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Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean During Winter in 2022

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Melbourne wintry weather is a tricky and cold season in which damp of snow and cold is regularly stuck in your house. The snow and ice like your carpets and leave behind wet spots and stains on them. These spots seem bad and require instant care.

Although carpets do involve a certain amount of care to keep them fresh and in excellent shape, especially in winter, when the climate gets cold and mould and rust accrue, many people choose to hire carpet cleaning Melbourne as an alternative of doing it by own. Since many people manage to spend more time at home during the cold wintertime, it is particularly essential to make sure that a healthful indoor environment is provided. Professional carpet cleaning done by a experts will help remove toxins and allergens that might have accrued throughout the season, enhancing internal air quality, and guaranteeing a clean, safe indoor atmosphere for your family.

Removing Salt Stains


  • Mix ½ of white vinegar and warm water in spray bottle. You can also apply a detergent solution, but it may not work essentially.
  • Spray your stained area.
  • Use a cloth or scrub or to gradually mix the salt to the carpet’s exterior.
    Press a clean or dry cloth over the damp spot, dab lightly to prevent force on the stain in the carpet.
  • Arrange appropriate air circulation in this area to eliminate the strong odor of vinegar.


Eliminate Stains of Soot


  • Vacuum additional soot with a vacuum tube to avoid scraping ash in your carpet.
  • Sprinkle baking soda, baby powder or another porous on the stain and wait on for almost 1 to 2 hours before vacuum-cleaning this area again.
  • Use a cleaning stripper like propanone, commercial cleaner, stroking alcohol, mineral spirits and utilize it on a cloth to let it softly blot. Work from sides of a stain to the middle till this stain goes.
  • Use one dry wash to blot carpet to soak up the liquid entirely. Organise proper drying till the rug is dry up.

Bacteria and viruses


Toxic bacteria and germs can live inside carpet grains.  During the winter season it is essential to make sure that the home is safe for residents. The best way to eliminate damaging bacteria and germs is to steam clean the carpet in season.  Keeping the carpets cleaned can drastically reduce flu and cold instances in winter.

Use a fan


In winters, make use of a fan can be a terrifying. But make sure to do that if you want artificial approach to dry your carpet. If the area doesn’t have sufficient windows or no window panes at all, then fan is the most excellent way. Switch on the fan and go away from there. It will help to dry your rug or carpet.


Use the air condition


Though you have felt that air conditioning system will not be necessary throughout the winter season, it can be crucial for drying the carpet. The air conditioning works by reducing the humidity level in the room. Therefore, it will improve to dry the carpet by soaked up the additional humidity from the air. Also, it will help out in creating a roll of air in the space which will help the carpeting to dry simply.


If you are unsure about how to dry carpet in winter, these ways can be quite efficient. You can try one or two of these efficient ways to ensure that the carpet is totally dry after the cleaning throughout the winter season.

Why you need to professional carpet cleaner before winter


A trained steam cleaning of your carpets and rugs cleaning in Melbourne at house will keep the home safe and sound for its residents.  The best time to call a professional carpet cleaning company like OZ Carpet Cleaning.

Steam cleaning entails hot steam insertion from high-powered systems to clean your carpets.  A trained carpet cleaning company has the right kit, and expertise to achieve an appropriate and comprehensive carpet cleaning job.  Carpet Steam cleaning with hot steam, kills germs and mould as well as eliminate instilled dirt and dust.  The steam clean-up also take place with deodorising and stain remover services suggesting your carpets will look nice and smell refreshing and clean for the wintertime.


When hiring a carpet cleaners Melbourne, professionals take excellent care to work on your floor covers too. Often, carpet cleaning in winter needs a thorough cleaning of the floor surface as well. This is for cold floors can collect dust and dirt, which can truly scrape paint and cause bruising. Dry wall tiles can also be smashed by wet feet on cold winter time and can become an added rearing ground for bacteria. Professional Carpet cleaners in Melbourne know how to care for both hard and soft ground sides, to leave them spotless and ready to use.

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