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When Web Development Company Lahore comes to website design, your website has different themes and directions. From classic to minimal, playful and lively to sophisticated and modern. However, the final look and feel should reflect your personal style, line of work and brand identity. However, there are some basic rules that always apply.

Good web design affects the user experience and features. At first glance, this is easy to understand, but here are Web Development Company Lahore explain five simple web design tips to keep your website effective and attractive.

Tips for highlighting web design

  • Keep your home screen simple and organized.
  • Designed with visual hierarchy in mind
  • Create easy-to-read website content.
  • Make sure your site is easy to use.
  • Compatible with mobile

01. Keep your home screen simple and organized

Your website homepage should convey your main message immediately. I rarely read every word on a website. But we will scan the page soon. Considering these well-known behaviors, capturing emotions is better than counting the number of words that keywords, sentences and pictures choose.

The less your site visitors need to read, click, or memorize, the better your content will be processed and ranked. Web Development Company Lahore to reduce the scope of attention and the latest website design. 

Simple Website Design Tips When learning how to design a website, these will help you separate your content and create a clean and attractive home page design. Put important content at the top of the page: Visitors need to understand what your website is about as soon as possible. No scrolling or clicking.

Content spacing: Use spacing between elements. Adding some space makes the design look more spacious and balanced. Write a small, legible paragraph for your message.

Add images: High quality media features like beautiful photos. Imaging or symbolism works wonders as another way to convey your points.

Summons included: from purchase to request. Place a CTA button on your homepage to encourage site visitors to take action.

02. Visual hierarchy in design

Web Development Company Lahore is an important design principle that helps to display content clearly and effectively. Proper use of hierarchy can draw the attention of site visitors to the specific elements of the page in order of importance. Start with the most important part

The main elements of the visual hierarchy are:

Size and weight: Highlights content such as company name and logo. By making them bigger and easier to see, readers tend to focus on big, bold titles first. Then go to the text of the smaller paragraph.

Configuration: Use the right website layout to guide the visitor’s eye in the right direction. For example, you can place a button in the middle of the page that has a message asking you to take important action. Or put the logo on the header

Once you have created a clear hierarchy of data. Readers have no choice but to unknowingly track down the leftover bread and use color, contrast, and distance to emphasize it. Make sure it is always considered the items that attract the most attention

Some powerful web design elements that help you achieve a clear visual hierarchy include bar or grid layouts, such as the Web Development Company Lahore. Click here for more ideas and inspiration. Take a look at the website templates created by the designer.

03. Create website content that is easy to read.

Readability shows how easily people remember words, sentences and phrases. Users can be scanned or rejected when your site is easy to read. This makes it easy to get information.

Website readability is relatively easy. Try the following important rules:

Contrast is important: Proper contrast between text color and background color is important for readability. However, not only website traffic but also website color can reflect the color of the brand. However, make sure the combination has enough contrast. Do this and try online tools like Contrast Checker.

Large font size: Most people have trouble displaying small fonts. A common rule for web design is that the text should have at least 16 points in its content. This is a good place to start. However, keep in mind that this number depends on the font you choose for your website.

Font type: In the world of typography, you can choose from different types of fonts. You can choose from serif fonts (like Times New Roman with a small bulge at the end of the letter) to sans serif (literally serif-free). Sans-serif fonts are usually the best choice. For long online messages, you can combine these different types while reading to create interesting font combinations. There are also more decorative fonts such as handwritten script fonts. If you want to choose one of them, do not overdo it. To avoid tedious results

Font Limitations: Do not use more than two different fonts on one website. Some projects may require a more complex font set. However, fonts that are too rich usually look cluttered. This distorts your brand identity.

Use the message subject to create a clear hierarchy. Make sure the content and weight of your website content is different. This handy web design trick is for paragraphs and small content in small subheadings, because large titles can ensure that there is always something that catches the reader’s attention.

04. Make sure your site is easy to use.

It may be your nature to break the mold. However, website navigation is not an avant-garde place. After all, you need to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. In addition, well-crawled sites help search engines index content and enhance the experience. Extreme users:

Link your logo to your homepage: Design Tips For This Website These are some of the common ways visitors expect. This eliminates the need for valuable clicks. If you do not have one, Web Development in Lahore strongly recommends that you create your own logo as part of your branding.

Remember the menu: Choose a classic horizontal list. The hamburger menu or any other website menu should be distinctive and easy to find. Also try to organize the menu according to the importance of each section.

Provides vertical navigation: If your site has a long crawl type, such as a one-page site, use the anchor menu. Viewers can jump to any section with one click. Another option that your site should consider immediately is the button. “Back to top”. Visitors are redirected to the top of the page wherever they are.

Footer Manipulation: Your website footer can be the last thing you see on your site. And it’s a good idea to put all the important links there. This may include contact information. Social media icons and related information that your shortcut menu or other links visitors may want

05. Compatible with mobile

All visitors to your website should be able to enjoy your professional website to the fullest. Regardless of the device they are surfing the web. When designing your website, Wix automatically creates a mobile-ready version of your website. Keep up with the ever-growing world of mobile phones. Check the mobile version of the site by introducing yourself as a user. Test all pages User actions and buttons

Mobile sites need to be cleaner and more organized than the desktop version. So think about reducing page elements and minimizing specific content such as menus. There are also mobile-specific features that you can use to improve your mobile design.

Last tip for travel: One of the most important web design tips is, in fact, the simplest – look for website inspiration! Browse some of the best website designs and read the latest website design trends. You can also explore these great Web Development Company Lahore to stay creative.

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