The Meal Tray, Best Ally

The Meal Tray, Your Best Ally for Quality Services

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Meal tray delivery is a convenient and economical choice in catering. It has many advantages and is especially preferred in business or at professional events. Both trendy and qualitative, this type of service is offered by event caterers. It’s a good way to serve nutritious dishes, with an attractive presentation to diners or employees.

What are the advantages of the disposable meal tray?

Among the meal services, including a brunch, a buffet, or an aperitif cocktail, meal trays are to be preferred for their undeniable advantages.

An impeccable presentation

Beautifully presented dishes are immediately mouthwatering. Arranging food by color and by category will add value to meals. Indeed, presentation plays an important role when it comes to food. A dish even prepared by a great caterer but poorly presented will not necessarily make you want to taste it. The same preparation will look totally different if its presentation is well thought out. This will be all the better in a quality meal tray, available from a disposable tableware provider.

Nutritional needs met

Thanks to the meal trays, everyone will be able to follow their daily diet. Given the differences in eating habits, it is often difficult to satisfy diners with the same menu. In addition, some people may have allergies to certain foods or follow a specific diet. The best way to solve this puzzle is to allow these people to compose their meal trays themselves.

Ideal proportions

Meal trays are also a way to control meal expenses. As the proportions will be defined for each person, this avoids waste, whether in terms of food or money. And as everyone will have chosen the contents of their disposable plate, leftovers will be significantly reduced because everyone will be sure to finish their meal.

Why choose meal trays in these times of crisis?

The current health crisis is profoundly changing our lifestyles. To preserve everyone’s health, measures have been taken at all levels. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to practice good food hygiene. Companies are the main ones concerned by the delivery of meal trays. In the current context, this service is advantageous on several points:

Hygiene respected

Meal trays ensure excellent hygiene. Certainly, during professional events, an aperitif cocktail remains an elegant and incomparable choice. Only, it also promotes the transmission of bacteria because everyone can touch food, without necessarily tasting it. In addition, these types of services encourage gathering, which is currently prohibited.

Create a moment of conviviality

Despite the importance placed on social distancing, it is still important to strengthen team cohesion. This is why meal trays are a good choice for professional events, or simply for employees’ daily meal times. Everyone will enjoy their lunch, especially since the meal trays will be delivered to the office. The hours wasted going to a restaurant or fast food can be put to better use.

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An economical solution

Using the services of a caterer can be expensive. However, currently, each company must control its budget with a view to economic recovery. Depending on the formula chosen, a meal tray is available. Not only will the guests be able to enjoy a healthy, balanced meal prepared with top-of-the-range products, but it will also be a reasonable item of expenditure.

The different choices of disposable meal trays

The meal trays are available in different materials, shapes, and compartments to meet the needs of restaurateurs and the expectations of consumers.

Rigid plastic meal trays

Very light and practical, they allow dishes to be transported in complete safety. Although they can be. Recycled, they remain single-use. They are one of the main choices for professionals in the takeaway and catering trades. Plastic exists in several colors, although white and transparent are the most adopted.

Cardboard meal trays

Also very practical, they are resistant and come in several sizes. Just as paper plates can be round or square, meal trays can have two or more compartments. Although as a general rule, a meal tray is. Divided into three, it can also be. Adapted to each user.

Biodegradable meal trays

We also offer reusable meal trays, made of biodegradable and compostable materials such as bamboo, pulp, corn starch, wood, or sugar cane. These ecological items are highly useful in business because they reflect the desire to preserve the environment. In the absence of plastic dishes, biodegradable dishes will enhance your brand image.

For hot meals, candy cane trays are ideal. Heat resistant, they exist in several compartments and are available with or without lids. The specificity of the range of organic products is that they are suitable for food contact, unlike single-use plastic.

Disposable lunch boxes

For professionals, meal boxes ensure the safe transport of food products. They can be. Designed in kraft paper and will highlight their content. The compartments are deeper to allow more food to be. Stored. All you have to do is insert the tray with the slots into the cabinet to secure the meals. Some models can even provide slots for disposable cutlery.

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