Tips to Declutter the House for an easy relocation

Tips to Declutter the House for an easy relocation

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Moving to another city or state can be a big task. When it comes to moving, we start planning and hiring help to take care of different aspects of the household relocation. But forget to add decluttering to the list of works.

When you start packing, things that were hidden to date come out of hiding. Several old junks, stay hidden away from our site and thus, make a big part of the clutter. Packing them and then moving can cost you a great deal and too much work. It is for this reason, that you are suggested to declutter the place. There are certain hacks that you can use not just before packing and moving but during the festival cleaning also.

Decluttering can help you in several ways such as:

  • You will have less to clean. The lesser items you have, the little you will have to clean.
  • Fewer things to organize, if you have lesser things around the place. The more you have, the more organizing you will be left to deal with.
  • More space and fewer items mean lesser headaches. It is noted that constriction of place can lead to anxiety and stress.
  • Less expenditure. The lesser you buy, the little will you spend thus, helping you in saving a great deal.

So, isn’t decluttering a great way to de-stress yourself. Then utilize these easy steps to deal with the decluttering and have an easy relocation.

Tips to Declutter the Place Effectively Before Relocation

Designating a Place for Junk

While moving the first and foremost thing that you need to do is clear the junk from the house. For this, you will have to declutter the place before you can organize the items. The junk can be found on the center table, trays, drawers, shelves, etc. If you let it be, it is natural that your house will look more cluttered with it. Instead of turning your house into a junkyard, you can use one trick to sort this problem out.

Creating a junk space or bowl in every room will help you with solving this problem. There are many items that we haphazardly keep around us, turning your place into a junkyard. If you want to avoid these kinds of things such as pamphlets, hair ties, receipts, business cards, and small trinkets, then keep all of them in the junk bowl. Just a simple bowl would, you don’t have too far with the aesthetic bowl. From storing a remote control to all the junk, this bowl will hold everything. And it will limit the spread of the junk across the room keeping the room neat.

Declutter the Wardrobe Once in a While

Yes, you will have packers and movers Mumbai to Hyderabad to help you with the packing of the wardrobe, but you can’t leave the things like it. There may be several clothes that are of no use to you at all. Instead, you can declutter the place and while doing so, remove all those that you don’t have any use of. Keep an extra bag for those clothes that you can donate or will have to throw. Several clothes that you cant fit yourself into should be thrown in this bag.

Keep a limited number of clothes that you want to shift, you will see that there are only a few of them. So, pack them in a good box. Place the wardrobe fresheners in these boxes so that they don’t smell like the cardboard box.

Cleaning Cabinet Clutter

We are often seen spending most of the time worrying about cleaning the cabinets. Especially, when you are keeping knives, spoons, etc. Keeping them carelessly would mean rust and junk. You will have to clean them regularly and that can be a headache sometimes.

Instead, you can place magnetic desk organizers inside the cabinets. They will not only stay organized in the cabinets, but you won’t have to clean them again and again. Also place a junk bowl inside these cabinets so that, you can pack them all in one go and move.

Utilize Used Boxes

When you order things through Amazon and Flipkart, you get lots of cardboard boxes. You can put these boxes to good use. Going to buy any organizational boxes will come very expensive and are bad for the environment. So, why not put the best out of waste into action. By this, we mean that you cover these boxes and use them for organizational purposes.

Apart from that, you can use them to pack these things as well. Use these things to keep toys, décor items, seasonal décor things, cables, etc. Using color papers can give that box a great look. Keeping the items in the box will help in removing the clutter from the house. With these arrangements, you can use these boxes for aesthetic purposes. Colorful baskets that match the household background will go well as an aesthetic value.

Go for Built-in Storage

One often goes for furniture that is good to look at. At times, we buy certain things that turn useless to us after a few months. Instead, of going for such items why not get multipurpose gadgets that go well with your house as well as need. A fridge pouch may be unnecessarily purchased but when they come into use, you will be thankful for making this purchase. They not only increase the beauty of the fridge but also can be used to hold the trinkets or junk that you are saving for a particular day.

For instance, keeping a storage unit near the door can be used to hold the umbrellas, but also bags, winter gear, etc. that may otherwise cause a mess. The storage unit helps in two ways:

  • Avoids decluttering
  • Easy to pack and move.


Maintaining the work from the very first day helps in dealing with the tasks later on. If you declutter the place, then you will find it easy to pack and move everything up. One cannot declutter the place every day but you can keep certain things in the house in order to maintain a clutter-free look. Use the above-mentioned hacks to make turn the face of your house into an aesthetically pleasing one. This type of house is easy to relocate as well.

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