Tips For Restaurant Email Marketing To Attract New Customers

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Have you opened your restaurant? That is great, but it will take some time to become popular. Because you have got it off the ground, it does not mean that you cannot let up on your effort. Promotion and marketing need to go on to ensure that more and more people are discovering your presence.

Email marketing can be a great way to do so. Many people think it is marketing those big corporate needs. You are not running a client-based business where you are selling a product, so you do not need it.

Email marketing can help any business, and a restaurant is no exception. Studies have revealed that conversion is much higher with email marketing than that with traditional marketing, including flyers and pamphlets.

Here are the tips you should follow to make your email campaign successful for your restaurant business.

Build email subscriber’ list

First off, you need to grow your email subscribers’ list. The subscriber can be anybody who visits your website, visits your restaurant, and opts for takeaways or delivery. You can encourage people to sign up for your newsletters by offering them some incentives.

They will quickly be ready to sign up. Approach people and regulars and ask them to fill in a feedback form. This will not only help you know what they feel about food, taste, service, and interior décor, but it will also help you get their email addresses.

Notify the purpose of receiving email addresses in the feedback form. For example, write your email address for receiving discount offers. Make sure that once you have built your mailing list, you do not send unsolicited newsletters.

Send newsletters only when there is an offer or a special scheme. Otherwise, it will have an adverse impact on your customer base.

Find the right email service provider

Do not forget to find the right email service provider. There are various email campaigning platforms. Choose the one that organizes your email list. It will let you send emails to your subscribers as well as letting you know how many of your subscribers are clicking your email and reading it and how many of them click them but do not read.

With an efficient email service provider, you can nurture the relationship between you and your customers. There are various kinds of solutions, for example, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, and Drip.

Constant Contact is an ideal solution for small businesses. Sendinblue is an excellent choice for those who have a tight budget for email campaigning. It offers a free option to get it started. Drip provides all advanced features and hence great for eCommerce.

Use other marketing platforms too

Since marketing is expensive, you can decide whether to use an email marketing campaign or promote your restaurant on other platforms. You should leverage digital marketing to attract as many customers as possible.

Apart from sending newsletters to your customers, you should also promote your restaurant on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networking sites. You can boost Facebook Ads to increase the reach of your post.

The more people look at it. The more people will get to know about the presence of your restaurant. You never know where your target audience is present. Emails will help you engage your current customers, but what about those who have not visited your website or your restaurant.

You can let such people know about your presence only through promotion on social networking sites.

Send weekly promotions

Building your email list is not enough. You will have to make the right strategy to send promotions. A rule of thumb says that you should send promotions on special occasions because that is the perfect time to offer discounts and offers.

For example, you can send an email newsletter on valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, and Christmas. However, to make the most of your email campaign, you will have to send personalized newsletters.

For instance, a customer would always order only a chocolate shake while the other could order a smoothie. Make sure that who loves chocolate shake gets newsletters of offers on this drink only. Even if you are pushing them to switch to another order, make sure that it does not go missing.

Clean your list regularly

Do not forget to change your list periodically because there will be many customers who have changed their email addresses. There is no point in sending emails to such customers.

Further, some people do not pay attention to your emails. Ensure that you do not send them newsletters because you are just spending money on converting those who do not find it worth reading.

You must have spent a lot of money on starting your restaurant and probably funding it with long term loans for bad credit. It becomes more crucial to plan your email marketing strategy carefully so it does not set you back.

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