top 10 Nintendo franchises

Top 10 The Worst to the Best Nintendo Franchises


This is simply our opinion, and if any of your favorite Nintendo franchises are placed lower, please let us know. Please accept our sincere apologies. Those were simply the ones we didn’t care for. We chose the 10 best-selling Nintendo franchises for the top ten Nintendo franchises. Because it will be simpler to choose from. The following is a list of Nintendo franchises:

  • Animal Crossing
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Kirby
  • Game and watch:
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Nintendogs
  • Wii series
  • Mario
  • Pokémon
  • Donkey Kong

1. Animal Crossing:

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo-developed and-published social simulation video game series.  This is One of the most well-known games. And the fact that it only made $70 million is quite incredible. For those unfamiliar, Animal Crossing is a simulator-style video game in which you capture bugs, fish, and do other things.

2. The Legend of Zelda:

This is high fantasy and action-adventure video game franchise which was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, two Japanese game creators. The Legend of Zelda was released in the year of 1986. People initially mistook the Legend of Zelda for a story-based game, but it actually began as a little PVP game similar to Mario. Nintendo is the primary developer and publisher, however, Capcom, Vanpool, and Grezzo have worked on several portable installments and re-releases.

3. Kirby:

Kirby is Nintendo’s fourth most well-known character. And we can’t deny that Kirby is quite attractive, and the fact that even men find him appealing is impressive. It’s only Number three on the list of Nintendo Franchises because it’s simply too sweet for some people.

4. Game and Watch:

The fact that Game and Watch was based on a Mario game was the fundamental reason for its success. It also includes Super Mario’s lost stages.

These levels were removed because a number of people ended up damaging their consoles as a result of how frustrating they were. However, they continued to release the game and monitor the levels after that.

5. Super Smash Bros:

It was really tough to decide whether or not Kirby should be in this position. But, in the end, Kirby was insufficiently compelling on its own. As a result, one of its games is ranked higher than the others. Super Smash Bros. is a well-known video game. And it’s possible that this is our second favorite Nintendo franchise.

Because it didn’t produce as much money, it’s ranked fifth on this list of Nintendo Franchises. This includes the most popular Nintendo franchise as well.

6. Nintendogs:

This is a delightful game. As a result, Nintendogs was one of the company’s earliest pet simulators. Simulator games, on the other hand, are popular among a small number of individuals. As a result, we can’t rank it higher than the sixth on this list.

7. The Wii series:

Fun fact: While many people believe that the original Super Mario made the most money, the Wii Sports game actually did. Apart from Wii Sports, there have been Pokemon Battle Revolutions and a slew of other games that have shattered the market. The Wii is a series of simulation games developed by Nintendo for its Wii gaming console and its successor, the Wii U.

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8. Mario:

And now we’ve arrived at Nintendo’s mascot, Mario. Even when you sum together the money earned by Pokémon, the Wii series, the Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing, it still falls short of Mario’s staggering earnings. Donkey Kong arrived first, but Mario has outshined him by a light year. Nintendo’s Super Mario series is a 2D and 3D platform game series centered on and starring the mythical plumber Mario. It is the central series in the Mario franchise, also known as the Super Mario Bros. series or just the Mario series.

9. Pokémon:

The Pokémon media franchise consists of a series of video games created by Game Freak and released by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Pikachu from Pokemon has to be Nintendo’s second most recognizable character. Even if you are unfamiliar with Pokémon, you will be familiar with Pikachu. For Pokemon enthusiasts, Bulbasaur and Pikachu were not the first Pokemon developed; instead, Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created. And it’s possible that it’ll be our favorite Nintendo franchise so far. To read what pokemon is next announced visit Gamingnix.

10. Donkey Kong:

This game is just where people’s adoration for Mario began. Donkey Kong was one of the earliest Nintendo games, published in 1991. Nintendo began as an arcade game back in the 1980s. Later, the consoles were relocated. Mario was not known by his first name back then. Jumpman was his name.


To summarise, Mario is the best Nintendo franchise ever created. However, who knows, perhaps in a few years. It’s possible that they’ll release a game that beats Mario. I hope after reading this article you will get about the best ranking worst to the best Nintendo franchises. For more video games go to Dunkgaming.