Using technology to improve teaching and learning

Using technology to improve teaching and learning


As technology improves with time, it is leading digital transformation and globalization. Teachers can now assist their students in gaining the important skills to achieve success in the future. The question is that how important is technology in learning? The pandemic presents the answer worldwide as learning and teaching are turning towards online education. By incorporating tech into the syllabus today instead of utilizing it, especially as a crisis-management utensil, tutors can exploit online education as a powerful learning tool. Productive use of the digital educational tools in the classroom can also grow students’ engagement; it will help the tutors enhance their lesson structures and provide them with customized learning.

Robots, video, Augmented Reality (AR), virtual classrooms and additional digital tools, cannot only make the classroom energetic but also form a more wide-ranging environment for education that fosters curiosity and teamwork; it allows teachers to gather data of a student’s performance also. Please keep reading to know the detailed benefits of using technology in education, how it is used and what tools are great for use in education.


Benefits of technology in learning

The teachers are willing to enhance students’ performance, and they believe that technology can help them accomplish this goal. So to alleviate the challenges, administrators are responsible for assisting the teachers in obtaining the competencies required to improve learning for learners with technology. Moreover, technology in the classroom should simplify teachers’ responsibilities without any effort. Technology is so easy and accessible that students can benefit from it if they start using and exploring it. It lets them fulfil their curiosity on different subjects and clear their concepts in the classroom very easily. It also lets them achieve the twenty-first-century technical abilities vital for future professions. But it is even better if there is guidance or direction for the students which their teachers can give them, and it is stated in many pieces of research as well.


It is the responsibility of administrators and leaders to obtain stock of wherever their proficiencies are in expressions of their knowledge of accessible spaces, as they have gained knowledge of many lessons in these difficult times. They can work and bring solutions today for the future and make it better. It involves giving a specific time to the tutors to think about how they can teach students in a new way today. So in these times, flexibility is very important for the educational systems which are available through technology use; here are the advantages that technology brings in the field of education:


More communication and collaboration

Technology in education can promote collaboration and communication. Teachers can communicate and collaborate with teachers, but students can also do with teachers and their classmates. They can communicate and collaborate through educational games, and online lessons and all the students can solve a problem together. In the collaborative learning and activities, the students can share their ideas and thoughts on a particular lesson or concept also help each other. Meanwhile, technology can also help in one-on-one communication among students and teachers. Whether students or teachers are at home or somewhere else, they can communicate and discuss homework or something unclear in the lessons.


Tailored learning chances

Technology is available 24/7, and it is the biggest ease we have today. It is a benefit that is very useful in education because we can study anywhere and at any time. We have an online assignment writing service available for students’ help at any time. So teachers can conduct classes through any device and from anywhere. Today students are joining classes from other countries because of the facility of technology. Moreover, students can learn at their speed through recorded lessons, and teachers can focus on each student very easily then support them according to their understanding.


Engaging content drives curiosity.

Engaging educational content can help teachers spark and boost curiosity in their students. Research finds out that such content leads to academic achievements. Curiosity builds interest in learning for the students, and because of it, students learn better and remember their lessons longer. Teachers can make engaging lessons with the help of technology tools.


Enhances efficiency and productivity of teachers

Technology gives the power in the teacher’s hand to obtain new levels of efficiencies and productivity. They can use the digital tools to increase the educational opportunities for their students and grow their engagement plus support. Teachers can enhance their teaching methods effectively and tailor the lessons to make them interesting for learners.


Digital tools to enrich education

Many educational systems are not familiar with some of the most useful tools technology offers for learning. If they explore, there are so many things that technology has got for making learning better. So if you are willing to incorporate technology in the classroom, then you have to learn about some amazing tools that help make learning better:

  • The online collaboration tools are amazing for collaborative learning. Google Apps enable the students and teachers to share, edit and create them in no time and make them available on-screen. It lets us include videos, pictures, and texts to share ideas and documents to understand the lessons better.
  • The presentation software, which is PowerPoint, helps the teachers make lessons with videos, images, diagrams, and sound files to learn effectively and open it later to revise.
  • Tablets are amazing tech tools to connect with any other device and study from it. Students and teachers can use it for multiple educational purposes.
  • Course management tools are available online, like Canvas which helps teachers manage all classroom resources like assignments, online quizzes, reading materials etc.
  • We already know about smartphones and clickers, which are easy and quick to learn. It is very helpful while polling in the classroom and adjusting the content and speed.

The lecture-capture tool like Panopto lets the teachers record their lectures through their laptops or computers without any extra effort or tools. They can easily record lessons and upload them to watch them again and again; then, if they have questions, they can easily communicate with teachers online.

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