Top Five challenges faced by a Modern Network Operations Center

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What are the advantages of Network Operations Centers (NOC)?

NOC or the Network Operations Center as called has become an imperative service for the majority of businesses in recent times. With the changing work trends from the past, the necessity of Network maintenance also has changed a lot.

Earlier with the involvement of fewer systems, the requirement of a manual workforce was more. Later, the manual involvement is in the terms of system operations. With the increase in working on data, the storage, maintenance, process & security of data has also increased a lot. To take care of these along with the core work that goes in the mainstream of the business, having a good network for smoother organizational functioning is very much necessary.

Application of Network Operations Centers (NOCs):

NOC or the Network Operations Centre steps in at this point providing the required support to the medium & large businesses in the forefront and also the small businesses & individual networks as and if required. Network Operations Centre takes the utmost care in setting up the network to the end functioning.

Continuous monitoring of the network and the clock checkup of the validity of the service would always be on the go. Very lately, at times even the domestic industry needs a Network Operations Center setup in case more than 2 to 3 individuals are working on different domains. In those cases, independent NOCs too can be set up with resource support. But, for organizations, Network Operations Center is obligatory with differing team sizes subject to the organization size.

Benefits of NOC services (Networking Operations Center):

Organizations benefit from Network Operations Centers in a variety of ways. The network is the key point of any business either for their day-to-day business activities, data processing & maintenance or on the whole none of the work is devoid of network nowadays.

In simple, the NOC team enables the businesses to focus on their business crux instead of worrying about other aspects. About businesses or organizations, from the user’s view, uninterrupted services are the results that need to be taken care of by the Network Operations Center (NOC).

In general, Network Operations Center takes up the charge of setting up the network process such as analyzing the requirement initially, installation of the required devices, connecting the servers, end to end monitoring & maintenance of the process to ensure the smoother functioning of the organization.

Network Operations Center as a team stays alert all the time by addressing the issues in real-time without any delay. However, Modern Network Operations Center also does face certain challenges during the process in turning the service effective.

We will examine the top 5 challenges faced by the Modern Network Operations Center.

5 Network Operations Center Challenges of this Modern Era

Meeting Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the initial agreement between the user and the service provider. In one way it is a lucrative tool from either end when the setup process is smooth. Nevertheless, there’ll be obligatory stints where from both ends are forced to scuffle with the SLA only because it cannot deviate. The actual reasons might contradict but, before entering into the Service Legal Agreement both the parties should ensure with certain crucial aspects keeping in view the long term continuation of the service and the relationship. Else the SLA becomes the primary hindrance to independent decision-making irrespective of the outcome.


Manpower may another key factor for persistent service contribution. As a team, the team should be intact in framing the right team with requisite team members. It may completely base on the business or organization size or as per the user requirement. Deficient manpower leads to interrupting services finally resulting in disturbing operations. Hence, it may always necessary for a Network Operations Center to ensure manpower in such a way that the operations are seamless.

Monitoring & Maintenance:

Round-the-clock maintenance of the service, as well as the applicability, is essential. The alerts or tickets raised during the business operations need to address on a priority basis else the delay disrupts the operations. Monitoring may not require in the consistent functioning. But, it should also be able to predict the incoming threats. It may such as the low performance of the network, low device functionality, etc. Seamless monitoring enables the efficient functioning of the network as well as the business.

Updated Device Support:

Keeping a constant check on the devices to provide support as. And, when required also is a vital aspect of the Network Operations Center. The majority of the time, device performance fluctuates according to the functioning. It is relying on varied issues such as the device hardware, network capacity, and so on. Unless the devices are up to date updated, whatever the quality of the network ceases to end in vain. Hence, updated device monitoring & support stand in the line with the challenges that need to be addressed.

User Experience Support:

User experience support is nothing but Customer/Client Communication & Support. It depends on the comprehensive experience of the user from the beginning and how effectively the communication keeps going. User experience at each & every point not only for an issue addressing instead adopting a hassle-free anytime reachable experience stands rich in the total due course. An enriching user experience is the ultimate success point as a service provider.

Don’t Surrender

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