Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers In 2021


SSL certificates, also known as the https:// ‘s’ provide privacy and security of the data sent between them. These smaller data files do so by connecting an encrypted key to the site owner’s details and by linking the webserver to the browser. You may acquire SSL certificates from your web hosting provider or a third-party firm based upon your site’s demands.

We have prepared a curated selection of the top SSL certificate service providers available by 2021, including a description of their offering, main features, and price to ensure that you have all the information required to make a well-trained decision.

Best SSL certificate in 2021

Compare Cheap SSL – compare cheap SSL assists the individual to see what’s beneath the SSL certificate with the help of comparing the SSL certificate provider. It also helps businesses and individuals to find cheap SSL certificates through expert tools, analysis, and visions. The provider is filled with numerous cheap SSL certificates for firms not to flood their pockets.

They have excellence which a business or individual cannot ignore by hook or by crook. They cover the SSL categories in the following way free SSL, DV SSL, OV SSL, EV SSL, Multi-domain SSL, wildcard SSL, Code Signing.


For online companies in a wide range of sectors, Wix offers a single-stop solution. In addition to its premier website builder drag and drop platform, the firm offers customers a comprehensive range of tools for optimizing their website, including free Web hosting, powerful SEO capabilities, and domain name registers.

In the field of online safety, it implies that your site is immediately provided with one of the best free SSL certificates on the market by establishing a site with Wix. This ensures that visitor information is always safe without worrying about refurbishment times or additional expenses.

Key features:

  • Certificate of Free SSL
  • Hosting platform Robust website
  • Smooth validation automatically


DigiCert became the Go-to SSL-Certificate Provider for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 organizations after purchasing the security solutions of the website from Norton and Symantec in 2017. The firm offers simple goods such as variants of the OV and EV SSL certificate to sophisticated solutions such as their security model after quantity cryptography.

DigiCert is also one of the leading providers of new SSL technology and is a direct contributor to the development. A founding member of the CA/Browser Forum, a branch of certificate authorities and web browsers, the firm seeks to improve the usage of certificates by internet users and maintain safe communication.

Highlights of:

  • SSL certificates for Wildcard
  • Fast issuing of a certificate
  • Norton seal of confidence


Sectigo is one of the top SSL certificate suppliers in the business, formerly known as Comodo CA. The aggressive prices have allowed them to swiftly increase their market share and acquire a place among the most trusted vendors in recent years.

Sectigo offers all major SSL certificates, including single, multidomain, and wildcard validation for a domain or business. In addition, enhanced validation certificates (EV) in single and multidomain variants are offered.

Highlights of:

  • Price is affordable
  • Intuitive manager of certificates
  • SSL certificates of all kinds


Previously owned by VeriSign and Norton, GeoTrust currently operates as a subsidiary of DigiCert. Users can acquire various SSL certificates and related products, including single-domain, Wildcard, and extended validation certificates.

GeoTrust offers substantial discounts on purchasing a significant number of licenses, making it one of the best SSL certificate providers for large businesses and resellers. Additionally, the company provides tailored solutions to enterprise-level firms under governmental organizations, financial institution, and healthcare businesses.

Highlights of:

  • Options for bulk purchases
  • Corporate tailor solutions
  • Up to 1.5 million dollars guaranteed


Entrust has been offering security solutions since World Wide Web’s inception, previously called Entrust Datacard. SSL certificates are generally regarded by a broad range of products in different sectors as the most robust offering of the company.

Entrust exclusively offers validation of its organization and expanded validation certificates for its business audience, with the former in single and multifamily variants and wildcard SSL. These certificates are deployed without any extra cost on an infinite number of servers and can be renewed without replacement charges during their duration.

Highlights of:

  • Vulnerability checks for website and network
  • Unlimited server licenses and reissues
  • A platform for robust expiry reporting


Thawte is one of the top SSL certificate suppliers in the business and claims to be more than 40% of the worldwide market. DigiCert presently owns the trademark after some acquisitions, which concluded in 2017. Although its parent firm concentrates on large-scale clients, Thawte’s products are primarily designed for small and medium-sized organizations.

Their portfolio is separated into three items with a variety of client guarantees and guarantees. Each can be purchased for up to six years as a Multi-year Plan. It combined with a wildcard SSL certificate for an additional fee. In less than three days, Thawte gives most certifications, with simple plans requiring a few minutes to establish.

Highlights of:

  • A quick time of issue
  • Licensing unlimited server
  • Up to 1.5 million dollars guarantee concentrates only on selling and implementing SSL certificates, as the name indicates. The firm is a highly qualified certificate authority, and its wide offer comprises trustworthy SSL, Wildcard, unified communications, alternative subject names, and extended validation certificates. provides standard certificates to meet the requirements of organizations of all kinds, from tiny companies with simple SSL requirements to large companies in need of numerous domains and subdomain licenses to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Highlights of:

  • Price is affordable
  • License and edit unlimited server
  • Warranty up to $2 million

Network solution

Networks Solutions was founded in 1979 and is one of the most renowned brands in the digital services sector. While their function as providers of SSL certificates is still to be defined in the brand. Their low entrance price as a desirable alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises has made it onto the map.

The firm offers multiannual domain, organization, extended and multidomain SSL, and Wildcard, and extended certificates. The introductory pricing of the individual packages is not validated quickly. Therefore it might last up to five days in advance. It is crucial to know that.

Highlights of:

  • Low price for entrance
  • $1 million warranty
  • Available quick issue

GoDaddy provides SSL certificates as part of their web safety service, renowned worldwide as a domain registrar. The price structure for limitless domain or business validation subdomains is based on one website and several websites for a domain, organizing, enhanced validation, and wildcard SSL.

The Managed SSL Service for customers of their hosting platform is one offering, which separates GoDaddy from most other media on the list. This service is provided within the above-specified price structure and covers automatic installation and continuous maintenance.

Highlights of:

  • Major introductory reductions
  • SSL Services Managed
  • License and edit unlimited server

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