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What Is Difference Between Real And Faux Wood Venetian Blinds?

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The Venetian blinds in your living room, bedroom, home office, family room all look great, but how do you know which one is real wood and which is faux wood? They’re not the same! Real wood is made from a number of different natural materials including teak, cedar, mahogany and oak wood. Faux wood is made of materials like wood-fiber board, particle board, birch.

What is the difference between real wood venetian blinds and faux wood venetian blinds? Ultimately, it is largely aesthetic. The visible slats of real wood venetian blinds are assembled from vertical middle slats and horizontal roof slats, while faux wood venetian blinds have slat supports that are perpendicular to the slat assembly. 

Real wood venetian blinds are durable and long-lasting

Real wood venetian blinds not only offer beauty and style, but are also a great way to achieve privacy and keep the elements out. Faux wood venetian blinds create a similar effect with a less expensive option. Our collection of faux wood venetian blinds can help you create a more beautiful environment for your home or office.

For a classic Italian touch to your home, try the Real Wood Venetian Blinds. Handcrafted with 6-mm slats and pliable slats, these blinds are durable and long-lasting. The Venetian Blinds come in four different widths and several colors to complement most décor. For more information: Click here

The venetian blinds can add a dose of glamour to a room. But, in order to make them look like the real thing, you’ll need faux wood venetian blinds! Venetian blinds are increasingly popular, thanks to their versatility and generally attractive appearance. A venetian blind creates a sense of privacy in your home, a certain amount of warmth and a feel of natural decor.

 Faux Wood Venetian Blinds Are Environmentally 

Looking for a nice, new Venetian blind for your kitchen or living room? Want both real and faux wood? We’ve got you covered. The faux wood Venetian blinds are not just a beautiful addition to your home. They are also environmentally conscious. They are PVC-free and 100% recyclable. Real wood blinds? 

Beautiful Venetian Blinds are one of the latest trends in home decorating, and something that can be affordable, functional, and create a dramatic impact. Choose a faux wood Venetian blind to match your modern and transitional style.

With the likes of faux wood venetian blinds, it’s important to know the differences before you make a purchase. The first is the feel of blinds. The blinds have a rougher texture than real wood venetian blinds, which feel more rough and smooth to the touch. Second, the blinds don’t have the natural pattern of grain patterns.

Venetian Blinds are a popular choice in window coverings, but recently there have been a lot of questions and a lot of confusion about the differences between real and blinds.

Faux wood Venetian blinds Easy To Clean

Faux wood venetian blinds are created by coating wood-based materials in a vinyl material and painting them to look like wood venetian blinds. They can also be created by laminating cork into paper-based materials and then staining the paper. These blinds are extremely easy and inexpensive to create, but are often costlier to maintain.

Real wood blinds are premium and classy, while faux wood varieties are cheap, low quality and don’t look as real. However, what sets faux wood blinds apart from real wood is that they are more sustainable as they can be produced quicker and are easier to clean.

These wood blinds are perfect for vignettes, the bedroom or any bedroom. The brushed black wrought iron frame is available in a range of sizes from 82″ to 100″ and these blinds come in a range of colors and weaves for each size. These blinds provide a sense of luxury in any room of your home.

Real Wood Venetian Blinds Give Attractive Look To Your Home

Real Wood Venetian Blinds with a traditional elegance. Made from high-quality wood in a distinctive honey-gold color. Offer natural light from the width and depth of their profile. Offers an affordable, affordable and affordable alternative to expensive window treatments for any home.

Real Wood Venetian Blinds can install in minutes, on any window with mounting hardware, with nothing to drill in. A wide variety of colors and wood grains to choose from. The perfect solution for adding style and texture to your home decor.

Enhance your window with luxury, warmth and style with a Real Wood Venetian Blind by They offer a variety of styles from how to measure your window to how to install. Let the sun shine in and choose from a variety of colors with our 7-day real wood venetian blinds.


With perfection comes upgrades. These blinds are the perfect opportunity to modernize your home décor with faux and real wood venetian blinds. Brought to you by Real & Faux Wood. Construction: Wood Blinds are built from polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane plastics, these materials are non-toxic, mold-resistant and have an easier time with maintenance.

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