Turkish Airlines Increases Daily Basis Flights From Dubai To Istanbul


Many people from Dubai want to book Turkish Airlines cheap flights to Istanbul but it wasn’t possible up until now. Find out more here.

Turkish Airlines is one of the most popular airline carriers in the whole world. Because of its amazing services and great quality customer support. The best thing about this international airline carrier is that it offers very cheap flights. But in the last year, the airline had to restrict its flights to many of the renowned destinations. For example, people were not able to book Turkish airlines cheap flights to Dubai. But the airline started its operation again in Dubai and because of the increasing demand now. Turkish Airlines has decided to increase its daily quota of flights from Dubai to Istanbul.

Not only people do want to travel to release the stress that the global pandemic has caused but they also want to resume their daily lives and business. That’s why they need to travel across the borders and resultantly the airline is increasing its daily flight number. Find out more about this news regarding Turkish airlines in this article.

The Number of Daily Turkish Airline Flights is increasing

The demands of the flights especially in the summer season always increase dramatically. That’s why Turkish Airlines is expanding its operation and offering more flights to Dubai to its customers. Currently, only one aircraft fly from Istanbul to Dubai and back from Dubai to Istanbul.

But now the officials from the national flagship carrier of Turkey have announced that they are tripling this quantity. It means that now everyday three different flights will operate between this busy route. It’s also important to bear in mind that this new operation will start on 17th June 2021.

Now you can plan for this trip as soon as possible because there is not much time left behind. If you want to travel with your family for enjoyment or you want to travel for the sake of your business, you can book Turkish Airlines cheap flights.

Details of the Flights from Istanbul to Dubai

The reason why we recommend you book your flights as early as possible is that the airline will offer a considerable amount of discount. You can avail of it easily if you book your flight before 18th June 2021. The fare that is announced officially from the airline is only 435 US dollars for the economy class. Moreover, the officials have also announced that it will be valid if you purchase your flights for this route during the campaign, and the last date is 29th February 2022.

Bear in mind that if you’re already vaccinated and live in the United Arab Emirates then you won’t be required to provide the negative results of your PCR tests. Moreover, you’ll need to provide proof of your vaccination to the airline.


Turkish Airlines has now made it easier for its customers to book flights to Dubai and if you need to travel on this route then consider booking your flights now.

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