delicate item safe and sound from any harm. There are plenty of options to customize these bath bomb boxes but you have to choose what suits your product.

Kraft pillow boxes wholesale is the most effective option for your business. it is also a cheap option to get the maximum benefit. Apart from this, you can also use cardboard, corrugated, and other related materials, and the facility of using these manufacturing materials is available at custom boxes zone. Not just these, at our platform you can get these pillow boxes with your desired thickness.

If you are not sure which material is best for your product, ask our experts to help you. Experts’ advice will keep you safe from big losses.

Moreover, one of the major reasons for using these eco-friendly boxes is that you can win the trust of environmentally-conscious customers easily and can win their trust. Your packaging quality matters a lot because customers usually associate it with the quality of your product.

Select the most suitable Colors to Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of the Box:

Do you think you can stand successfully just wrapping your items in simple brown boxes? If yes, then you are mistaken because you never grab the attention of customers by using boring boxes and your product will remain at the counter forever. Get printed pillow boxes with colors of your choice and make your boxes appealing Jiffyreader.

You can tell us what you want to print on the box to make your packaging different from all others so that people can easily recognize you in the crowd. We offer all the latest printing techniques including, offset, screen, digital, 2D/ 3D, etc. for this purpose. Choose any of them according to your need. 

The Size that Fits your Products:

Products are not of the same size. Hence, select the size that perfectly fits your product from large pillow boxes for packaging of hair extensions to small pillow boxes for the packaging of ties and candies all sizes are available on our platform. Tell the specifications of your product to our experts so that they can guide you about the size that you need. Our in-house trainers have experience of years and they know better what is best for you.

Select the Add-ons to add Value in Packaging:

As these pillow boxes are also used for gift purposes you can use various add-ons to add value and bring richness to your boxes, you can add a handle with ribbons of different colors that will make your boxes easy to handle and also provide allure to them.

Despite this, you can have special coatings including, gloss, matt, aqueous, and plastic lamination to provide a luxurious and smooth look to the boxes and make them secure from moisture, heat, dust, humidity, and other contaminants. Moreover, get scoring and perforation in the box and provide your customers an easy unboxing experience without hurting the whole packaging.

Why Custom Boxes Zone?

Custom boxes zone is a favorite of numerous brands due to its quality and low rates. We supply prime quality pillow boxes with all features of the clients’ desire without any shipping charges. 

Place order to get custom pillow boxes wholesale with huge discounts and get the benefit. We deliver a parcel with no delay and without hidden charges.

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