Top 4 Masters in Finance Programs Abroad You Should Target


Finance is a high paying job in the world. Many graduates in finance are currently working at some big companies with high paying salaries. If you also want to make a successful career in finance then this reading will be a perfect guide for you, here we will discuss the top 4 masters in finance programs around the world that will be very lucrative for you.

Top 4 Masters in Finance programs around the world

MSc International Finance (HEC Paris Business School)

This program is offered by the HEC Paris MiM, school of France. The duration of the program is 10 months. The best part about the program is that it is suitable for students having both finances as well as non-finance backgrounds as there are two tracks of study.

There is a business track in which students who are familiar with the basic knowledge of accounting, investment and corporate finance are looking for some advanced level studies and tools to have to boost their career.

The other one is called an accelerated track in which your foundation will be made in this field at a fast pace. But don’t worry no matter what track the student has opted for, the syllabus for both the tracks will be over at the same time.

The average starting salary of the students after the completion is $93,000. And the employment rate is 99%/

Specialized Master in Finance (ESCP Europe)

ESCP’s MSc in Finance program is a 13-month specialized program in finance. The school provides a very interesting way of teaching. In the first 8 weeks of the program, you will be taught the introductory modules and curriculum, after that, you will be asked to choose between corporate investment banking and financial markets. These are the specialized courses in the respective fields.

After completing 22 weeks of your specialized program, you need to do a 4-month internship and write a thesis on it. And then you will have to defend your project in front of a jury. This is a very unique as well as an exciting way of teaching which broadens up the concept and strengthens the foundational learning of the student and at the same time evaluates the confidence of the student in their field of study.

The school has a high employment rate of 99% and the average starting salary is $89,000. 

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MSc in Finance (EDHEC Business School)

The duration of the MSc in Finance program is 15 months. The program is offered by EDHEC business school. The program offers the students to choose among high paying finance fields such as Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Financial, Accounting & Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Quantitative Techniques for masters in Finance.

The curriculum followed is that of a CFA level 1 and the program also prepares you for the same. The school has an impressive employment rate of 97% with an average salary of about $91,000.

Going to france to pursue a program is one in a lifetime moment. Students must try to evaluate the expenses before applying for a program.Being financially aware is a must for students planning to pursue a program. You must have a rough estimate of the money you need to have to pursue a program.

Students must be as economical as possible during your program. You must be conscious of where you spend your money and how much you spend. You must create a budget every month and decide how much you spend on food, souvenirs, travel, and lodging.

MSc Financial Markets and Investments (Skema Business School)

Skema Business School has an 18-month comprehensive program in finance. The first 9 months are spent on the curriculum and course and the rest 9 months are for internship and dissertation. Therefore giving you a balance between both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field.

The program offers specializations in the fields such as trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, and structuring finance. The university has a high employment rate of 96% and the average salary is $87,700.


So far we have discussed the best finance programs in the world with high paying jobs and great careers. These are the best programs in the world and if any of these intrigues you then you should definitely check out the website of the university for further details as well application structure.

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