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Top Free Amazon Tools To Help Sellers Boost Sales & Earnings

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Amazon – one simple platform but a million individual opportunities. Surprisingly, endless Amazon sellers are stuck going around to look for the right tools that can help them improve their business. This can be time-consuming as well as frustrating!

To save you time (and possibly lots of cash), I have created this list of top free Amazon FBA tools to help all AMZ sellers boost sales, increase earnings and focus on what’s really important – making more money from your new or current Amazon business.

Top Free Amazon Tools List:

1. Helium10

The first tool in the list is Helium10. It is a suite of free and premium tools created for Amazon sellers. This suite of Amazon seller software helps unearth hidden Amazon product opportunities, research market demand and competition, find product ideas, analyze top products, spy on competitors, track keyword rankings, and more. The company offers a number of free tools, all designed to help sellers boost sales, visibility, and earnings. There are also dozens of premium tools available for serious sellers looking for deeper insights into their products and listings.

2. Jungle Scout

The second software on the list is Jungle Scout. It is the world’s best-selling product research tool for Amazon sellers. It allows sellers to see accurate sales estimates for any product or niche, so they can make informed decisions about which products to sell.

3. Scale Insights

Scale Insights is another Amazon tool that comes with a 30 days free trial. It provides personalized data-driven insights to help its clients grow faster on Amazon. It helps sellers find profitable opportunities and increase organic rankings while decreasing expenses related to advertising cost of sale (ACoS). This software is used by 8-figures Amazon FBA Business Owners, So giving a try at this widely-used tool makes sense.

However,  You get full access to all the features, including PPC analytics and automation tools. However, you can only automate PPC for 1 product in 1 country. There are no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and no contracts. We take security seriously. That’s why we store your data with a leading database provider secured by industry standards. We will also delete your data entirely after account deactivation.

4. AMZ Base

The next on the list is AMZ Base. It is a complete automation toolkit for Amazon Sellers. It has a number of features to automate the most time-consuming Amazon tasks and provide sellers with valuable insights about their sales and business performance.

5. RepricerExpress

Moving forward, RepricerExpress. A web-based repricing software helps Amazon sellers win the Buy Box more often by automatically repricing inventory based on user rules and parameters.

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6. Unicorn Smasher

The sixth AMZ FBA software on the list is Unicorn Smasher. It is a free browser extension for Chrome that provides ecommerce data at the click of a button. By simply viewing an Amazon product page, sellers can see the top keywords used in the product listing, approximate profit margin, and estimated monthly sales volume. Unicorn Smasher also provides data on each seller’s price history and how they rank against competitors in terms of profits and sales volume.

7. AMZ Finder

This is a free tool for Amazon sellers. AMZ Finder allows them to optimize their product listings and get powerful keyword suggestions based on best-selling items on Amazon. This tool scans all the search results for a given product category, analyzes them, and comes up with an optimized list of keywords that can be used in the title, description, bullet points, and backend search terms. This can improve the chances of your product listing appearing on more search results pages.

8. FBA Calculator For Amazon

Sellers can use this FBA calculator to calculate their fees when they sell products using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The calculator shows you how much you need to pay for services like storage and order fulfillment, as well as additional fees such as long-term storage fees and high inventory fees. You also get to see your total profits after deducting all the costs associated with selling products using FBA. This enables sellers to make informed decisions while selling.

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, these Amazon tools can help Amazon sellers better manage their data. But it’s up to the sellers to dive in and be proactive in using these tools. When they do, they could save themselves time and a lot of money.

I hope you find this blog post interesting and useful. To know more about Amazon FBA tools, stay tuned!

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Anjali Mahajan is an Engineer by qualification and blogger by profession. She has four years of experience in digital marketing and loves to research and write about the latest digital trends. In her spare time, she loves to read about the emerging technologies that leave a significant impact on an individual’s life.


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