Useful Tips To Maintain The Security Of WordPress Website

Useful Tips To Maintain The Security Of WordPress Website


Generally speaking, WordPress is a sort of software for web publishing, that can be used to create a website or a blog of one’s own. This software was initiated in the year 2003, it has gained immense popularity among publishers. Using WordPress provides the user with an opportunity to create and manage a proper website simply by using the user browser, avoiding the hassle of learning to code. The software of the WordPress website is quite similar to using Microsoft Word.

Tips And Tricks To Secure WordPress Website

There are quite many ways how to secure WordPress Website. These tips and tricks might prove to be fruitful in order to get a secured and protected website.

  • Block The Hotlinking

Hotlinking is essentially the process through which another individual tries to take a user’s identity and attempt to steal their server bandwidth to make it visible to their own website. As a consequence, the actual user would face a comparatively slower speed while loading and an increased server cost. Therefore, it becomes explicit for the user to block all sorts of hotlinking.

There are diverse techniques through which this blocking process could be done. The most convenient way is to get a security plugin for WordPress. As per many website designing company India recommendations, Firewall or WP Security are regarded best WordPress security plugins, that are well-suited to reduce the chances of hotlinking.

  • Secured And Reliable Host

When considering the hosts for installing WordPress, one should always look for secured hosts. One should always work with trustworthy and safe hosting companies. It is a known thing that all the hosting companies think of themselves as quite excellent when it comes to hosting offers. But the scenario is quite different. Surveys are evident to the fact that different people have experienced differences in quality, security, overall setups, reliability, etc.
Few hosts do not perform well under stress and frequently do not take the user’s website seriously. This often leads to an increase in malware, hacker attacks, reduced efficacy of the website, and several other issues. If a user feels that the host is not providing security up to the mark, he should immediately look for a reliable one to get complete security for his website.
  • Securing The WordPress Configuration File

The WordPress configuration file is essential for the WordPress installation process. One of the ways how to make a secured website is by maintaining the security of the core of the WordPress blog.

This step makes the hacking process quite difficult for the hackers to enter into other domains. In addition to this, the entire process of securing the configuration is quite easy for the users. One needs to simply move it to another higher level than the actual directory.

  • Allowing Directory Permissions Cautiously

While working in a shared hosting environment, allowing wrong directory permissions could be problematic. Changing the settings of the directory and file permissions could be a safer option in order to have a secured website. A person might change the directory permission settings to 755 or 655 in order to protect the entire file system, which includes individual files, directories, as well as sub-directories.

  • Rename The Login URL

When discussing how to make the website secure, changing the name of a user’s login URL is an efficient method. It is clear that when the hackers are aware of the login URL name, they might attempt to break into the website. Often, they make their way into the website is via GWD or Guess Work Database. They keep guessing the username and the passwords until a perfect one clicks in.

To avoid such scenarios, the user should alter the username, as well as their URL login to get proper protection from the vindictive hackers. By doing this, only the person who is well-aware of the exact URL name can log in to the web page.

It is one of the simplest ways to alter the URL login is to a good security plugin, that would facilitate the changes in the new URL login page and efficiently save the necessary changes.

  • Banning Users And Website Lockdown

Another efficient as per Weblinkindia, way to secure the WordPress website is to protect the login page, thereby reducing the chances of attacks by brute forces. The feature of locking down a website might be helpful in resolving the issue of constant malicious attempts by brute forces. Whenever a hacker tries a hacking attempt with constant wrong passwords, the website automatically gets locked. The actual owner of the website gets notified about the malicious and unauthorized activity.

  • WordPress Security Via Two Factor Authentication

By implementing two-factor authentication on a user’s login page, the security of the website gets robust. In this scenario, the user provides login credentials for two separate components. It is the owner of the website who gets to decide the two components.

Frequently, users have to face a secretive question, code, or a set of characters after providing the password. Most commonly, the Google Assistant App is used to get the secret code. Though this way only the actual user would be able to log in to his website.

  • Email For Logging in

Commonly a user has to enter his username to enter into his website. It is generally advisable to use an email id rather than the username, to maintain the security of the website. The reason to use email id rather than username is that the usernames are quite simple to predict. In addition to this, the user account for WordPress is initiated with quite a unique and different email address. This makes it way more authentic for the user to log in.

Why Use WordPress Security Plugins?

WordPress security plugins are well-known to protect the WordPress site from malicious attacks, hackers, and malware. These WordPress security plugins aid the hardening of WordPress websites to protect them from hackers.

Among the diverse range of WordPress security plugins, there are quite a few such as Sucuri, Wordfence, iThemes Security are among the best security plugins for WordPress.

Get A Quick Overview On WordPress

For WordPress, one needs to choose from the diverse range of companies known for hosting WordPress. These companies often help in pre-installing the software for the new users. In addition to this, the hosts are responsible for monitoring the WordPress site constantly for the users, thus enabling them to create content for the target audience.

One advantage is that the users can download the software themselves and install it on their web server.

Ways to Secure the Website.

It becomes extremely necessary on the part of the user to protect his website. If the website is not secure, then all the required data and information of the customers might be at the disposal of hackers and bugs.

Getting a Secured Socket Layer certificate is one of the important things which a website user should get to make his website secure. Using anti-malware software for scanning and preventing hostile attacks is another way to protect the website. The users should always keep their websites updated to keep them secure.


Moreover, quite a number of the security plugins for the WordPress processors set up the login pages in such a manner that the users need their email id to get into their website. In considering the efficient ways how to protect the website from hackers, this way is quite simple for the users.

By following the above-mentioned WordPress Security tips, the users of the website can maintain the security of their sites and concentrate completely to create new content for their audience.

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