What Are the Benefits of Guest Blogging in 2022?

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What is Guest Blogging?

It means writing blog posts on other websites to promote your main website indirectly. We do it by writing the same niche’s content and including a hyperlink of the website we are promoting. It is a common seo practice in the marketing world. The search engine algorithm supports those blog posts with many relevant backlinks. It also penalizes those blog posts that contain unnecessary and lots of backlinks. If you are familiar with keyword stuffing, it’s similar to that. You don’t need to overdo it to get a penalty. This blog post will tell you how to do guest blogging site and whether it is still effective in 2022 or if we should stop doing it. Let’s hop into it.

How to do Guest Blogging?

Step 1: Getting Websites for Guest Blogging

To make guest blogging easy, we suggest you hire an SEO expert to research keywords related to your content. Then you can plan your blog post topics according to the keywords and post at least one blog post daily. It’s better to post 2-3 articles, but it depends on the person. Post the articles on different websites you are using for guest blogging. Don’t keep them limited to only one website. However, this will cost you more money as you host a few websites for the main website you want to promote. Make sure all the websites’ articles’ topics and content match.

Step 2: Contacting Websites

If you don’t want to create multiple websites for guest blogging, you can look for websites that allow guest posting. Again, you would need to find a website related to your niche. Search for several websites and pitch to them to see if they allow guest posting. Not that established websites with high domain authority don’t let you post your content on it, or they might charge you for it. And they are only beneficial for your main website. Other websites like you, which are startups, provide little to no benefit if you link with them.

According to experts, you only need to search for high-domain websites to link with them. But if your content is good and you have an extensive portfolio, they can consider working with you. They only want to associate valuable content with them. If you have both, you can pitch to them professionally. Here, we recommend hiring a copywriter. Ask him to write a letter to a website asking them if they would like to work with you and allow you to post guest blog posts on their website. Include your best article writing piece in the pitch at least 1000 words long. If you have good convincing and writing skills, you can do it yourself too.

You might feel as if you are applying for jobs and getting rejected, unanswered, but you need to improve each time and give your best shot whenever you pitch to a website owner. You can also become a contributor on websites like Forbes and Reader’s Digest by writing on them as a guest blogger. However, it would not be a piece of cake to get yourself considered by these websites.

Step 3: Maintain Good Relations with Websites

To maintain good relations with other bloggers, you can start by posting honest and quality comments under their articles. It will also help you consider them to work with you. Business Experts suggest pitching to your favorite bloggers. It’s hard to proofread a document several times, but you have to do it before pitching a website. Otherwise, you have a chance of getting rejected. Established websites would not want to work with someone who makes mistakes and then don’t bother to proofread them to correct them. It gives off an awful impression. You can also do guest blogging on websites that are high quality that allow several category postings. For example, the website builder Wix.com has a blog that allows guest posts of different categories. It also has a very high DA.

Step 4: Be Consistent

You need to be consistent in the guest blogging. It’s not beneficial if you post 2-3 guest blogs and then sit to see if you are getting any more traffic than you were receiving before. If you want an expert to do this job for you, you can hire a content writer from any affordable guest blog writing service.

Final Word

Guest posting is still relevant and effective. Most jobs in the freelance marketplace are about writing guest posts for websites. Businesses like Real Estate, Digital Marketing agencies use guest posting to elevate their marketing. We have discussed above that you don’t need to overdo hyperlinking in your blog posts to avoid penalties with the search engine. When you write the article ‘Best WordPress Plugins for your website in 2022’, you can hyperlink the web design providing the website into it.

Guest blogging works best when the website you promote also has a blog section to publish blog posts. However, their content and your content’s topics should be different; as we discussed while giving the WordPress plugins blog post example, you don’t need to publish this article on both the main website and the one made for guest blogging. Moreover, to make the guest blogging work, make your content seo optimized. Otherwise, it won’t benefit you as your content wouldn’t appear in the search engines.

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