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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Business Logo Design

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Creating logos is not easy, especially when making them for your company. It needs to be elegant and unique in all ways to attract the required target audience. However, few of the companies fail to realise its importance and end up creating used logo designs that face a backlash from customers, competitors and stakeholders. The business logo design is more than a fancy icon. It expresses the brand’s message in the simplest of ways. Further, the logo should be recognised by people worldwide. Since it is the first thing anyone notices, it should be impactful, making our belief stronger in the ‘first impression is the last impression quote.

No matter what type of logo design you choose, the message must be clear, visible, and understandable. Even if you decide to make changes to the original logo, the main message has to be the same or else you might lose your audience. Often, companies ask how to create an impactful brand image, and the answer always lies in logo designing. It is one of the best and most innovative marketing techniques that place a company’s brand in the market earning brand loyalty from its customers. This further helps the company to stand out from the crowd.

What is a Business Logo Design?

Small to large businesses or companies all try to place their brand in the niche market, creating a competitive edge to enjoy greater profits. But this isn’t an easy task for designing a logo that streamlines the company’s goals and needs with a logo. Creating a perfect company name is one of the most crucial tasks that build the foundation of your goals, objectives, products and services. Seeing this company can make a marketing strategy. In this case, the logo itself serves as an advertisement. It can be used on social media platforms, billboards, business cards, tags, newspapers, etc., informing many people.

However, it becomes necessary for designers or agencies to design a memorable and timeless logo. It often creates simple designs using colours, fonts, and typefaces. Any disparity between these elements won’t promise a unique business logo design. But above anything else, displaying the company’s values and work ethics becomes vital to its success. Look at Nike’s simple logo design, a ‘tick’ icon that has won hearts for its good services and brand, well remembered by all generations.

5 Tips to Create Effective Logos

  1. Brand Story

Customers love stories. So why not give them what they need? Recent research shows that customers tend to connect with a brand’s story more than any other marketing means, building brand loyalty when they feel connected. The logo design company emphasises taking as much time as needed to streamline the company’s name and brand story before launching the business. Once these two are well-aligned, the rest falls in place too.

  1. Simplicity

The key to business success starts with designing a simple logo design which means having a simple or short name visually represented with simple colours and fonts. It creates a timeless logo design that will stand the test of time, facing all the new trends. Even if you have designed a logo but don’t go with the company’s image, you can redesign it. This is necessary because your logo is your brand, and the company’s name should sell to customers. However, simple doesn’t mean opting for basic designs or names. It should be unique yet simple and easily recognised by its audience with the initial or icons used. Take the example of McDonald’s. One of the most recognised brands known from the letter “M” with golden arches.

  1. Test Brand Versions

Often companies sketch several logo designs and choose the best three from them. They further work on them to select one. But these usually are done amongst the team of designers. In this case, it is advised to create focus groups to test which design your target audience is more attracted towards. You can ask them questions regarding their selection and the elements that attracted them. It even helps detect the different emotions that led them toward the decision. Moreover, companies can use these insights to change the existing logo or the new one before launching the business into the market.

  1. SEO

Most organisations ignore SEO when creating a business logo design, and seeing the success, we can sometimes let it go. But when facing a lack of sales or traffic to the websites, it becomes essential for companies to look into it. The logo helps create a competitive edge that attracts users worldwide to purchase its products and services. However, businesses should consider the SEO implications related to common phrases, similar names, etc. It will help decide the ranking. Thus, making it essential for companies to come up with original names that create an impactful brand personality.

  1. Brand Voice

Logo designing is an art that needs creativity and complete attention to create a brand voice that aligns with the brand personality. This means companies should know what emotions they want users to feel. Once decided, they need to create similar experiences. But before that, they need to see the products and services they are dealing in because if these do not align with the brand message, the customers will have a different idea about the business, leading to decreased sales. It is crucial because designers use fonts, icons and colours to create the same impact or connection. For example, the blue colour is associated with tranquillity, whereas red might evoke a feeling of excitement.

Logo designing has evolved with the rapid technological advancement, especially artificial intelligence, in the last ten years. However, its basics remain the same, which deal with its simplicity and uniqueness to make them memorable and timeless. The business logo design is the foundation of any business success. Thus it needs complete attention. The above were a few tips and tricks for new businesses that they might want to consider when creating a logo next time.

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