What Are the Best Outdoor Tile Options for a Deck or Patio

What Are the Best Outdoor Tile Options for a Deck or Patio?

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Outdoor tiles are perfect for outdoor living areas such as walkways, terraces, outdoor decks, and patios. Considering outdoor tiles are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and are considered to be much more suitable, stable, and permanent than pavers. 

The tanzanite outdoor tiles are available in multiple colors, finishes, designs, and patterns. Mostly, all outdoor tiles are stylish and are built to last the harsh outdoor environments. 

Tanzite Stonedecks invites you to learn a bit more about some of the common and the best outdoor tile options, helping you select the best surfacing material for your walkways, patios, and decks. 

Outdoor Tiles

We will list down all available best outdoor tile options one by one and discuss the practicality and advantages of all.  

Natural Stone Outdoor Tiles

Natural stone outdoor tiles are by far the best option for the best outdoor tile options. Tanzanite outdoor tiles are made from natural stones with the same process that diamonds are formed in nature – making these tiles incredibly resilient to outdoor factors. 

The tanzanite outdoor tiles will not fade, crack, or lose their color, shape, design, or structural integrity, even while being exposed to the light, water, heat, or cold for long periods. These tiles have non-slip qualities; even with water, the tiles are non-slippery, and also, these tiles do not react with the snow salt or chemicals used in the cold, snowy areas. Essentially making these tiles the best option for any outdoor project. 

The natural stone outdoor tiles are scratchless and stainproof, so you won’t have to worry about your pets leaving paw scratches or heavy furniture and BBQ grills damaging the surface of the tiles. These tiles also do not require constant or massive maintenance and will look good as new even after 20 years of constant use, and will always offer you a head-turning experience, making your home an envy of the neighborhood. 

Granite Outdoor Tiles 

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, so naturally, these tiles are durable and somewhat resistant to the elements. It is one of the best outdoor tile options if you want a natural stone finish. The granite stone tiles are favorable for areas where the weather shifts significantly from season to season. 

Marble Outdoor Tiles

While still a good option, the marble is naturally porous and less hard, so it needs sealing to help it withstand the foot traffic and the weather. If you plan to have a BBQ grill or food parties on the deck, patio or terrace, it is best not to use marble then – as the material is porous and will lose its pristine look immediately. 

Homeowners still prefer marble indoors owing to its sophisticated veined look and availability in multiple colors. 


While slate is slightly softer than granite or marble, it is still good enough to enliven any deck or patio flooring. Unlike other natural stone tiles, no two slate tiles are ever identical. The slate tiles come in varying colors and textures – so using slate tiles can offer your deck a boosted visual interest. 


Limestone material is much softer and more porous than any other natural stone alternative. These tiles need a sealant to protect them from stains and weather damage. The limestone has also been shown to wear out easily, so they are not ideal for high-traffic areas. 

The limestone tiles are also prone to cracks in colder climates. The stone offers a distinctive pit texture that some people can’t resist. Limestone is a pale stone coming mostly in while and hues of brown. Additionally, the polished limestone can get slippery while wet making it more unsuitable for outdoor installations. 

Travertine Outdoor Tiles

Travertine is another type of limestone, mostly made up of calcite. Its composition and texture are similar to regular limestone, however, being much softer and brittle. The travertine tiles are pitted and porous like the limestone; they also need good sealing before being used outdoors. These tiles are not the best options for outdoor settings as even with the proper maintenance and treatment; they are prone to cracking in colder climates. Additionally, these are relatively soft; their cracks will show faster than other materials. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have more applications than only being laid down in the bathrooms. Search for porcelain tiles made for outdoor use; some of these tiles are good for outdoor applications, such as on lower footfall decks or patios. 

Wood and Composite Outdoor Tiles

Wooden tiles are another option for deck and patios. Made from the hardwoods to make them relatively tougher to survive the outdoors, traffic, and the other elements. IPE and Bangkirai are two options that are readily available today. The IPE outdoor tiles come with an attractive natural grain. However, there is a downside to all wood tiles. 

The wooden outdoor tiles are susceptible to insect invasions and are not relatively fire-resistant, keeping homeowners constantly on their toes. While being the traditional favorite for decades, the wooden deck and outdoor tiles have lost their charm and practicality in competition with the natural stone outdoor tiles – which offer ultra-modern trendy look, low-maintenance, easy cleaning, and close to none repairs. The natural stone outdoor decks will look new even after 20 years of heavy and constant use – something that all other tile options lack. 

Order a Sample 

Tanzite outdoor tiles can vividly make an impact on any outdoor area. These tiles are usually set and forget kind of material, which doesn’t require constant care, polishing, re-staining, and will always be your sturdy partner for all those late-night outdoor cookouts. 

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