Some Precautions For Dry Vape Hits

Vaping Habits: Some Precautions For Dry Vape Hits

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In the dry vape hits, the wicking material is mostly cotton and has to be saturated with the e-juice before vaping. If this is not done then the result will be a dry vape hit of vape products. A dry hit can be caused due to an empty tank or a burnt coil, a coil that runs at too high wattage burns the vape juice very fast and that results in burning the coil itself. The result would be a mouthful of unpleasant and irritating hot air coming from an overheating coil or to the worst, your mouth can also get filled with smoke that can be caused by the residue and roasting of the junk on the coil.

Fixing Dry Vape Hits

The best solution for dry vape hits is to keep the coil moist every time. For this, you just want to make sure that your vape coil and e-juice are enough and your vaping habits are on point. Here are some ways to fix the dry hits of vaping. When it comes to e cigarette kit UAE and devices it should be updated promptly.

  • Make sure that your coil and wick are completely saturated with the vape juice
  • Avoid your frequent vaping habit
  • Unhurried vaping session
  • Update your e-cigarette kit UAE and devices
  • Adjust the PG/VG ratio of e-juice
  • Keep wick saturated

To start, saturate the coil and wick this will reduce the possibility of a dry hit. An unsaturated coil causes more of a dry hit while vaping. Wait a while after adding the e-liquid. Make sure that your coils are of high quality and go well with other devices. It would be better to cycle the coils if you experience a dry hit. Also, replace a top coil device with a bottom coil this will be great as the coil would stay saturated every time.

Avoid Frequent Vaping Habits

If you are a chain vaper or you vape at high power for bigger clouds; how we vape has to do a lot to the frequency of dry vape hits. Chain vaping, overdoing, power one, and high voltage vaping lead to dry hits. Frequent vaping can cause the coil to dry out and become overheated this causes a dry hit. If you experience dry hits more often, then you need to change your smoking habit.

We must keep an eye on the amount and time of vaping. If the user cannot change the frequency of his vape, he should try a lower strength e-liquid. Also, you should make sure that you have a calm and peaceful vaping session.

Unhurried Vaping Session

A chain smoker needs a lot of nicotine. The more they smoke, the more their brain wants another kick. And thus, smoking is always related to a short and sharp session of nicotine. Thus, if you have switched to vaping recently, there are great chances for dry hits.

But what you should know is that vaping is different. Different people have different vaping habits. But it is advisable to do vaping with a gentler and longer session. While switching the vape pod off for a while and giving it rest helps to reset and vapers take a ‘primer puff while drawing the liquid without switching on the battery and keeping the coil moist.

Update Your Vape Kits And Devices

If you are getting a lot of dry hits after all these precautions, it is high time to change your vape device. A collection of authentic and durable products that are available on the market should be given a chance.

Most of the devices that are available in the market can be adjusted to change the temperature and voltage this could be systematic in nullifying dry hits. Change the vape juice this would help to an extent. It is ideal to invest in a vape pen or mod box having more control over temperature and voltage. 

Change the vape flavors as this is also a solution for dry vape hit and this will change the way you vape. Control the nicotine intake by choosing nic free vapes as this offers enjoyment, flavor, and relaxation. Check the JUUL vape price also.

Adjust The PG/VG Ratio Of Your E-Juice

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are the main ingredients in the e-liquid. VG is thicker than PG. It has a smoother hit and creates more clouds, while others have lesser clouds and a high flavor-packed hit.

VG is thick and takes longer for the coil to become saturated and this causes a dry hit. So if there is a dry hit problem with a high VG vape, it is good to choose a PG.

Hopefully, all these precautions would help to prevent a dry vape hit and this would help you escape from an unpleasant smoked mouth and throat. Take a break as this is always a recommendable choice for both you and vape. Also, please ensure to take a primer puff this would keep the coil moist. Ensure these precautions, and you can achieve healthy vaping sessions.


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