What Are The 7 Best Cartridge For Long Range Hunting

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7 Best cartridges For Long Range Hunting You Should Know

Choosing the best cartridge for long-range hunting is dependent upon preference. But something versatile is important. Many hunters tackle multiple species in a single visit. So precise, powerful and reliable cartridges for long-range hunting is prefered. These cartridges are safe and designed for hunters of all abilities. If you’re an experienced hunter and you’ve the best shooting gun, high-quality cartridges are needed like 5.7X28 ammo.

Here’s the list of the 7 best cartridges for long-range hunting you should know about it.

List Of 7 Best Cartridges For Long Range Hunting

1- .300 Winchester Magnum

Plenty of hunters considers this one of the best cartridges for long-range hunting. It has lower recoil than .30 calibre cartridges. But the recoil can be intense for a new hunter. If you’ll be hunting, ensure that you can do a full day with this calibre without sacrificing your shoulder.

The .300 Winchester Magnum remained supersonic over the past 1,650 yards even with heavy bullets. It comes in a variety of weights. So there is a bullet option for long-range hunting. The speed and accuracy have made this calibre a favourite of military snipers. The ballistic coefficient is intended for long-range.

2- 6.5 Creedmoor

6.5 Creedmoor is a small bullet with a high ballistics coefficient. It means that they have a higher impact on the target and a lower impact on your shoulder. They are long, slim bullets that remain supersonic to 1,400 yards. Due to its bullet size, they’ll not tear up your barrel like a magnum cartridge. They are less sensitive to wind. This cartridge has less drop and drift than many cartridges.

It was designed for precision target hunting, seeking a lot of attention, and increasing its popularity among the hunters.

3- 26 Nosler

There are many 6.5mm bullets that will give you high ballistics, fast speed, flat shooting and light recoil, everything you want for long-range hunting. .26 Nosler is also sharp among its 6.5 families. It works in both long-range and short range and is supersonic while remaining a remarkably flat shot at an incredible 1,750 yards.

Recently, this cartridge was developed from Nosler and was designed to fit in a .30-.60 Springfield rifle.

4- 6.5 PRC

This cartridge is a response to the initially sensational .264 Winchester Magnum. The .264 Winchester Magnum was highly popular with hunters who wanted to shoot long distances but did not like it due to the burning of the barrel. This calibre almost reaches the excellent ballistics coefficient of its predecessor, but with technological advances that help the barrel last longer.

It is now considered the best calibre in the .264 class. This calibre has a flat trajectory with a decent recoil both are important for hunting at long range. This calibre is designed for 14-150 grain bullets and the types of precision that are used for competition hunting. It is harder to find, but if you stock up, this will stay supersonic past 1,600 yards.

5- 7mm Remington Magnum

If you want a calibre with plenty of options for weights and styles, this is one of the best calibres for you. The 7mm Remington Magnum will give you cheap and accessible ammunition as well as numerous options in rifle and ammunition. It also works with smaller, lighter rifles, which may be a priority if you’re backcountry hunting. This calibre has lighter recoil but a comparable ballistic coefficient to the .300 Winchester Magnum. It will not tear up your barrel as quickly as other magnums do.

6- 28 Nosler

The .28 Nosler is the heavier version of the .26 Nosler. Also, it stays supersonic past 1,750 yards.  But in order to power a heavier bullet at this range. It comes with a significant recoil. It also requires a longer barrel than 7mm Rem Mag which can lead to more felt recoil and of course more gun to weird.

Its goal was to improve on the 7mm Rem Mag without creating a full magnum length cartridge. It has a good flat trajectory with 5 inches of drop at 400 yards. It will also give a high ballistic coefficient as well.

 7- .308 Winchester

.308 Winchester has low recoil, and remains supersonic at a range of about 1,200 yards. It has less ballistics than the other one, but it has proven itself over and over again. It has been the favourite cartridge of hunters for many years and has been one of the most successful military cartridges since its development in the 1950s, and is built with high-quality components. The.308 Winchester is a highly accurate round. This calibre has been used for hunting from dogs to elephants.

To conclude, we have mentioned the 7 best cartridges for long-range hunting you should know. These cartridges have a great ballistic coefficient.

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