Thoughtful and Fun Birthday Gifts For Your Elder Sister


If you have an elder sister, you might be aware of all the love, care and not forget the strictness that you get staying with her. An elder sister takes on the role of a mother and a guiding friend as you grow up. Seeing that she is elder to you, she almost has an experience of everything you will probably go through in life style, and so she is usually the best person to guide you in the situations that you might get stuck in. She can care and scold you like a mother, but she looks at situations from the current generations perspectives. An elder sister is mature, knowledgeable and much more sensible to tackle difficult situations in her life. 

Apart from all the maturity she holds, she will pamper you in the most beautiful ways possible as her love for you is extremely strong and unmatched. She will motivate and encourage you towards your goals and aspirations. So make her feel respected and loved this year on her special day, her birthday. Send birthday flowers online to Bangalore as a token of your respect and love for her. Let’s dive into few more examples that can be perfect for your sister’s birthday this year. 

Customized Cake:

Customize cakes are a buzz these days. Cakes can be moulded in various shapes and sizes as per our visions and ideas. So you can get a customized cake made exclusively for your sister. The cakes can be themed as her favourite hobby or the things she truly cares about. The flavour can be set according to her preference as well. This will be a fun and delicious birthday gifts to go for this year. 


Books are a person’s best friend!! Rightly said, by gifting someone the gifts of books or novels, you give them the gift of knowledge, wisdom and imagination. If your sister loves indulging in good novels, the assumption is that you might be familiar with the variants that she loves. You can study her interests with the novels that she already has. Maybe you can find her favourite writer as well to follow through. 

Gym Membership:

If you think that your sister’s working schedule is taking a toll on her health and body, it’s time you motivate her to hit the gym. You can gift her a gym membership near her residence. This will let your sister realize the fact that you care for her not just to give any materialistic gift but one that is true for her wellbeing. 

Self-made portrait:

If you think you have an artistic thumb, there’s no better gift than something that takes effort and love to make. For example, you can gift your elder sister a portrait of hers made by you. You can then frame the same and give it to her on her birthday this year. If you plan to opt for this option, you should start making the same way before the day arrives, as you should have time to create a masterpiece. 

Wrist Watch:

Accessories are a favourite when it comes to birthday gifts. So, if you are a bit sceptical of what to give gift someone you love beyond words and cannot zero in on a good gift, accessories are what you should go for. For example, a wristwatch is a gift that helps one look more presentable and not forget that it’s quite functional compared to other accessories. So, go on and find that perfect wristwatch that suits her personality and style. 

Movie Night:

You and your elder sister can celebrate this birthday of hers with the whole family on a movie night wherein you can play a movie marathon of all her favourite movies. This will give you some fun time together with your sister and your family. Add in some snacks and drinks to make this movie marathon a super hit. 

Handmade Card:

You can also make a handmade birthday card for your sister if you have some time at hand. Handmade cards do take in many efforts, but they are considered extremely special and, unlike other birthday gifts, are treasured for a lifetime. Send birthday flowers online with this handmade card to make the gift extra special and memorable. 

She is someone you can rely on, and be assured that she will always be by you no matter what, never judging or questioning your decisions. Make her eyes shine with the best gift ever on her special day, for whatever she has ever done for you and for all that she means to you, do the best for her on this special day. Send flowers online to Bangalore and surprise her with a pleasant and memorable gift. In your sister, you get a second mother and a best friend for life; treasure her with every breath you have. 

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