Top 6 Questions to Ask for Choosing a Montessori from IB?


As parents, we know you’re always concerned about which preschool, daycare, or school would be right for your child. With so many great options like CBSE schools, International Baccalaureate, state boards, and Montessori nursery, choosing the right school looks like a nightmare.

Out of these curriculums, parents are most interested in choosing Montessori nursery. Parents who plan to give their child an international touch of schooling often choose the International Baccalaureate.

However, it all starts with nursery, and choosing the right nursery for your child is very important. For a child, preschool or the nursery is like their second home, where they spend one-third of their day.

So as parents, you will always want the best for your child, and we understand it. Hence, today we have drafted this article where we have explained a few questions that you must ask before finalizing a Montessori nursery.

Top 6 questions that you can ask while choosing Montessori school

1- What is a Montessori school?

Before enrolling your child into a Montessori school, ask them what the meaning of Montessori school is. You must also ask why Montessori is best for your child and how your child would benefit from the Montessori curriculum?

2- Do you provide authentic Montessori nursery education?

Since you want your child to get a Montessori education, you must ask the school authorities whether they provide effective Montessori education.

But what does an effective Montessori mean? The main purpose of this education is to help the children grow without any restrictions. This means the students have full freedom to choose their subjects and learn more interesting things.

Montessori school helps build confidence, improve self-esteem, and teach how to respect others. An effective Montessori school means it is not just the proper approach for schooling but effective learning for life.

3- How low or high is the student-teacher ratio? Are your staff trained?

It is not a sign of a good Montessori school if the student-teacher ratio is higher. This means their staff is inexperienced, or the school authorities are looking for a quick way to earn a fortune by telling parents theirs is an authentic Montessori school.

The one major aspect that sets Montessori apart from other curricula is its low student-teacher ratio. So, the school should have a low student-teacher ratio.

The staff in the school should also be well-trained and qualified to be called a Montessori teacher. The teachers need to be licensed and ask whether they have done background checks on every teacher?

Only by quality training and experience can the teacher handle any situation with ease, without losing their cool.

4- How much do you charge?

You must know that childcare is expensive, and these daycares charge hefty sums for their services. It is essential to know the prices because it doesn’t make sense to select a nursery priced beyond your capabilities.

Most of these nurseries charge a hefty sum, but they have several options, which helps the family consider many things before enrolling their child. Also, ask them how they spend the fees. This will give you an idea of how efficient their system is.

5- Are you available for extended hours?

In cases where both parents have full-time jobs, it makes sense that preschools have programs with extended hours. Suppose they provide extended hours, well and good. If not, you can look for other preschools.

The most important concern of any preschool should be to provide the best education and training for children under the Montessori curriculum. However, the extended hours can only be considered as an additional service.

When looking for a Montessori school, look at how they have scheduled the programs throughout the day. Do they give enough time to children to rest, eat and have fun? Do they provide any additional items the children need? You should have complete knowledge about these additional services.

6- Do you offer any foreign language and other enrichment programs?

Children are like sponges for knowledge. You can expose them to certain items from a young age, and they will learn the most from it without any issues. Since their brains are developing, they are eager to learn more about various items. What they learn from a young age will stay with them for their lifetime.

This is why you must inquire whether they plan to teach foreign languages or offer other enrichment programs.

The preschool you’re looking for should have some unique enrichment programs for the kids, like students from various cultures, come to learn in International Baccalaureate programs. They always have the upper hand for making global connections and learning more about foreign cultures.

Final words

You must ask these questions without fail to the school authorities. You must be satisfied with the answers so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want your child to learn from these experts.


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