What are the Pros and Cons of JavaScript Frameworks?


Every business in the digital market is pulling out all the stops to attract as many audiences as possible. The highly competitive digital marketplace has made every business do whatever it takes to expand their audience by approaching them JavaScript Frameworks that makes them different from the crowd. Needless to say, gaining attention has become the mandatory goal that is making businesses go beyond the ways to increase the traffic in the long run.

Despite the cut-throat competition among the digital market, most businesses neglect the fact that increasing online traffic is not just enough to make the audience interested in the business. But sometimes, it takes more than just this. Sometimes all that matters is to retain and engage customers which is more important than anything else. 

All digital businesses should aim around engaging a maximum number of users, which is not possible without interactive business websites. An interactive website will make the users spend more time on the website which will ultimately affect their engagement. Above all, an interactive website will offer a better and streamlined experience to users that will encourage them to come to the website more often. 

A good idea involves beginning with the programming languages

When it comes to making the website interactive, there comes tons of ways from images to videos, animations, and other website features that play an indispensable role in offering an engaging and meaningful experience to users. But in addition to implementing the different features on the website to make it interactive, the programming languages do not lag behind when it comes to web development. Hiring a web developer whose fair knowledge of different coding languages will ensure a high-quality and interactive web solution that will not just make the website more user-friendly but also maximize the online visibility and increase the ROI. 

Depending on the different languages to develop a website, scores of scripting languages may use among. So, javascript may get popularity tremendous popularity due to its striking features. This text-based programming language may use both for server-side scripting and client-side interface to develop standardized and interactive web applications. 

Javascript library and Javascript framework: what makes them different?

Out of all the languages used to create web applications, javascript is among the most popular and robust choices for the library and framework. Although the javascript libraries and javascript frameworks may use interchangeably, the fact is that both these terms are the names for two different things. 

Javascript libraries contain functions that an application can use to perform a specific task while on the other hand javascript frameworks contain pre-written code that provides a template for carrying out the different programming tasks. A javascript framework provides a complete template for web applications development and results in greater and faster efficiency. Some popular javascript frameworks include React, AngularJS, Node.js, Ember.js, and Vue.js. 

Pro’s and Con’s of varying javascript frameworks

As each of the different javascript frameworks may use for shaping and organizing the website or website applications, each of the different javascript frameworks has its own benefits and drawbacks that make them different from each other. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the most popular javascript frameworks. It may use for creating web applications and websites. 


AngularJS is a popular open-source javascript framework that is maintained by Google and may remain best for the development of applications. 


  1. AngularJS is an open-source framework that is available to everyone. 
  2. Allows easy customization such as addition and deletion of the features as per the requirements.
  3. As it may support by Google, it is regularly updated. 


  1. This framework is entirely dependent on JavaScript and is not supported everywhere. 
  2. So, This framework may consider less secure due to no authentication and authorization.
  3. This framework is highly complex and vast which makes it difficult to carry out a particular task.


React is among the best javascript frameworks that are developed by Facebook which may use to create interactive UIs. 


  1. This framework has a virtual Document Object Model that enhances its efficiency and performance. 
  2. Best javascript framework used for creating SEO-based web applications. 
  3. It is highly flexible and easier to maintain. 


  1. React framework has poor documentation. 
  2. This framework has a low development speed. 


Vue.Js is an top framework of javascript that may use to create single-page applications and user interfaces.  


  1. Along with web interfaces, it may use for the development of both mobile and desktop applications. 
  2. This framework is more reactive than the other frameworks. 
  3. This framework can integrate with other frameworks and libraries. 


  1. Not compatible with large-scale projects. 
  2. Contains fewer plugins as compared to other frameworks. 
  3. Excessive flexibility leads to more errors. 

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