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Top Three (3) Most Favorite Baby Toys in United Kingdom

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You can give your baby toys that ‘do’ more now that they can grasp and hold things and bash them together. Baby toys that spin, rattle, light up, or create a sound when touched, pressed, or pushed will appeal to your child in particular.

They’ll also appreciate toys that respond to touch by tipping over, tumbling down, clenching, pouring water, or speeding around on wheels. As your child approaches their first birthday, they’ll begin to acquire cause-and-effect thinking skills, and toys that explain how one thing leads to another in a straightforward and entertaining manner are ideal for fostering this type of brain growth.

Texture is still crucial in sensory play: toys with fascinating surfaces to examine with the fingers or tongue are fantastic and enriching options. To enjoy any of the deal, use Poundtoy Voucher Code.

Best Baby Toys in United Kingdom

At a glance, the best baby toys for children aged 6 to 12 months

  • Great item for sensory stimulation and fine motor skill development: Savannah Discovery Cube by Taf Toys, £14.99
  • For wobbly knock-down fun, this toy is ideal: £25.99 Tobbles Neo
  • Great toy for learning cause and effect and sensory play: £17.99, Soft Clemmy Touch Slide & Play Sensitive Train
  • Toy that is great for cuddling and comfort: £14.99 Ragtales Baby Plush Toy Rattle
  • Toy that promotes hand-eye coordination: Explore & More with Skip Hop £23.99 Follow Bee Crawl Toy
  • Edushape Textured Pop Blocks, £12.99, are a great toy for fine finger control.
  • Green Toy’s Tugboat, £11.99, is a great toy for bath time causation play.
  • Great dexterity toy with light and sound effects: £25.99 VTech Turn and Learn Cube
  • Great early problem-solving toy: £9.99 for Tomy Hide N Squeak Eggs
  • Baby toys that promotes fine motor skills: Rock-a-Stack by Fisher-Price, £10
  • Tikiri Rattle and Bath Toys, £10.99 each, are a great item for soothing and comfort.
  • Taf Toys Mini Moon Activity Centre, £16.99, is a great toy for all-around fun.

Three Best Toys for your Babies

The finest baby toys for 6 to 12 months, according to babies and their parents, are listed below.

  • Taf Toys Savannah Discovery Cube, £14.99

Taf Toys can be used from birth. Batteries aren’t the requirement for this baby toy.

What it really is:

A multisensory soft cube with such a fabric handle that comes in a range of colors, textures, prints and patterns, as well as animal faces. A prism, a rattle, a teether, a peekaboo leaf, and silicone rings are all attached to the cube. When you shake the cube, it jingles. It includes a clip for attaching it to a stroller or car seat.

Why we like it:

The colors are vibrant and lively – but not garish – and our little testers had a blast exploring and discovering the many components on the sides. The padded handle (not visible in our photo) is great for grasping and waving the entire cube around, and we love the lion with his enormous orange textured mane. “Alice took to this toy right away,” Natalie, the mother of our 7-month-old baby tester. 

  • Tobbles Neo, £25.99

Tobble Neo Toys can be used from six months. Batteries aren’t the requirement for this toy.

What it is:

A collection of six brilliantly colored, hefty, broken-egg-shaped pieces of various sizes that wobble, spin, and nest inside one another. A stacking foundation is included. Only clean with a damp cloth.

Why we like it:

The bottom half of each piece has a squishy, rubbery texture that makes them ‘grippy’ and provides a wonderful sensory counterpoint to the smoother top half. Our baby testers enjoyed seeing the spinning forms and knocking down a stack constructed by their parents; some even tried their hand at stacking – the pieces would (sort of) build in the wrong order, too.

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  • Sensory Train, Soft Touch, £17.99

Sensory Train can be used from six months to more. Batteries aren’t the requirement for this baby toy.

What it really is:

A soft train set with working wheels, consisting of a locomotive and three connecting waggons, as well as eight colored blocks that fit inside them. To 70°C, all parts are dishwasher safe.

Why we like it:

It’s nice to see a train set designed for babies that can be squeezed, banged, and eaten! It piqued the interest of all of our baby testers, and we enjoy how light and easy the small blocks are to stack. “The whole set feels amazing – it has a really tactile, squishy, rubbery feeling,” commented Christy, mother of 11-month-old Bran, one of our child testers. “I have faith in Bran’s ability to smash the bricks around without breaking them or injuring himself.” It appears to be rather durable, and the fact that it’s appropriate for both babies and toddlers gives it fantastic value for money.”

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