Top 7 Different Types Of Lemon In India – You Should Try Once


As we know, the hard summer season is ongoing, and I must say that summer 2021 is very tough for all. Therefore, to avoid the heat and challenging summer, we eat healthy and highly watered foods, and lemon is one of them. It is a tangy fruit which is also called “Nimbu.” Lemons is the best friend in summers as it has many beneficial factors which keep us healthy in summers. This fruit is very well known for its refreshing and sour taste that improves the taste of almost every dish.

It is an essential part of different Indian cuisines. In summers, lemon becomes a necessary part of Indian food, and we can’t imagine Indian food without lemon. Lemon is available the whole year and remains an integral part of the food. In summers, one thing of lemon is widely consumed “Shikanji.”

Lemon Cultivation In India

Lemon is a widely used fruit in Indian and cultivated throughout the country. The prominent lemon-producing states are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Rajasthan, and Bihar, which grow lemon for commercial purposes. Other states are producing lemons for domestic purposes. There is no specific origin of this citrus fruit, but there is speculation about lemon that it is native to Assam.

The word Nimbu comes from the Persian word līmūn. The best thing about types of lemon is its simple cultivation. Lemon can quickly grow in every soil, which makes the availability of it easy. India is the largest producer of lemon in the world. However, the size of a lemon is not as large as in other countries. Still, it exports fresh lemons to countries like Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc.

Top 7 Different Types Of Lemon In India

Lemon has many different types which are used for different purposes and in different ways. They all are available in various states.

Do you want to know about different types of lemons?

If yes, you are at the best place as here we show the top 7 different types of lemon with essential information. And I think if it is available near you, then you should try them. So, keep with this blog till the end to know about the different types of lemons.

Assam Nimbu/ Nemu Tenga

The first lemon on the list is Assam Nimbu/ Nemu Tenga. The name of this type of lemon refers to two varieties. One is Gol Nemu and another one is Kazi Nemu. Both are tasty and healthy for all. Gol Nemu is round and sweet and usually more significant than other varieties. On the other hand, Kazi Nemu is juicy with an elongated oval shape. This Nemu is famous among Assam people because of its use in Assamese cuisine.


The second variety of lemon is Lisbon. This variety of lemon is popular among people. It is available in greenish-yellow color, short-living type like another variety of lemon Eureka and has an elongated shape. The Lisbon lemon is of average size, with a prominent nipple at the top. In addition, the nature of this lemon variety is quite acidic.

Sweet Lemon/Lime

The third variety of the lemon is Sweet Lemon/Lime. It is another best and popular variety of lemon, mainly grown in the Malabar and Nilgiris regions. The nature of this variety is non-acidic and can be used as a fruit rather than juicing. This lemon variety is also very well known as Mausambi. It’s interesting!


The fourth one on the list is Genoa. It is widely consumed and used in a variety of lemons cultivated for commercial purposes. Therefore, the demand for this lemon is relatively high. This lemon has an oval or oblong shape and is yellow. Also, it contains a good amount of juice. Hence this variety of lemon is suitable for pickles and marmalade. Another feature of this lemon is that it is widely used in Shikanji.

Rough Lemon

The fifth one on the list is Rough Lemon. It is another innovative variety of lemon. The name of this variety is fixed as its rough, rugged, and irregular shape. It also has a strong smell and taste. This variety has its roots in the forests of northern India. They contain very little juice and pulp.

Nepali Oblong/ Pat Nebu

The sixth variety of lemon is Nepali Oblong/ Pat Nebu. It is one of the best varieties of lemon, which is commercially cultivated, and its roots belong to the Assam state. This lemon variety has a glossy and smooth texture with moderate acidity and little or no seeds.


The seventh one on the list is Villafranca. It is another known variety of lemon available in bright yellow color. There is a noticeable nipple on top of it. Like Lisbon, it is also a short-lived and low-yielding variety.

These are the top 7 varieties of tasty and beneficial lemons for all, so you should eat them. These varieties are widely available throughout the country. For the cultivation of lemon, the New holland 3037 tractor is the best, which makes lemon farming easy and productive. So, if you are looking for any tractor for lemon farming, this New Holland tractor is the perfect deal.

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