What Is the Best Age to Send Your Kid to Preschool?


A kid’s transition from home to school is significant and can take some time. Therefore, parents need to put a lot of thought and consideration to decide the right time to send their little munchkins to school. Now, when talking about the perfect age- many parents start to gather information about available CBSE Preschool near them, playschool fees, syllabus and more after their children hit the age of 3.

If, in the end, your child is not ready yet, then it is okay, every child has a different pace and there is no point in forcing anything on your child. As a parent, you are also required to understand that different preschools have different readiness requirements so, make sure you are checking everything before enrolling your little one. Moreover, if you are feeling lost or don’t know whether your child is ready for this big step, then asking the following questions can help you to decide what is the best age to send your kid to play school.

How old is your child?

The sole reason this question arises is that educators define play schools as a critical learning time before your kid is ready for the kindergarten. Some preschools have set a minimum age criterion for when they will accept kids- usually, kids have to be above the age of 3 (according to the academic year).

If your child has a late birthday then you can start late or enrol them in preschool for an extra year until they are eligible for the kindergarten. For instance, if you enrol your child in playschool at the age of 3, they can be fully prepare to attend the kindergarten when they reach 6 or you can start at 4 so they can finish at 6.

Sounds good? If yes, then don’t forget to conduct some queries on playschool fees before taking your final decision.

 Is your child trained to use the washroom?

Another question, you need to ask yourself is whether your kid is ready to look after himself without any major help. Some CBSE schools require their future students to be potty trained or have some knowledge of self-care like how to dress up, fasten their belts, as well as wash their hands and face.

Can you understand your child’s words?

Nobody expects your little one to have the perfect speech. However, your kid should be able to speak clearly enough to let people know what they want. In other words, he or she doesn’t have to say long lines, clear three to five words are enough to convey their needs to the teacher.

If you feel that your child has speaking or hearing issues then, consult with your paediatrician. They will be able to recommend some therapy specialists to help your child speak and hear better.

What are some key benefits of sending your child to preschool in the early years?

Even after ticking all the above questions right, it is very common for parents to have an unsettling feeling about sending their little one away. While your concerns are obvious, you cannot overlook some of the key benefits of starting playschool at an early age includes:

Learning about directions

Does your kid know how to follow directions? Well, it is a skill that your little one can master in his playschool. Enrolling your child in the preschool can help them to enhance their listening skill as well as give a great start to valued education.

Socialising is a great skill

One of the key benefits of sending your kid to playschool is socialisation. Making your child go out and interact with other kids is a valuable skill they will need throughout their entire life. The earlier you enrol your kid the more he can learn. Not to mention socialising is a significant skill that kids continuously improve upon.

Emotional development

Along with socialising, your kid will also develop emotionally. According to a recent survey, kids who go to playschool between the age of 4 to 6 learn to express themselves more maturely than other kids. The playschool will provide them with the environment to learn how to deal with their emotions and how to express them.

Basic motor skills for preschool

How did you learn to tie your shoes? What about holding the pencil? Or when you learn to button up your shirt? The basic motor skills are crucial if you ever want to be prepared for school or even school. With the help of a teacher, they can do all the basic chores in no time.

In the end, watching your kid grow and leave is difficult and yet at the same time an amazing thing to witness. So, make sure both you and your little one are ready to take their first step of this journey. Moreover, if you are searching for a reliable CBSE school that comes with all the facilities you are looking for then, look no further than Global Indian International School Noida. It is one of the top-ranking schools that are highly renown for providing the best education to children. For more information, visit the website.

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