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Top 9 Important Tips Before Buying Property in Turkey

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Today I want to give you some top 10 tips for Buying Property in Turkey. In case you are already thinking about this idea. There are a few things to think about and understand before moving on. Over the past few years, Buying Property in Turkey projects have expanded exponentially. And may be successful in many cities around the world. Turkish construction companies thrive. The goal is to create luxury properties in some of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Considering the variety of options available across all budgets. Turkey Real Estate Base can understand the dilemma of the options you create. Especially for those who are looking for accommodation abroad. Buying real estate abroad can be difficult. And many may take precautions for this reason. Why are we here to help? Therefore, here are the top 9 guidelines for Buying Property in Turkey. To narrow the field and reduce the initial hassle of chaos.

1. Find your needs and wants. Then prioritize

If you are thinking of buying a property for permanent residence or as a villa. You need to know the type of property you are looking for. Think about why you want to buy a property. Is it a simple house? Lux Mansion Seaside Villa City View Penthouse or Family Holiday Home by the Beach. Knowing this will help you decide where to buy and what kind of property to look for. The second step in this question is where do you think you live in Turkey? Is it a peaceful place in a rural area surrounded by greenery? Or is it a vibrant city life with skyscraper views and lots of attractions and activities? If You Want To Invest In Rent Income You need to find an area. That requires high rent or that you want to meet your target audience. Base offers Buying Property in Turkey that are tailored to your needs. We know if you are not currently living in a region or country. You are not aware of any cities or regions in the country. Therefore, there is no knowledge of statistics. You need advice, guidance, and confidence in his strengths and weaknesses. We are here for you and happy to stand on the ground.

2. Which area of ​​Turkey is best for you and your family?

Location plays an important role in deciding what kind of property to buy. Environmental clinics that have the necessary facilities such as public transport. Good schools and shopping are all considered and contribute to the value of the home. Each home buyer will have their own specific needs in key parts. And equipment that they want to be close to. The social and religious aspects of the area also influence your decision making. Some families may choose to live in a popular Islamic community with many mosques and madrassas. In addition, a good and decent family environment. And it can be found in some conservative areas of Turkey. Second, there are people who like the more secular areas of Turkey and are interested in tourist destinations. One of the advantages of open and relaxed beach meetings. And nightlife scenes in Turkey is that there are many places to choose from according to your needs. And people live peacefully regardless of their religion or personal tastes.
In summer, Turkey provides a safe and peaceful environment for people of all backgrounds. Regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity or background. Turkey is culturally diverse and welcomes everyone. But for foreigners it is important to know. What they want and prioritize their needs in order to find a suitable place for them. Turkey Property Base supports research in these areas and offers properties that are tailored to your needs and budget. It is important to remember that there are always terms to give or take. You will need to prioritize the list of needs to stay within your budget. Or something else that you value most.

3. If you are looking for an investment opportunity, think about rental income

In addition to the growth of start-up capital. The rate of return on investment is two of the most important factors. That motivate investors to make decisions. Remember that Istanbul is one of the most lucrative real estate areas in Turkey and the best city for investment. Therefore, it is important to choose the right properties.

There are several ways to invest in real estate for profit:

  • A) If the value of the property is expected to rise. We will buy it for future resale (some ongoing projects in the area will add. Value upon completion and more compounds will be added. When completed it will automatically Type added to value)
  • B) Buy the damaged property at a bargain price. Retrieve it with good quality, quality and design, add value and resell it for profit.
  • C) Buy a rental property to earn a steady income.
All of the above are common choices for good and all have different needs and requirements. Therefore, looking at what you are buying can be a great help in maximizing your profits. There are many projects in Istanbul that promise guaranteed returns, and if the same thing happens. Investors may resell their assets for a profit. Some buyers looking to invest in a large city like Istanbul should consider business locations. Such as offices rented to several national companies established in Istanbul for higher income. I often give advice. The main area of ​​Istanbul is a lucrative investment. Which is often the opposite of some of the most valuable assets in the market-rich towns. However, these properties are also expensive in the main areas of Istanbul. Therefore, customers with limited budgets are encouraged to invest in similarly profitable sectors. The Turkish Property Base allows you to see as many potential properties. As you need as long as you are not confident in your choice. We also like to negotiate and negotiate on behalf of our customers to ensure the best possible deals.

4. Purchase of property for eligibility to reside in Turkey

Did you know that foreigners who Buying Property in Turkey can apply for a residence permit? In 2013, the government announced that anyone investing in Turkish property. Could apply for a residence permit in Turkey for convenience and security. It is kept for the convenience of investors, and in fact. If you do not plan to live on this property and just want to stay in a village. You do not need a residence permit. Just visit for the holidays. Whenever you want a tourist visa. The residence permit will be extended as long as you want to live. On your property and the property is in your name. Importantly, this is one of the major efforts of the Turkish government. To encourage and support foreign Buying Property in Turkey.

5. It is important to choose the right agent

No matter how beautiful Turkey is and how kind and compassionate people are. There is good and bad everywhere and there is no doubt that there are many deceivers. Turkish Property Base deals only with honest, experienced and licensed distributors and developers. In addition to providing ongoing support. We can ensure that you have a sensitive and reliable experience from start to finish of your property purchase journey. As foreigners are not in that country, we know that choosing the right one can be difficult. We also strongly believe that the needs of each customer are unique. Therefore, it is important to understand your needs and choose an organization that speaks the same language (literally There are many stages to Buying Property in Turkey and it takes days or weeks to complete the process. Depending on the existing documents and the conditions of the property and the parties involved. We also know all the fees and costs that have to be paid to them at different stages. For example, buyers usually pay between 7% and 11% of the property price. A significant portion of this money goes to state property taxes. Then, substitute the stamp fee and the legal agency fee together. With the real estate agent fee and pay the real estate agent. However, despite all these allegations, Real Estate investment in Turkey works much cheaper than in other European countries. Turkey is also known for its simple buying process and is a great place to invest.

6. Don’t forget the other options

Many believe that Turkey has fewer choices, but there are countless more. When buying  property in Turkey , it is important to consider some options, especially if it is the next home. See more options for more time. A good realtor will not stop you, and he will help you in your search as much as you can. His job is to make the shopping experience as easy as possible and to help in the search without negatives. We want to show you different property options that you can choose according to your needs and wants.

7. Yes, you can negotiate the price

Don’t be shy about lowering prices accordingly, it’s a common practice. Don’t expect to be negotiated to match the price you are looking for. For many, they may not have the idea of ​​dialogue, and for others. They may not be confident enough to distinguish between language and culture. You don’t have to worry about these cases. Based on the Turkish property here, we can safely say that we are skilled negotiators. We always do our part to get the best possible deal for our customers. Negotiations with local developers have different approaches rather than reducing rates. For example, real estate developers are interested in adding some packaging that includes furniture and other amenities in the price. In other cases, developers may offer better deals by offering customers appropriate payment methods.

8. Take notes and photos during the property visit

We always do our part to fully inspect and organize the latest property virtual trips for overseas buyers. But you can also go directly to visit the properties. Always recommended. We provide what we can from the service, allowing customers. To put properties on the candidate list and display a vision during their visit to fully maximize productivity. However, it is always advisable for buyers to properly inspect their property. Personally modify and search the area in which it is located, and pay attention. To the climate of the area and the living conditions of the inhabitants. You can also take notes, measurements. Photos and videos during the test to capture things you didn’t see. When you saw them later, without losing or forgetting anything. Every area is different, so it is important to know these things before Buying Property in Turkey. Also, if you have chosen a specific ongoing project. That you would like to see, request a trip to your apartment. Or complex area to see the location, distance, and local facilities of your planned facility.

9. Once you find the right property, make a reservation!

Once you have settled into your dream home, it would be best to book a property. After confirming your consent, you can create your own booking agreement. Looking at the well-developed Turkish real estate market, it is easy to see. That the best offers have to be accepted when they are available. Once the booking is completed, the purchase process will proceed smoothly. The amount paid for booking the property will be less than the accepted final price. However, this booking fee is non-refundable, so make a positive decision before booking your accommodation. Turkey Property Base is passionate about providing professional and care services. Support systems and is always ready to go the extra mile to please our customers. We want to fully understand your needs and help you make the right choice for you. I hope you find this post for tips on Real Estate investment in Turkey. Feel free to ask the following questions.

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