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What is Photography Flyer, and how to make it right?


If you are a photographer, a photography flyer is probably the best tool you can use to promote your work. And if you have a little understanding of designing, creating a photography flyer will never be too difficult for you. It means that you do not have to be a professional to design your flyers independently.

The best thing about a photography flyer or photo flyer is that you can use it for any type of photography. Photo flyers can be crucial in marketing practices, wedding shoots, real estate listings, events, or any other service.

With a vast collection of photography flyer templates, can be your goto tool. All you need is to pick a suitable template and fit your photographs in it. Then, you can edit and customize the template as per the requirements of your business or brand. In addition, you can add your business signature, your logos, websites, social media accounts, and contact information. Adding a call to action is also a highly recommended part of a flyer. Let’s discuss some of the unavoidable constituents of a photography flyer that you have to keep in your next marketing campaign. 

Some basic requirements of a good flyer design:

  • Eye-catching – a design should be eye-catching enough for people to stop and take an interest in reading it.
  • Focus-Target – the flyer needs to focus on your target audience & speak directly to the audience you’re targeting.
  • Informative – your flyer design should inform your idea, and people should understand from the design what the flyer advertises and where they can find out more.
  • Convincing – the purpose of a flyer is to convince the audience to take and call to action, so a flyer should get people excited about your product, service, or event.

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Photography flyer

12 Things to keep in your flyer design

1) Use icons to show different services or products

You can see simple vector graphics everywhere today. They are a useful & handy tool for packing meaning into a small page. The reason is that they’re recognizable & straightforward, and you can use icons to reinforce (and sometimes even replace) text in your flyer design.

2) Use your brand colors

One easy way to recognize a brand is through brand colors. It will always help your branding across all digital or print platforms if you can carefully incorporate your brand colors into your flyer design.

You can use the brand color entirely or in contrast with the flyers.

3) Create an illustration using icons

Illustrations can make a flyer design feel more engaging & inviting. First, think of a design that illustrates what your business does. Then, arrange icons on your flyer to show your story.

4) Use different fonts to give your flyer design a variety

The choice of font can make or break your flyer design. Not only does it help in quickly reading your flyer, but it also plays an essential role in the appearance of your flyer. In general, you can use two or three font types that match each other. However, it is worth your attention that the use of too many fonts can make it distorted.

5) Use unique design elements in your flyer

If you want to stand out with your flyer, you have to use unique photography, shapes, and icons in the background. The purpose of flyer designs is to grab the attention of the viewers. So it makes sense to use as many design hacks as possible.

6) Use quirky design & bright colors that reflect the brand character

For many people, your flyer is their first introduction to your business. Here is your chance to appeal to your target audience by creating the best interaction possible. You have to incorporate your business personality into your flyer design. Focus on what color scheme reflects your brand? How is the logo represented? What design style are you applying?

7) Always have a call to action that allows you to track the ROI of your flyer.

To ensure the performance of a flyer, ROI tracking is mandatory. It tells you whether or not distributing a flyer is worth your time. To improve the returns on your investment, it is necessary to include a clear CTA (call-to-action). A flyer’s role is not only limited to informing people about your business, but it should also enable your customers to take the desired action. And the measurement of ROI can help you understand if your flyer design is performing well in the market or not.

8) Use of unique imagery in your flyer

An unusual but relevant image (whether a photo or an illustration) helps draw the viewers’ attention and encourages them to take a closer look at your flyer. Of course, you can always try putting a creative & unique spin on your product or blending it with other settings, objects, or people relevant to your business.

9) Use icons to highlight different plan options and pricing packages

Icons have multiple benefits in various contexts. You can use them to represent other options that your business offers. Simplicity is the key. You do not have to be complex but look for a simple icon that illustrates your purpose. You can also try to differentiate the options by using different colored backgrounds.

10) Make the text pop out from a busy background

A busy background on your flyer can hide the text that should be in front of everything. If you lose the text, the audience will never be able to understand the message clearly. If your flyer design is also complex and hindering the text message to pop out, then it’s an opportunity to introduce some functional design elements to your flyer.

You can try overlaying shapes over your background image and adjusting the transparency. That helps your text to pop without ignoring the background image.

11) Use brightly colored shapes & grab attention

There is a famous old saying – less is always more, except when it is not. It is true when we talk about the use of colors in a flyer. You should always use multiple bright colors to help break up information-heavy flyers so that they become easy to read. The popular idea is to use shapes to highlight testimonials, quotes, icons, or any other piece of valuable information about your business. Photography Flyer Templates will help you to get the best photography flyers.

12) Use of a QR code to encourage readers to take action

QR codes on a flyer are becoming popular in today’s world. You can use a QR code to encourage readers to learn more about your business. QR codes are beneficial in taking the call to action also. They are easy to work seamlessly into your flyer design. However, you have to include a short description in case the QR code doesn’t work.

Photography flyer

The final thought

Creating a photography flyer is no less than an art. It takes a good amount of research, creative ideas, and dedication to finalize the design that excites your customers and prompts them to take the necessary call to action. However, a high return on investment comes with great flyer designs. We at are helping thousands of businesses achieve their goals by spreading the word with a beautiful and efficient flyer design. And you can easily customize a design as per your needs from the list of market-friendly templates.

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