Top 5 OB-GYN EHR Software For Small Practices In 2021



If you’re thinking about having an Ob-Gyn EMR, we have a couple of recommendations for you. Before we go over some of the finest EMR for Ob-Gyn, it’s essential to understand how an EMR might benefit you and your healthcare business.

Other than maintaining your patient health data organized, EMR software allows you to handle different elements of your clinical practice. From flawlessly managing your plan so that you can meet as many clients as feasible in a day to verify insurance details for your clients. Even before the first session so that you don’t have to deal with payment concerns afterwards, we’ve got you covered.

Top OB-GYN EMR Software


NextGen is a fantastic piece of technology that has a lot to provide its customers. The program gives excellent templates for an Ob-Gyn practice. You can pick from and even change so that you have a template that adequately meets your needs. Other than that, the NextGen e-prescriptions feature is also prevalent. 

This function enables you to write prescriptions digitally, so you don’t have to stress about clients coming in for something as simple as collecting a prescription sheet. Because you can mail the e-prescription to whichever drugstore is most suitable for them. NextGen is a fantastic choice for everyone involved.


One of the most prominent features of using the Kareo EHR system in your healthcare sector is that. It provides reminders to both you and your patients to ensure that business runs smoothly. It delivers appointment reminders to both parties, reducing the number of no-shows you may have had previously.

Kareo’s configurable dashboard is yet another factor why it entered our list of the top EMR for Ob-Gyn. A customizable dashboard feature allows you to quickly adjust things up to how you desire them, instead of uncomfortably navigating throughout your dashboard and not getting the hang of it.


Any list of top-tier software would be incomplete without athenaOne. As an EMR for obstetrics and gynaecology, this software is also handy. You get a friendly billing tool that lets you record charges, so you don’t charge the same client twice. This saves you a lot of effort and stress that you would have otherwise experienced.

Aside from that, a truly remarkable feature of athenaOne is the telemedicine tool, which allows you to plan video call meetings with clients from afar. This function came in handy during the Covid-19 outbreak and related lockdowns, allowing physicians to see their clients instead of rescheduling appointments altogether.


PrognoCIS EMR also has several excellent capabilities that make it a competitor for the best EMR for Ob-Gyn on our ranking. The patient portal is one such element of PrognoCIS, which provides clients with access to an interface that allows them to plan their consultations, pay their bills online, and much more, which adds to increased patient happiness and revenue for you.

The system also features a brilliant billing function that allows you to create precise bills that can instantly be issued to your clients. The system also sends out due to date reminders, ensuring that payments are not delayed and that you can quickly reclaim them!


AdvancedMD is another well-known system that has been around for a long time. You receive access to practice management software with this technology, which lets you book and tracks your visits, so you’re never caught off guard and constantly on top of things in your clinic.

The financial analysis function in AdvancedMD is another excellent function that allows you to work out your financial situation. Hence, you know where you are standing and which area needs change. It alerts you to aspects of your practice that need improvement for you to be more effective.

Suppose you want to know more about any of the mentioned software on our list. We would recommend you book a demo of that software to understand it better. To book a demo of any of the mentioned EHR Software, please visit Software Finder.

Final Thoughts!

Now which software to go for is something you have complete control over. Make sure your pick is based on the qualities. That will be most beneficial for you as well as your medical practice. You can request a demo of the software from the seller before committing to it. And it would help if you read as many EMR reviews as possible online before making a decision. We would also recommend you to check out the pricing plans of the software you want to pick and check whether the pricing plans suit your practice or not. We hope our list of top OB-GYN EHR was of some help to you.

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