The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Affordable Phone


With so many different phones out there, figuring out which one you should buy can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are tons of great resources to help you learn about what features are important and how to evaluate them in your search for the perfect phone. If you want to buy a new phone, here’s what you need to know first.

Section 1: Decide on your budget

Before you even begin your search for a new phone, there are some basic questions you need to ask yourself. How much do I have to spend? What kind of coverage am I looking for? Will my current carrier or plan work with whatever I buy? Once you’ve answered these questions and established a budget, it’s time to start thinking about carriers and plans. Depending on how long you’ve been in contract, you may have limited options when it comes time to upgrade your phone. It might be smart at that point (if nothing else) to break your contract so that when purchasing your new device, you aren’t shackled by an outdated plan.

Section 2: Choose your carrier

If you’re looking for coverage, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your wireless carrier. Keep in mind that choosing a mobile network isn’t an all-or-nothing decision; most carriers have great coverage in major metro areas and more limited service elsewhere. If you know where you’ll be spending most of your time, it’s smart to check out specific carriers’ service maps first before deciding on one.

Section 3: Consider carrier plans

Different carriers offer different plans, so if you’re considering changing up providers or switching devices, think about which service provider offers your preferred plan. On top of data and talk time allotments, consider your texting needs. This might be what tips the scales in favor of one carrier over another. For example, certain carriers may offer unlimited international texting while others don’t. Also, take into account if you are bringing an old phone number along with you to your new plan (which some providers make possible). If that’s important for you, check with your new service provider on whether they allow it before signing up for a new contract or paying off your current device early. Keep in mind that other providers—like Best Affordable Products Boost Mobile—do not require contracts for their services.

Section 4: Check out the latest phones available

Before you head out to purchase your new phone, we suggest checking out our smartphone reviews. We take a deep dive into each device and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. From there, it’s easier to go see what phones are actually available in stores. Some of our best recent coverage includes iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8; Google Pixel 2 XL vs. iPhone X; iPhone 7 Plus vs. Google Pixel XL.

Section 5: Try before you buy

If you’re buying a tech gadget or game, download a free trial of it before you buy. That way, if you don’t like it, you haven’t wasted any money. (This tip works for movies and books too.) Look for trails that allow unlimited use so you can really get to know whether it’s something you’ll love and want. Remember: All sales are final, so if there’s no undo option on your purchase decision, be careful!

Section 6: What are some accessories to get?

There are plenty of accessories to consider when picking up your new phone. Some are useful, some are just for fun—but all of them can help you get more out of your purchase, especially if you pair them with an effective game plan for getting down to business. What do I mean by that? Simple: these accessories will make your life easier, but only if you have one solid plan in place first. Here’s what I recommend: set time goals for yourself each day and stick to them! Over time, these goals will add up and before long you’ll be wrapping things up around work as fast as humanly possible every day (or close enough!). That may sound overly optimistic or idealistic, but it’s what I do with my free time and it works.

Section 7: Protect your phone with an insurance plan

A high-quality phone is an investment, so it’s smart to protect your purchase with an insurance plan. You can ensure your phone for any number of reasons: theft, loss, or damage. It’s important to make sure you have enough insurance coverage on your phone in case something goes wrong because replacing it can be quite expensive if you don’t have protection. As well as being protected against losses you may incur from damaged or lost phones due to accidental drops and spills. In fact, most mobile device insurance plans are much more affordable than you might think!


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